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  1. This offense is going to give Iowa fits. That's the game I really want us to win.
  2. Frost must have bet some money we would cover.
  3. I have no idea how Bunch is on the roster, much less seeing actual playing time.
  4. We can only hope. Holy crap is he brutally bad.
  5. Trump knows how to win elections. That puts him one up on Clinton.
  6. It’s called a Google search. It literally takes like ten seconds. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/broward/article221452655.html
  7. Trump calls anyone who disagrees with him stupid. Where is the proof that has anything to do with gender or race?
  8. In Broward they apparently mixed a bunch of ineligible votes into a bunch of eligible ones. I also read someplace they ‘discovered’ a bunch of ‘lost’ votes.
  9. The Dems are going to have 30 people in those debates. They should be hugely entertaining.
  10. Acosta uses his WH credentials to challenge Sanders or Trump, argue, pick fights, and generally grandstand. That’s why the rest of the WH press corps hates him. He’s a preening, grandstanding douchebag. Reporters are there to report the news. Period. They should be like offensive linemen or referees...if they become the story, they’re doing the job wrong.
  11. Do a little reading yourself Cliff. The issue is that Democrats want to fix elections by counting votes from ineligible voters...whether illegals, felons, dead people, whatever. It’s the same nonsense they’ve been engaged in for decades and are now attempting in Florida and Arizona. If people are too stupid to obtain proper ID or register to vote correctly, I would honestly prefer they not vote.
  12. Reporters question Trump’s competency all of the time. But when he turns the table on them, he’s somehow “racist.” Predictable.
  13. I love the ‘logic’ where making sure people are eligible to vote, have proper ID, etc. is somehow “suppressing” the vote. How difficult is it to get a driver’s license or photo ID? And do we really want people who struggle with such basic tasks to choose our leaders?
  14. Yawn. Losing your mind over everything Trump does is a complete waste of time. Do it too often and Morning Joe might call to see if they can add you to their panel.
  15. Then let’s see some evidence, Blasey Ford had none, told conflicting stories, and the witnesses she said were there denied that and said they had no idea what she was talking about. Ramirez didn’t remember if Kavanaugh was at the party or the person who exposed himself...and was callimg mutual friends just before she went public asking them whether they could remember, because she couldn’t. Swetnick is clearly insane and has severe psychological issues. Others who made accusations have admitting lying and never having even met Kavanaugh. So let’s see some evidence.
  16. The way this game is going, we might score 70 points and still lose. Calling this defense Blackshirts is pretty absurd.
  17. Bush is making this defense look horrible.
  18. Anyone think UCF would take Chinander back? As good as the offense is, the defense is horrible.
  19. Agreed. If he's committed a crime, handle that appropriately. But if they're just used to try to embarrass him, that will blow up in Democrats' faces like an ACME rocket.
  20. I think the worst mistake Democrats could make is to use their new power in the House to harass the administration. It will repel voters and make it easier for Trump to use them as a foil.
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