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  1. Have the head coaches play NCAA College football whatever the last year was can pick any year for your team. I'd watch that with commercials. ***This just in Nebraska hires new head coach from the MLG circuit.
  2. It is something to do during the quarantine til sweet sweet death releases me.
  3. I want a personal apology from Frost in person. IN PERSON. I want Moos to shovel my snow for the rest of the winter. I want a lot of other things too. I want public floggings outside the courthouse. /s It's a kids game guys.
  4. As usual find myself agreeing with Ziebol until he destroys me.
  5. Edit wish I could run the PA or music at Memorial stadium. That would be a job I would pay to do.
  6. Mike Leach just because I love his interviews.
  7. Why is being a Boomer a bad thing?
  8. About a 5th grade sense of humor is all I have. Made this joke before I saw another poster made it. Feel bad to Carlos Mencia his joke (steal). Was going to post this.
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