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  1. I want a DL that is out for blood, and a OL that is so confident they feel like they can tell the opponents DL what we are running, knowing we will push them around. Everything else is secondary.
  2. We are Nebraska, we can out Wisconsin Wisconsin and out Iowa Iowa if we just dedicated ourselves to hard nosed, pound you in the face football. I’m not asking for bringing back the option offense, but until we put our OL and DL on highest priority we aren’t going to win the B1G or even the west. I just want a HC that understands that. I thought Frost would get that, unfortunately it seems that was an incorrect assumption.
  3. Thoughts on Bret Bielema? After all we’ve been through I’d like to see us get back to power football like he did with Wisconsin.
  4. Honestly I’d love Lane Kiffin here, love his personality and he’d inject some toughness. Bill O’Brien is interesting, not one I’d thought about.
  5. I 10000% wanted Frost to work, seemed like the perfect choice at the time. But, here we are, looking at a potential coaching change. So my question is, who do you realistically want Trev to go after? Gundy? Campbell? Just curious of realistic names Husker Nation wants to go after.
  6. Could you please make a 2560x1440? Thanks! It looks amazing!
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