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  1. Its called the judicial process. It was a felony. So now do I have to explain the investigatory process: probable cause, what a preliminary hearing does, and the arriagnment? It should have been filed. If a deal is made or a trail finds the facts call for lesser punishment or none at all is when that discretion is made.
  2. Like they say, some of the dumbest kids in school went on to teach public school. Glad you sustained the image.
  3. You are a sad little man who would never act tough away from a keyboard. If you are too lazy to go back and read, thats your issue.
  4. If you keep a video of a 15 year old and send it years later, yes, you are. Sorry technology is an excuse for you to be a creep.
  5. Thanks for providing a comparison that proves that you have zero grasp of anything written here.
  6. Clearly your entire knowledge of the legal system comes from Google search. He is not being charged by federal guidelines. Laws should change because we have cell phones? LOL!!! BY that reasoning we should have changed them when we developed cameras. If you can read, the answers are clearly stated above.
  7. No, he sent child porn. Sorry you don't like it but he was deviant.
  8. I would say you are an a$$hole if you think what he did was anything but disgusting.
  9. Age of consent differs between states. The youngest in America is 16. Child pornography laws thankfully do not take this same stance when it involves distribution for obvious reasons. For those unaware, sending it over your phone qualifies. The totality of the circumstances drive the sentences issued as well as if they will be placed on the sex offender registry. He won't be viewed as a predator by the court, but innocent or something that should be legal, glad we live in different states.
  10. I have no problem with you being an ardent defender of due process and wishing that no punishment is brought forth until that system is exhausted. The NFL has the same issue of league punishment vs legal process. I do have an issue if the reason you defend him is because a football team needs him to win games. PS - I don't think being against him doing this is setting the morality bar very high. Don't run under it.
  11. Here is what I do know: Number one - it's not fake outrage. I really do think he is a scumbag for doing it. What you are sick of is immaterial. Number two - I hope you are not a parent. Number three - It has not been proven to be a rape. If you read the posts that is what we were saying. Number four - Yes, it was something he sent, he sent child pornography. Maybe you don't know that a 15 year old qualifies. He is either stupid or didn't care. Number five - Do I think he is a pedo? Not at all by this alone. I do think he is immature and lacks basic sense and morality for possessing and sending child porn. The fact he kept a video like that when she is was that young shows he is a creep.
  12. I don't think he is either, of course I don't know him, but I doubt it. I do know that pedophiles start early and often are not caught for decades. That is why the law is the way it is written.
  13. Well that's not the law and thank goodness for that.
  14. She was immediately able to identify it as child porn based on the age of those who were exposed in the video, male or female. Being the same age as them doesn't matter and she knew that.
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