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  1. Ranked #118 overall and #7 Safety per 247
  2. Former teammate of Henry Gray along with Amari Daniels
  3. The rumor is he injured his hip doing the Happy Gilmore golf swing. I’m not making this up SMH....
  4. Get him to Nebraska Henry!!!
  5. I see him picking off passes from DJ Uiagalelei and Peter Costelli and playing also against Bryce Young, among others. Might just be a late bloomer or hasn’t gone to any camps yet, thus no rating. He’s long and looks to have good instincts
  6. I believe Ivey had 17 or 18. Not sure on Butler
  7. Wow 8 INT’s in 13 games in 7A Florida football. Also, played some varsity for Niceville last year as a Freshman, which is unheard of for that high school.
  8. I agree, but if Webb ends up with Alabama or Auburn, things could get interesting for Johnson. I think he’s their back up plan for Webb
  9. Look out for a committable LSU offer here late. This one isn’t a lock yet...
  10. Fisher is a F’n monster! Can he recruit the whole team for us please?
  11. Ya if we just had a few more playmakers and a few more mobile O lineman this offense could put up some damn big numbers
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