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  1. I had two tickets from the south stadium expansion. I had to “donate” $500 per ticket just to be able to pay for the actual tickets. As I recall, the donations were made to the Alumni Association” but collected by the Athletic Dept. Don’t know what the new system is now. I would guess that you get no tickets without the donations.
  2. Just blaming Bo and Beck for not recruiting Burrow is not correct. Scott Frost turned down Burrow’s father inquiry before zJoe went to LSU from OSU. I think the comments that Burrow would not have done well if he had come to NU because our O linemen and receivers are inferior to LSU’s miss the mark too. The real issue is who and how are players evaluated and recruited by the Husker coaches. It’s not just Burrow being missed. It’s also all of the other players that were evaluated by this same process and coaches. We have had several sets of coaches recruiting and we have fallen short of being able to compete in the Bid 10 West let alone the entire Big 10 and the rest of the nation. Joe Burrow did not just develop his skills two years ago in Lafayette. Apparently Urban Meyer missed it too. But why didn’t the coaches in Lincoln see it? How many really good offensive linemen have we missed? I don’t discount the need for good coaches to develop and improve players BUT WE HAVE NOT DONE VERY WELL IN THAT AREA EITHER.
  3. Big concern for me- defense was good except for two plays and special teams was really bad on that run back. Can’t the coaches play defenders with sufficient speed to catch the breakaway runners?
  4. I made a comment once that we should have had Burrow when left Ohio State since he was a legacy. A response said we never had a chance with him. During the game, the announcers said that Burrow asked to come to Lincoln but was turned down by Frost. The announcers said Frost promised AM that he would not recruit any more QBs. We potentially missed a Heisman QB. Who evaluates the talent in Lincoln? Are they recruiting for the benefit of a player or for the team?
  5. I don’t think AM has been very effective since his first year and especially after the injury. His passing lacks accuracy many times- not accurate and often forcing the receiver to break his stride. against Iowa, he threw a pick deep that would have been a TD if thrown 1 second sooner. He missed another deep one too high that would have bee a TD also. I heard a Sipple video where it was stated there 30 short passes where 18 were for loss or little gain. I think the lack of deep passing may be that our O line usually fails sufficient time. AM may also lack confidence to throw deep, hesitates to run, and dumps off passes when rattled. AM also does not show speed like he did in his first year. He doesn’t cut well and has no break away speed now- nagging injury? Frost needs to give all a chance but the starter needs to perform runs and passes not just tailored packages. Also, Frost needs to have someone to call the plays but ban throwing into the flats. They just wasted plays. Football is a north-south game including receivers.
  6. No. It’s time for thread about us winning the west division, at least nine wins, appearing in the top 25, and enjoying Runzas in the stadium next year.
  7. Frost did not manage the clock well late in the 4th Qtr or do a great job of calling most of the game. Adrian Martinez is not getting it done. He is hesitant to decide to pass and hesitant to decide to run. When he runs, he does show speed. His passing is not accurate. For the drive resulting in a pick at the 2, he decided to throw late and through into a pick. If he had thrown a second earlier, it would have been a TD. Later, when he a shot deep over the center, he overthrew a possible TD. We did not miss Maurice other possibly his speed. Both Mills and Mazour did enough to have won. Our offensive line did better but not good enough. Epenesa came through like he was unblocked many times. The coaches did not seem to make changes. Frost and the OC called that flat swing pass for little gain all season long. I hope that I never have to that loser play called again. Matt Mullen commented on that stupid play several times. The defense played its best game today. I think the DC got burned early but made the corrections when needed. I still think the 3-4 is crap. They may still call it 3-4, but they played better with tweaks that made it like a 4-3 or 5-2 with LBs aggressively playing the run. Worst observation, Frost made some bonehead calls at 3rd and 8 at the end. It looked like he was satisfied with an overtime instead of playing for win with at least a field goal at the end. The announcers felt the same. I don’t want Frost fired but I am not happy to hear him say again we have a few pieces to work on.
