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  1. Nice try. I could spew all day long about Bill Clinton allegedly raping girls and compare Clemson playing Ohio State to it. But hey. Go for it bud.
  2. Luke McCaffrey- 4/5 passing 55 yards. 9 carries 80 yards. martinez - 12/15 85 yards passing and a touchdown. 13 carries 85 yards Luke - 11 yards average per pass 8.9 YPC Adrian - 7 yards average per pass 6.5 YPC stats back it up
  3. Yeah. It does. McCaffrey and Martinez are kind of tied at the hip. I liked a lot more from McCaffrey than martinez
  4. Let’s review shall we. Martinez fumble recovered for touchdown. 7. Martinez stalled drive before halftime leading to OSU touchdown. 7. Martinez missing Kade. 4. There’s 18.
  5. Easy to make nice catches when the defense is hamstrung with p**** calls
  6. Chinander playing over his head. The stat line, the WIDE OPEN receivers, and the score tell you everything you need to know. His scheme sucks
  7. Chinander needs to be Walter’d and shown the door. We need better scheming. Our first sack coming in the third quarter and Fields is having a field day because of it
  8. Turnovers kill and over the past 2 years AM has it in spades. That’s the reason we don’t like it. He breaks the teams back with turnovers
  9. Say what you will. Nebraska O came ready to play. Just need to get a pass rush
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