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  1. I'll be right there with you bro. Nothing like a bunch of belligerent college kids screaming their heads off for a few hours.
  2. What he lacks in size he absolutely makes up for in his vertical. The kid can flat out JUMP.
  3. Holt wore # 4 in high shcool so i think he'll get that. I also think Purify will keep his 82.
  4. Not that it matters but Wylie is actually in North Texas, about 30-40 mins. northeast of Dallas.
  5. you *are* going to the USC game, right? RIGHT?! I'd love to but i'm a poor college kid... LA is expensive.
  6. I'm sooo excited.. there hasn't been one day since season ended that i haven't been thinking about this upcoming year. Especially since i'll have my student tickets.
  7. We've never lost a game that i've attended. I"m 5-0 and i've got my season tickets for next year so i think we're set.
  8. After watching this series i don't see how i can ever cheer or dwyane wade again. He's probably one of the biggest crybabies in all of professional sports. He doens't even get touched on that last foul in game 5 and he claims he got fouled twice?? pretty lame considering he went over and back before he even got the ball. I'm pretty tired of his whole fall seven times and get up eight gig. He's not that tough and he's not fooling anyone. He goes down everytime someone looks at him wrong. It's hard for me to talk about this series. I get upset everytime i think about it. Lots of upset ma
  9. I'm looking for the name of the song that KU closer Don Czyz walks out to. One of my friends called me looking for the name of it but i haven't heard it so i don't know what to tell him. If anyone knows please let me know.
  10. I think it would be fun to play tennessee. From my experiences they have the second best fans in college football so it would be nice to play a game in the sea of red and play in the sea of orange the next year.
  11. That's also gunna go both ways with Lee whispering in Sullivan's ear about LSU.
  12. So what's the actual story on the decommitment? Did he just decide that he didn't like KSU or are they still in it or what?
  13. Mavs are going to dominate. The spurs were our toughest competition and we handled them. Suns got lucky in game one but we figured out how to slow them down in game 2. heat and pistons don't really have a shot. we dominated both of them in the regular season.
  14. And you can bet your ass people will still be getting tickets on those roads. Especially out in west texas where there's no living things in sight for miles.
  15. I thinks it's something that anyone would do for a family member, you just don't want those kinds of things said to the public. As for the coach, for all we know maybe he intended to tell Leon these things on the phone but since he didn't answer any calls, this was the only way to get to him. Perhaps the coach knew just how to get to Leon and it worked.
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