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  1. This was a genuine conversation, Frost acknowledging that he was emotional, telling his (UCF) players ‘goodbye’ and his players respecting and understanding, even encouraging him to go back to Lincoln. Not exaggerating when I say I got goosebumps listening. Definitely a leader of men.
  2. Seemed like Rome had Pelini on his show two/three times a year. Only heard Riley on once, BC never(?)... I’m confident Rome is a ‘Sker guy. Omaha was one of the first affiliates when he started out in the 90’s.
  3. I might be over generalizing, but the majority of time Riley was caught live on the sidelines, it seemed he was lost. A monotone physical expression, rarely coaching a player, maybe a sense of being in over his head? Tends to trickle down...
  4. I cannot find the video anywhere online (nob here)... Was at the game, loved the video. Anyone have a link to it? TIA
  5. I have U-Verse here in Texas. The guide on my TV has only one BTN channel for that day-no overflow channels. The Illinois game is set to show at 2:30 on that day. I contact the BTN to find out about finding the NU game and this is the response I received... 'It's entirely up to your TV provider to use the overflow channels for football. Their call, not ours.' I called up AT&T and I spoke with a woman that couldn't give me an answer about the overflow channels. She asked me to call back next week, closer to the game. Holding my breath...
  6. Niles Paul 74 yard TD from Lee in the 2010 Holiday Bowl. You know, the flex pose...
  7. I was mostly gearing it toward print media. I thought Callahan did mostly TV/web stuff? No? I see what you did there...carry on
  8. Just stopped by to throw a grenade I think most of the members appreciate the mods condensing the topics when it overwelms the board. Appreciate all the work the mods go through to make HB the main hub for the latest.
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