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  1. He’s hit receivers right in the hands. It isn’t mccaffrey
  2. Our only offense is Luke’s legs and a downfield pass we got away from that worked earlier. It ain’t the QB.
  3. Still don’t think Chinander is big ten material. I was skeptical when the defense was getting their praise sung this week. When the bend don’t break defense is giving up 500 yards of offense a game it’s not good enough.
  4. They are giving up 400 yards a game and this game is no different. That isn’t being dramatic that is calling out a bad play caller on the defensive side
  5. We are talking defense. The play callers on both sides suck. We are busting coverages and defensive fills right and left and making their back up QB look like trevor Lawrence. 1000% on chinander
  6. Chinanders defense always gets worse as the game goes along. Not better.
  7. Warner needs to sit and start catching more tennis balls in the offseason.
  8. Four things need to change if Nebraska is going to win any games this year. 1. Our Senior offensive line (and supposed strength of our team) needs to stop committing dumb penalties and our team as a whole needs to play with more discipline. Too good of a schedule to play sloppy. 2. Luke needs to start from here on out and so do the new WR's. Scott had a whole offseason and fall camp to teach the young guys the ropes and so far his best excuse is "They know only part of the playbook". Someone on the team in the WR room needs to take some ownership and lead by example or take the new guys under their wing because the bubble screen should be your #40 option on offense not #1, #2, and #..... aw **** three and out. 3. 2nd half adjustments and playing the game all 4 quarters. Scott is a brilliant guy. He has shown next to no flexibility when the last two quarters are being played and a COMBINED 3 POINTS over two games in the second halves of our games show it. 4. Find the endzone. Where the hell are the explosive plays that SF's offenses are known for? So far we are on pace to have the worst red zone offense of Scotts career.
  9. Scott’s scheme really needs to be revamped. The trouble with throws 5-15 yard range and nothing but bubble screens is that for a spread offense it does nothing for spreading out the teams we are facing. Right now we are telegraphing every single play and the decent defenses in this conference see right through the designs. I wasn’t the least bit surprised when Nebraska started to move the ball at the end. The inability to score is 1000% on Scott getting cute. Mills plowing in from 5 yards out shows me that Nebraska needs to start keeping defenses honest with the medium to long passing game, and supplement it with a downhill mills and Marvin Scott attack. We have great players. Why hasn’t Scott built a great team with all this offseason time?
  10. This loss is 100% Scott’s fault. mccaffrey needed to be in from the get go and Scott’s play calling is god awful
  11. This team won’t take the next step with AM under center.
  12. Who would have predicted our replacement db and defense is keeping us in this game? Color me surprised
  13. Aaaaaaaand the Martinez backers are nowhere to be found. It’s like they refuse to believe this guy can’t complete 50 percent of the easy throws. Luke could take off in this offense and finally light a fire under Martinez unlike in the offseason. He just hasn’t been getting the job done plain and simple.
  14. I’ve seen a major regression in discipline and focus this far this season from last season. Frosts offense can’t get out of its own way
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