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  1. If your son wants to go to an already winning program, fine. That is your prerogative. If Frost gets this thing rolling in the next couple of years I want this team to comprised of guys who stuck with it and who wanted to be here at the start.
  2. Cavanaugh (shudder) once recruited a #143 offensive tackle from California and this board nearly exploded. Greg Austin actually knows what to look for. This guy at least is likely a depth guy for OT and at most a day 3 NFL prospect and I’m perfectly fine with that.
  3. Committing tomorrow afternoon. Kentucky might have the edge.
  4. In lieu of “what have we learned”, Scott Frost just needs to hop into the time machine and like Bill and Ted from Bill and Teds excellent adventure, grab the white teams roster to reverse the misfortune of the last 20 years and put NU back on top. Sounds about right.
  5. Both announcers are watching some other sim than the fans are. The player making the play is literally at the bottom of the screen at the end of the play.
  6. People thought the same thing about Leighton Vander Esch coming out of high school playing 8 man. Kid is a stud and this staff knows it.
  7. Anyone else think moving Chris Hickman out wide until the summer would make sense to give us a 5th scholarship body out there? Not a permanent move, just to help with depth.
  8. Out after one season at Colorado. Thoughts? Does this help or hurt UN?
  9. I was referring to the wrestling background. You can see his leverage advantage at the point of attack.
  10. I think come 2 years from now, he will be our best interior run defender. If he can get his footwork and mobility up, look out. Reminds me of a stronger Maliek Collins.
  11. The play calling on the last offensive series just absolutely baffled me and was indicative of the entire season. Play Adrian. Then play Luke for a scrub play that he had to make something out of nothing (which he still did). By the way, show absolutely no confidence in your offense by deciding that was it. Then raise the white flag, hope for overtime, but run out of bounds on 2nd down? Then run up the gut for no time since Iowa used its last TO. Game over from there on. Went from ALL THE MOMENTUM to flat line. Scott needs to do some soul searching in the offseason.
  12. That was the worst 3 minutes of football I have seen from Husker football all year. Adrian sucked, play calling sucked, defense sucked, and special teams couldn't block the most important kick of the season. \
  13. This loss is on Frost. Terrible decisions at crunch time .
  14. Gave up on 2nd down STOP PLAYING NOT TO LOSE!!!!!!
  15. Frost is going to get grilled by the media if we lose about Mcaffrey. As he should.
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