  8. I still believe the 3/4 is inferior. The teams that you as successful recruit better and coach better than majority of 130 teams in the FCS. Those team run a modified 3-4 with LBs on the line. If you don’t have the talent, you will give up 400-500 yards per game. We need to control the LOS first. If you are going to use players with modified assignments, I think it would be better do with LBs and defensive backs. You can get more dbacks for pas defense or play more defenders up to defense power running or wide sweeps. Urlacher was a great college defensive back and later All-Pro middle linebacker. Pelini did something similar with his peso defense and the Huskers used a monster man defense before that. I believe we don’t have the talent now to play like Alabama’s 3-4. We need to use a defense better suited for the people who will play for us in the next few years. If we continue to give up over 400 yards per game, we will never be a top 20 team.
  9. I think I heard an announcer tell Christ that they got 580 yards(?). I believe we gave up 450 yards or so per game over the past few months. With a 4-9 season, we have given up more yards than we should to be a winner. There is a lot wrong on the defense. I have never liked the 3-4 defense scheme and I never will. I don’t care how many other teams use it or the argument that it’s really a 4-3 but one guy doesn’t line in a 3 point stance. The 3-4 looks perfect on the chalk board has not done well on the field. I don’t buy into the idea that we will recruit eleven of the super human 5 star players to make the 3-4 work. The scheme is inherently weak in my opinion. A defense or defensive scheme that gives up the yardage that we do or lacks the ability to safeguard a lead- is not a defense. A bend but don’t break defense was tried here before without much success. What did Osborne say about Callahan’s defense? Something about you don’t win many games by outscoring the opponent when you give up 30-40 points- it’s not a basketball game??? I cannot see us being good again until we can reliably hold the opponents to under 200 yards per game. We need Special teams that can win the field position game and keep the opponent from scoring on kicks- especially after we just scored to take the lead.
  10. About fan buy ins, Joe Burrow’s father and two brothers played for Nebraska but went to LSU- one of top QBs in the country. Apparently, he did not buy in as a fan.
  11. I think Wisconsin and Iowa will beat us bad. I think we will struggle against Maryland. This season has just been bad and now the team knows they are losers. I doubt they have the morale needed to play like a team.
  12. Agree. some more bad observations: 1. Daniels gives us the ball on the 2 with his shovel pass interception. We can only get 3 points through bad play calling, predictable tendencies, weak offensive linemen and poor play. 2. Poor tackling. I saw three tacklers surround the runner behind the LOS but come to stop waiting for the runner to commit. One jukebox and our tacklers are late and get dragged for a 3 yard gain. Generally, far too many yards after contact. LBs missing tackles. 3. QB passes up good running for bad passes. Not so much today but backs who stop forward movement, pump their feet thinking the next move will be a great run. They should makes their jukes at speed and get the yards possible. 4. I perceive the OC has a tendencies to call the same plays where old UCF videos help the opponent call the right defense. IMO, far too many throws to the sideline behind the LOS with the runner naked or having a small receiver for a blocker. If you can’t play a North-South game with power off tackle, short and medium passes over the middle and QB runs. I don’t Husker football will do well.
  13. I am worried that we might not beat Maryland now. I would bet that the team knows that Wisconsin and Iowa are going to beat the crap out of the Huskers. Win or lose against Maryland, there is no bowl game or future this year. Now we can look forward to next year. I don’t think that this team has enough pride or guts to do more than turn in the equipment and clean out their lockers. i cannot imagine that any top high school players want to join a bunch of back to back 4 win losers and coaches that are getting improvements.
  14. Then why doesn't he bench or coach them. If they don’t or won’t perform, they should not be playing. I am especially disappointed in the offensive line and coaches. They are good and show little improvement. The LBs are not getting done either and I think that issue is mostly the coach’s schemes and the LBs lack of practice at full speed. They are frequently out of position, over run the play and miss tackles. Pot tackling seems to be the main feature of this team. I think Glenn Mason said today that the Blackshirts give up 400 yards per game. How many times do you see tackles standing upright at the chest or shoulders going for 3 yards after contact? How many times do you see defensive backs hitting low without attempting to wrap up the legs? How often do you see the offensive line to fail establish running lanes or fail to control the edges? How often do we see them holding? THESE ARE FUNDAMENTALS THAT THE COACHES FAILED TO TEACH OR DEMAND.
  15. I don’t think Frost or his Coordinators have adjusted at all to the Big 10. Even the wins are generally weak.
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