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  1. Didn’t Frost know the I formation under Osborne? The usual knock on the I is that it doesn’t foster a passing attack like the spread does. However, I remember that Rathman and Craig set running AND receiving records playing for 49’ers under the west coast guru Bill Walsh. Biggest changes needed- coaching! They need to teach basics and develop the players as well as devise schemes and scout opponents and high school players. I remember Vince Lombardi saying we only have a few plays but we practice and run those plays better than anyone else. I don’t think our assistants teach, h
  2. Disagree. They are usually easy to clean with a high pressure hose. If you worried about pedophiles- stay home with your mother. Remember you are only visiting not living there. Separate toilets or urinals will take up too much wall space- privacy screens have space requirements with some ADA requirements.
  3. I expect that we could lose the next three games- Minnesota being the only possible win. With our record, the 16 scholarship walk-offs, and the coaching situation, I cannot see that our recruiting will go well.
  4. We all wanted Frank to make changes after the humiliating in California for the championship. Frank made changes and we only gave him one year. I think he might have got the rebuild done but AD Peterson was the wrong idiot in the AD job. Frank has gone on in his 16 seasons at Ohio found a respectable job. I don’t remember the year but we fired Craig Bohl (DC) and he went on to do a remarkable job at North Dakota Stare and a good job at Wyoming. I think the angry fans were chasing National Championships each and demanded the coaches head if he get the big one. we need to get
  5. I remember when the south stadium was a grassy slope called the Knothole section and the north end was just the old field house. Memorial stadium has had so many revisions that it is hodge lodge of designs. I think they should just build an entirely new domed stadium out on the old fairgrounds. Maybe renovate the current Memorial stadium to other uses like enclosed track & field, gymnastics, classrooms/offices, etc. Maybe build a computer controlled shuttle train between the campuses and parking lots similar to large airports. BTW- What is an Innovation Campus and
  6. Troughs are best- more people can urinate in a given period, cost less and easier to clean.
  7. Everyone keeps citing “cases”. They are irrelevant for this discussion. Deaths are the key fact. The facts show that less than 0.02% of healthy people under 60 die. Those that do die almost always some other causative factor for the death. Heart problems, diabetes, obesity, breathing problems, etc. are the primary causes for the deaths. If you want to wear a mask- wear one. If you are sick or one of the vulnerable, especially the elderly and infirm, wear masks and don’t go out unless necessary. Limit contact with other people. If you want to live your in constant fear, s
  8. I don’t believe a good defense gives up 501 yards. The bend but don’t break nonsense is better than losing big. The offense really did not outscore Penn State- the defense won it. I think I remember Devaney saying a defense should not give up more than 200 yards- yah, I know the spread proponents don’t believe they can be stopped for less than 200. We need to have offensive lineman like the old days when we were known as Lineman University. I saw a stat on Saturday listing the top 5 teams that had about 20 O linemen in the NFL. We are not near that level of excellence.
  9. Losing 14 scholarship players is a serious defect. The coaches apparently recruited players they didn’t like, lacked the leadership to inspire the players to commit, or drove them away because they coaches change their concept too much or demonstrate incompetence or insincerity for the players future. The coaches lost 3 or 4 defensive backs early in the COBID19 season delay- they went back to the SEC where played did not delay the season start. It’s been three years of Frost’s recruits and we are not near fielding a strong competitive team. I don’t the defense is good and don’t
  10. I watched UCF a lot in the year before Frost hired. You are wrong to suggest Milton was the reason they went undefeated. The team had speed on both sides of the ball, great receivers, and an aggressive defense with sure tacklers and pass protection. The Huskers don’t show much of the good traits.
  11. 1. Empty stadiums with fake fan noise is not football. 2. Targeting fowls are pure CYA crap. Many are questionable when you consider both the defender and carrier may be at full speed, attempting to evade the tackle, can’t control their bodies when their center of gravity is well beyond their feet, intimidation is part of the game, many will duck their head before a hit as a reflex action, and helmets and pads are worn for a purpose. Why is a tackler hitting with his crown called targeting but a runner leading with his crown not targeting- the injury potential is the same. 3. I
  12. I had two tickets from the south stadium expansion. I had to “donate” $500 per ticket just to be able to pay for the actual tickets. As I recall, the donations were made to the Alumni Association” but collected by the Athletic Dept. Don’t know what the new system is now. I would guess that you get no tickets without the donations.
  13. Just blaming Bo and Beck for not recruiting Burrow is not correct. Scott Frost turned down Burrow’s father inquiry before zJoe went to LSU from OSU. I think the comments that Burrow would not have done well if he had come to NU because our O linemen and receivers are inferior to LSU’s miss the mark too. The real issue is who and how are players evaluated and recruited by the Husker coaches. It’s not just Burrow being missed. It’s also all of the other players that were evaluated by this same process and coaches. We have had several sets of coaches recruiting and we h
  14. Big concern for me- defense was good except for two plays and special teams was really bad on that run back. Can’t the coaches play defenders with sufficient speed to catch the breakaway runners?
  15. I made a comment once that we should have had Burrow when left Ohio State since he was a legacy. A response said we never had a chance with him. During the game, the announcers said that Burrow asked to come to Lincoln but was turned down by Frost. The announcers said Frost promised AM that he would not recruit any more QBs. We potentially missed a Heisman QB. Who evaluates the talent in Lincoln? Are they recruiting for the benefit of a player or for the team?
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