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  1. HuskerPowerVA

    Get with The Program

    Them Navy boys love taking credit for things that Army Special Forces and Rangers did. Rangers Lead the Way!
  2. HuskerPowerVA

    2019 Husker Football Schedule

    My exact thought. Progress should not be measured by win total alone (at this time).
  3. HuskerPowerVA

    Moos Contemplates Bringing Alcohol To Memorial Stadium

    They beat that number by halftime at a Redskins/Eagles game.
  4. HuskerPowerVA

    2019 Husker Football Schedule

    I have seen nine win seasons that made me proud and others that made me feel we were stagnant. I think more than the actual record it will be an interesting season to gauge progress and growth. Has the intensity, attitude and culture changed from last year? Is there genuine "buy-in" of the Frost system, which should begin to be highly evident after the first full year? Is the defense out of place? Do they tackle with form? Is the offense more fluid and executing without confusion? How is the development of one of the most promising young QBs in the nation? I don't expect to win the B1G yet, but how far SF has taken this program towards being "relevant" in his second year is what this season is for me.. A nine or even eight win season where we are in every game, don't give up big plays and commit foolish penalties will be plenty promising for me regardless if it is 8 or 9 wins. The nation used to hate us when we were elite, but during that long absence a common opinion grew across the nation that college football is better when we are in the national picture. Attention and recruiting will be very high if we succeed in doubling wins.
  5. HuskerPowerVA

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Nope, I meant ethics. Sorry if that escaped you.
  6. HuskerPowerVA

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    With priorities and ethics? How horrid!
  7. HuskerPowerVA

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    So he keeps this video of a 15 year old being violated on his phone and sends it to her? I don't mind if he doesn't come back. Of course I have this weird thing about putting things before football.
  8. HuskerPowerVA

    Give props, or no?

    Well said. I believe Coach Frost would be true to those words.
  9. HuskerPowerVA

    Do we need top 5 classes to be successful?

    Fair enough.
  10. HuskerPowerVA

    Give props, or no?

    Doesn't matter. They are hypocrites. If it was another team they would be screaming the same thing. I don't place breaking and entering and a brutal assault on a woman below winning games. I am funny like that.
  11. HuskerPowerVA

    Give props, or no?

    To this day I don't think LP should have been reinstated.
  12. HuskerPowerVA

    Huskers Fighting Big Trend

    I hate Alabama and the SEC bias is real. That said, I am afraid you are spot on for each point that you make here.
  13. Watching New Year's Day college football today has me excited for next season. I am thrilled with our recruit class, especially with Benhart and both Robinsons. The building of a foundation of both lines is something we have been waiting for and Benhart and Ty Robinson are the type of potential difference makers that can change a program.
  14. HuskerPowerVA

    Do we need top 5 classes to be successful?

    Plus they have one of the best coaches in the history of the game who is considered a pipeline to the NFL.
  15. HuskerPowerVA

    Bunch transferring

    I predict McCaffery two years from now.