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  1. Exactly. He'll be under the golden dome by Christmas.
  2. As we know, this means nothing
  3. Huskers fans obsession with knocking Fleck and Minnesota is just bizarre. He's better than Frost. They are better than us. It sucks, but it's just what it is right now.
  4. Freeman becomes interm coach, they make the playoffs to play Cincy and Luke Fickell. Next month, Fickell is hired as the new coach at ND and Freeman takes his job at Cincinnati.
  5. It's a business, but after his comments the other day, he kinda comes off like a crumb here
  6. Not a real concern as it only takes one great recruiter to turn it around and great recruiters are much easier to find than great coaches
  7. It's gonna be someone he knows. And well. Mullen would be fantastic, but that isn't happening. Helfrich seems logical, but unlikely. Would Gary Campbell make sense?
  8. He would go back to Orlando and likely get a job in the NFL
  9. I'm waiting for the day he just loses his mind completely on air. And Severe is great
  10. Yes. "I can connect to this experience" ::pause:: He thinks he's so much smarter than he is that it's embarrassing to listen to.
  11. Anyone else listening to Benning make parallels of coaching at NW and Frost being the savior for his alma mater?
  12. As is his right. OG move by an OG
  13. This isn't going to happen, but he will make a very good head coach very soon, likely in the NFL. Duce Staley
  14. Chadwell very well may be a great P5 coach somebody, but you aren't letting go of Frost to find that out. It's gotta be a proven guy or stay with what we have. Chris Peterson would be the move, but he isn't likely to come back. This went just about as bad as it could. Otherwise, it's gotta be Campbell.
  15. Honestly did a double take as it's hard to imagine that there have been 15 wins
  16. As comforting as this level of play has been, as exciting the offense looks here and there- they are going to have to beat a good team this year. Ohio State and Iowa are all that is really left.
  17. This is far from over. They should be smoking us
  18. It seems to be a possibility that Frost would be the type to leave over not wanting to let go of assistants and it also seems possible that there will be certain assistants that warrant that request
  19. Is it out of the question that Frost would step down at the end of the year?
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