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  1. If the guys in the QB room are the competitors we hope them to be, they wouldn’t shy away from competition. Every other position on this team has guys who have been brought in to compete and take their job, Lamar Jackson comes to mind. QB is no different. This team will need a quarterback who can get the ball to all the weapons coming in to take the next step. I’d like for it to be Adrian or Luke but the status quo ain’t doing it.
  2. I learned that Scott’s buddy hiring system will be his downfall. He needs to let go of a few guys and hire a couple of top notch coaches otherwise he’s done.
  3. If Chinander or verdusco are here next year I’ve lost any faith in Scott. Or even Austin for that matter.
  4. Unreal how anyone still defends this defense. The scheme is crap to anyone with a modicum of football knowledge
  5. Trouble is we have 2 QB’s who cannot throw accurately over 10 yards. I’ve said it all season. Verdusco and Chinander are the weakest coaches on the team.
  6. Scheme on defense is awful. Wide open receivers and no sacks
  7. The fact we are the worst 3rd down team in the nation on the season does little to instill confidence
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