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  1. The play calling on the last offensive series just absolutely baffled me and was indicative of the entire season. Play Adrian. Then play Luke for a scrub play that he had to make something out of nothing (which he still did). By the way, show absolutely no confidence in your offense by deciding that was it. Then raise the white flag, hope for overtime, but run out of bounds on 2nd down? Then run up the gut for no time since Iowa used its last TO. Game over from there on. Went from ALL THE MOMENTUM to flat line. Scott needs to do some soul searching in the offseason.
  2. That was the worst 3 minutes of football I have seen from Husker football all year. Adrian sucked, play calling sucked, defense sucked, and special teams couldn't block the most important kick of the season. \
  3. This loss is on Frost. Terrible decisions at crunch time .
  4. Gave up on 2nd down STOP PLAYING NOT TO LOSE!!!!!!
  5. Frost is going to get grilled by the media if we lose about Mcaffrey. As he should.
  6. I don’t care what Martinez did last year. Luke is clearly the better option right now
  7. Trent Hixson slow as molasses. Need new personnel up front next year.
  8. We’ve had our ****** handed to us in all three phases. Enough with the excuses. This is just a bad product by the coaches.
  9. We won’t take the next step unless jovan Dewitt and Chinander get replaced
  10. People who want another year or two of Chinander don’t know football and what scheme is.
  11. 1st 2nd and 3rd and Chinander ladies and gentlemen.
  12. Oh but hey guys, Chinander just needs 5 more years to give the Jonathan Taylor’s and Iowa’s 1000 yards rushing. Defense is out of place way too often for this to be a personnel issue.
  13. https://giphy.com/gifs/game-of-thrones-olenna-tyrell-s05e6-SQ4s777Kxoz6M I’ve got nothing
  14. Yvan Ouedraogo is going to be a stud for us for years to come. And he is our best free throw shooter.
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