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  1. I believe Ivey had 17 or 18. Not sure on Butler
  2. Wow 8 INT’s in 13 games in 7A Florida football. Also, played some varsity for Niceville last year as a Freshman, which is unheard of for that high school.
  3. I agree, but if Webb ends up with Alabama or Auburn, things could get interesting for Johnson. I think he’s their back up plan for Webb
  4. Look out for a committable LSU offer here late. This one isn’t a lock yet...
  5. Fisher is a F’n monster! Can he recruit the whole team for us please?
  6. Ya if we just had a few more playmakers and a few more mobile O lineman this offense could put up some damn big numbers
  7. This kid has the talent to be a day 1 starter here next year
  8. I agree, plus if the move of Hickman to WR is permanent that position gets thin real quick
  9. Had 16 tackles as a freshman at Ole Miss. Frost offered him while he was at UCF, although it was a battle between Ole Miss, Texas A&M and Alabama for his commitment
  10. I think we have room for at least 25 at the minimum
  11. What’s his size at right now? Is he more of a tweener, like a nickel type?
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