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  1. I agree, plus if the move of Hickman to WR is permanent that position gets thin real quick
  2. Had 16 tackles as a freshman at Ole Miss. Frost offered him while he was at UCF, although it was a battle between Ole Miss, Texas A&M and Alabama for his commitment
  3. Did Fisher pay him a visit while he was in Florida?
  4. I think we have room for at least 25 at the minimum
  5. What’s his size at right now? Is he more of a tweener, like a nickel type?
  6. I didn’t see Nelson play a snap today
  7. Is there any word out there about any other players possibly looking to leave the program?
  8. You can’t make the comments about the previous regime’s players to the media that Frost does. In fact you can’t even make that statement behind closed doors to the previous regime’s players. Who’s gonna play hard for someone that puts them down and degrates them constantly? They’ve quit on him
  9. I think he’d be a nice Mo Washington replacement. Number #28 is available too
  10. I agree. They should’ve just rolled with the young guys from the beginning this year or at least after the Ohio State game. You’re never going to change the culture by keeping the rotten apples around and setting a bad example for the young and impressionable players. Plus for next year you’ve got to get these young guys the most experience they can possibly get. But at this point it’s too late, just preserve all the redshirts you can
  11. Does anybody like this kid’s defensive highlights more? He’s got the size and athleticism to where you could turn him into an OLB, ala former wide receiver and Husker commit and future first round pick Isaiah Simmons from Clemson. Reminds me a lot of him from a size and athletic standpoint. Just a thought...
  12. It’s not even close. He’s fits the profile of a Big 10 middle linebacker a million times more than Groce.
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