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  1. Huskadeez

    QB Luke McCaffrey [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    I agree. Much better size and potential athletically
  2. Huskadeez

    QB Luke McCaffrey [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    I watched the game too. I agree on all points. He actually really reminds me a lot of Mackenzie Milton. Anyway I think he sticks at QB after AM leaves.
  3. Huskadeez

    Who has a big day?

  4. Huskadeez

    Tanner Farmer on Buying In

    Mo does have another year... He’s a JR.
  5. Huskadeez

    CB Tiawan Mullen [Indiana - Signed LOI]

    I’d have to agree. I actually stood behind him at the airport in Omaha while boarding my flight and thought he was very small. I also had the feeling after listening to his mother talk that he wouldn’t be coming to Nebraska, but also not going to school anywhere in Florida. He also didn’t seemed too enthusiastic about the trip either...
  6. Huskadeez

    RB Ronald Thompkins [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    He tore his ACL in the right knee last year. He’s in tears on the sideline suggesting he knows that he just tore his left ACL.
  7. Huskadeez

    CB Andrew Booth [Clemson - Signed LOI]

    Want! This guy is a stud. Teammate of Taiyon Palmer
  8. Huskadeez

    RB Maurice Washington [Nebraska-Signed LOI]

    Reminds me of Darren McFadden too
  9. Huskadeez

    CB Brendan Radley-Hiles [Oklahoma - Signed LOI]

    In the NFL I believe he’s a slot corner. As for past Huskers, he reminds me the most of Alfonzo Dennard. Great college player, but in the NFL he lacked the length to cover the outside WR’s.
  10. Huskadeez

    WR Justin McGriff [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    They almost certainly have to be related. Fred and Justin are both alumni of Tampa Jefferson High School. As I am myself :-)
  11. Huskadeez

    SIGNED - DE Alex Davis

    Dwyer is a great high school program in south Florida. Always good to get a foot in the door in a program that pumps out D-1 talent like Dwyer
  12. Huskadeez

    SIGNED - S Antonio Reed

    The few plays at WR that I saw were very impressive. Very good at high pointing the ball and is physically imposing at that position.
  13. Huskadeez

    Extra Dvds - giving away

    I'll take number 1!
  14. Huskadeez

    SIGNED - DE Daishon Neal

    LMAO! You're telling me that kid is a 6 foot 7 offensive lineman???? It sure looks like Boyle to me....
  15. Huskadeez

    QB Torrance Gibson [Ohio State - Signed LOI]

    Smart young man