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  1. One of the most mismanaged and bad play called games I have ever seen. Up the gut twice down two scores in the red zone with 2 minutes to go?
  2. We will not win the Big ten west with Chinander at the rate things are going.
  3. Same mistakes ALL season long. An inept defense and Adrian making too many crucial turnovers.
  4. Ben Stille and Alex Davis both looking inside while the play went right by them. That’s coaching folks. Eyes out of the play.
  5. Let’s just fabricate out of thin air someone who is going to be a loyal Husker (alumni or not) who wants to see it turned around. Yeah, Rex Burkhead won’t be available for another 10 years.
  6. We have regressed since last year. Not a good look if you want to keep your staff frost.
  7. There is a lot of disjointed play every time we take the field in all three phases. No one is ever on the same page.
  8. Adrian has taken a huge step back from last year. The recipe to beat him is take away his first read and spy him with a player. It’s way too easy now to defend him.
  9. Purdue has no running game and Rondale Moore might return from injury. Chinander BETTER switch to nickel and dime defense from time to time because our mlb’s were killed trying to cover the slot.
  10. I miss the days where a type of attitude was coached and stats take care of themselves.
  11. Sorry for coming across in a bad mood, we’re in the same boat and want to see the Huskers have better days. I apologize.
  12. See above post about which side of the field has upper class men and which is pretty much all underclassmen. Both sides have sucked, but I remain more underwhelmed by where the defense should be at this point in the year.
  13. The most staggering thing of all was 4 straight drives and touchdowns for Indiana to close out the game. Followed by the fact that we could not stop the run with 4 minutes left to play. Hell they didn’t even need to throw the ball to finish us out. The defense completely folded yesterday and they were supposed to be our best unit coming into this season.
  14. And a huge point that has been largely missed up until now, save for 3 or 4 upperclassman on the offensive side of the ball, the defense has almost all seniors on the D-line, juniors and seniors at linebacker, and juniors and seniors at DB. Yet they give up 30+ points per game to inferior talent. 1000% coaching. Year 2 and Indiana, Minnesota, and Illinois have all improved. Why are you covering up for a very poor showing all year from this defensive unit. They have NOT improved.
  15. Minnesota? I recall our defense could not stop them and they could have put up 60 if they wanted. Martinez was injured, ergo, our best offensive player is not out there. Ohio State? Our defense was out of position on every damn play, even before we got blown out. Illinois? We were lucky to score more than them with RECORD offensive yardage. Our offense is putting up great yardage, more than our defense is giving up by a very close margin. Against Minnesota, Ohio State, Illinois, Indiana, and Colorado. Our defense was lucky they didn’t pour more on with how badly they give up yardage and points
  16. Yeah not buying it. That’s an inferior opponent for ONE game of the season to open the season. Since then the defense hasn’t stopped anything when it has mattered most.
  17. I beg to differ. Held has done a better job than A lot of guys on the other side of the ball. Look I know you might ignore half of the games at this point after the offense is done. Yes they have been bad. But for goodness sake dude, look at the damn box scores, you know, the only stat that actually matters. 35-21 L, 31-34 OT 44-8 42-38 L 7-48 13-10 L 7-34 L, 31-38 That is TWO games the defense showed up to. And one was against a bad NIU team. I count FIVE, maybe SIX with the Northwestern game we showed up on the offensive side even with a terrible O-line. If you can’t see that I can’t help you.
  18. I didn’t say it dumb s#!t, the announcers during the game did. The offense is putting up better than 30 points per game. The defense can’t stop anything and you’re ignoring reality.
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