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  1. Not sure what Warren has to do with this post, or the color of his skin. Seems like an agenda. If someone wants to start a fire Warren post feel free. To be honest I feel Frost has had his job this long because he is white./s
  2. Let me put it this way... I hope we win. I will be very happy if we play for at least the conference title. That said I think we are still sitting around 4-6 wins. Nebraska does not have a Frost warning after this year. Aug. 28 at Illinois (maybe) Sept. 4 Fordham (win) Sept. 11 Buffalo (should be a win but a good team) Sept. 18 at Oklahoma (lets get real loss) Sept. 25 at Michigan State (who wants to lose more?) Oct. 2 Northwestern (god damn book sniffers maybe) O
  3. Maybe i'm crazy but don't post a kids phone number? Who knows though as the classist fans in the world I am sure no one will drunk dial him.
  4. 25 Jake Smith The lost Hanson brother.
  5. 16Aidan O'Connell Wikipedia Biff Tannen
  6. Thought it was funny clearly not to you. Sorry. The joke was Huskers are not playing so Creighton would start their football team again. last time the Huskers beat them something crazy like 120 something to 0. What else do we have to talk about? Thought was funny however the jokes you have to explain are the best... Was trying to make a joke. Hence the title.
  7. Rest of the article. Mayor Jean Stothert, an alum, is excited as well stating everyone has to wear mask but Creighton football players. One thing is for sure the Jay's will have more games then the Huskers and will be in the running for a National Championship or at least the Sick Bowl. In a controversial move protests will be allowed on the field for either team. Creighton Director of Medicine is quoted as saying "What the hell are you people doing, people are dying this is serious." The University President responded with "We can get these idiots money who cares if someone di
  8. Have the head coaches play NCAA College football whatever the last year was can pick any year for your team. I'd watch that with commercials. ***This just in Nebraska hires new head coach from the MLG circuit.
  9. KazLong

    CFB Risk

    It is something to do during the quarantine til sweet sweet death releases me.
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