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  1. I don't like all these commits... I have to scroll down to click on forum links on my phone...
  2. This is a great summation of what I was trying to say with my novel of a post.
  3. For me, I mostly see it in the twitter crowd, no surprise. This post was mostly for me to voice an opinion and to say something somewhat positive about the team.
  4. I'm sure, but I don't care. I've lurked on here long enough to see that the post game thread spam is usually negative posts. Thought I'd throw out a semi-positive post. Agree completely. Wrote this mostly as a thought exercise for myself, and to throw out something positive.
  5. Let's all step back for a moment. Poor decisions in this game cost us the win, but let's think before we call for Frost's job after his second year. We need consistency right now more than anything else. Let the coaches finish out this recruiting cycle. Let them go through spring once more. Let them coach next fall, then evaluate and see if the fat needs to be trimmed more. We had some seniors who gave it their all today in their last game. Thank you to those guys! But, that senior class has a lot of guys who have not contributed to the team at all. We loss a few starters, but we have a lot coming back. The junior class has some guys who have not contributed much either, but with it being the third year under this staff, we may see some improvement next year. I really like what Frost is bringing in with his classes. We need more athleticism, but I think we are on the way. We have to remember that this is Frost's 4th year as a head coach. He is still going to need to learn a lot. Not an excuse, just a fact. Now, I want to jump back to my previous point of what we have returning for scholarship players next year. We have 17 seniors graduating. We have 7 that started or played a prominent role on the team this year. 4 who played sparingly and 6 who barely ever saw the field in their careers, if at all. That is not a good number. The junior class does not have near as many non-performers as the senior class. There are 18 juniors listed right now, with 1 who is a transfer sitting out. There are 13 of the junior class who started, would have started (Injury), or played major roles on the team this year. 3 who have not played much at all in their careers and 1 who is redshirting this year after arriving late from JUCO. I really think this junior class could have a decent senior year. Not necessarily in wins/losses, but in individual and team performance. The sophomore class, Frost's transition class, is a bit of a mixed bag so far. As they are only sophomores, I think they can't be judged in a similar way to how I am judging the upper classes. The sophomore class consists of 16 players. 8 who started, or would have started (Injury), or played prominent backup roles. 1 whose status with the team is unknown currently. The remaining 7 have played sparingly so far over their careers. This class includes arguably our best defensive player, and when he plays well, offensive player. The redshirt freshman "class" this year, consists of 9 players. 3 of which are no longer on the team, and the other 6 have potential. Now, the freshman class. 25 players. Overall a class full of potential. A few players who we have seen this year show athleticism and talent that we have been missing for years. The most important thing about this class, and possibly the most important aspect of this season, is that 23 of them will be redshirting. A full extra year in the program. Weightlifting, nutrition, and learning the playbook and schemes. Look for guys from this class to make a big impact next year and the following years. All of that to say, let's be patient just a little bit longer. I think we are almost there. There are small issues, certain coaching tendencies especially, that need adjustment. But I think we are on an overall good path, we just need to continue to be supportive and prove we are indeed the greatest fans out there. Go Big Red!
  6. I was looking at the junior and senior classes the other day. Both, especially the senior class show a failure of the previous staff in developing them. This team has the possibility to be very good in two years.
  7. Random thought on the flea flicker play. To me, it looked like Dismuke bit hard on the run fake then panicked and blitzed. I may be misunderstanding the play setup though. Taylor looked like he was surprised there was no safety help over the top. Just a quick though, probably completely wrong.
  8. I don't even get the feeling he is even in the least bit trying to get some big name recruits. Seriously, all I am asking for is to put some effort forward and try to get a big time player. Even his predecessor at Oregon State was brining 4 star recruits onto visits. Sure those kids are probably never going to commit to Oregon State, but at least Andersen at OSU is trying. Worth a shot. Riley is just too ho hum about it all. You have not been paying much attention to recruiting have you? It seems to me that the staff is going after good recruits. Look ahead to 2017 and you are proved completely wrong, plenty of big name recruits.
  9. Nebraska - 45 Miami - 27 Nebraska Passing Yards - 270 Nebraska Rushing Yards - 295
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