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  1. hello, your last 3 posts in regards to perry, harris, & yancy are posted reports from roz at huskersillustrated, so you should may be either not post privileged info, or quote where you received your info so you do not get the huskerboard into any trouble from an outside privileged site, like huskersillustrated Settle down...Maybe I got it from another board. I'm not quoting anyone or copying/pasting anything. maybe, you 'got it from another board'...well, that's a no-brainer (unless you are born w/ some innate knowledge on the subject, right?), & on your 'not quoting anyone,' well since the info you are posting is not of personal opinion, but is of factual info from another source then maybe you should quote where you received the info, & give credit to its author yet, the problem that I have w/ your posts are that they were posted verbatum from roz on hi, in fact, what you posted is also the only info that roz posted on the 3 prospects (& further more, roz also posted a similar 'w/ more to come later,' which is also similar to what you posted w/ your 'details later') (which reminds me - why did you not post your 'details later' info on perry - was it because of what I posted before?) (if it is I am sorry!) p.s. the truth is that I almost called you out earlier when you were posting on glover's possible change of committment to ok st over NU, because roz had posted on that the same day that you posted it here, & roz was being fed his info from the staff writers of the ok st rivals page - so unless you have an agreement w/ rivals I think that maybe you are possibly taking their info & making it public here, which may get huskerboard in trouble 2nd p.s. sorry, if I seem mean
  2. he had better make a decision after that since the early signing period is the 20th
  3. hello, your last 3 posts in regards to perry, harris, & yancy are posted reports from roz at huskersillustrated, so you should may be either not post privileged info, or quote where you received your info so you do not get the huskerboard into any trouble from an outside privileged site, like huskersillustrated
  4. hello, here is an article from scout, on drew hudgins, a te/de from highland ks cc, who NU is close to offering: http://story.scout.com/a.z?s=204&p=2&c=581159
  5. Hello, it seems that Charles Deas (who did not qualify last yr, & is now playing football at new berlin acad.) may be back on the market, since lsu has pretty much filled their dt position w/ 4 & 5 * prospects each of the last couple of yrs, has also begun to shun charles deas - who has in turn begun to readdress his former suitors in NU, fl, aub, & pitt p.s. new berlin is also the prep school that jb walton attends - who is another prospect who was high on NU last yr, choose another school, & failed to qualify
  6. hello, it is sad that he is verballing to co, yet NU is high on a lot of other db's - some of whom NU has had verbal to them already, & then there are some jucos who may/should commit, later p.s. it is still sad that he verballed to co, though
  7. Player: Moses Jenkins Hometown: Lauderdale Lakes Position: CB Height: 6'2" Weight: 170 40 x: 4.5 Visit Date: 10/20/06 - NU vs tx Schools Offered: NU, Arizona St, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Rutgers, & Indiana Favorites: ia (visited ia on 09/29) Ranking/Stars: Rivals: #70 Big Red Report: Assessing the Talent: Moses Jenkins' highlights Odds of Becoming N: 20% He is coming w/ his teammate patrick grant for an official - which has to bode well
  8. hello, NU has a good surplus of wr's right now, & they are really not looking at hs wr's other than william cole, who NU is looking at as more of an ath (kr, wr, &/or db), & jacob amie, who NU is looking at as a te
  9. hello, good news eric, perry should be visiting NU on 11/03 for the NU/mo game (according to scout) p.s. perry should also be visiting okla on 11/10 hello, the mia brawl today, along w/ the talk of coker losing his job at the end of the yr, should seal-the-deal for perry to back away from his soft-verbal commitment to mia - which has to bode well for his other 2 interest of NU & ok - both of whom he will be visiting in the coming month p.s. how well do you think that harland gunn & his family liked the mia/fl int game, today?
  10. hello, ks had 3 prospects extremely high on their wish list, ballard, lawrence, & stephenson - & prior to their probation troubles all 3 were very high on ks, but as of recently ballard has dropped his soft commitment to ks, & has committed to ia, lawrence (as noted) has committed to NU, & stephenson will be looking elsewhere, also - imo, if NU wants stephenson, then there will be a visit set, & he will commit, especially since his other 2 favs are - ks st who is full w/ 22 verbals (a majority are ** players), & ks who has been hit w/ their probation
  11. hello, his bro is a rs qb at ks, right? so, there is a possibility that he may be laying out his own bro in a NU/ks game - what an oddity
  12. plus, doc & NU are still trying to get sallie cleared to practice (sallie continues to pay his own way): http://www.journalstar.com/articles/2006/1...97447817484.txt
  13. hello, farlow liked what he saw from NU, last night, & wants to set an official, soon: http://story.scout.com/a.z?s=204&p=2&a...2%2f577113.html p.s. he is NU to lose from here on out
  14. hello, according to rivals jordan bernstine was an unofficial visitor in ames, for the NU/isu game: http://nebraska.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=592711 p.s. so, he will be seeing NU twice (NU/isu, & NU/tx) this yr, which has to bode well, for NU (or, at least I am hoping so)
  15. from RecruitingJunkie56 p.s. lsu is overloaded w/ dt's, so let's hope that melancon will pay NU a visit - I think that he will
  16. hello, I really wish NU could get herron to visit: http://story.scout.com/a.z?s=204&p=2&a...2%2f576308.html p.s. I'm guessing that herron may be visiting for the NU/tx game also
  17. hello, it will really help NU chances w/ harris if they can get lewis to visit - or they could seal the deal w/ harris if he could get lewis to verbal - imo of course: http://nebraska.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=590972
  18. Player: Patrick Grant Hometown: Lauderdale Lakes Position: DE Height: 6'4" Weight: 220 40 time: 4.60 Visit Date: 10/20/06 Scholarships offered: NU, Arizona St, North Carolina St, Colorado, Louisville, & Minnesota Favorites: Committed to Louisville Rankings/Stars: Rivals: Rivals 94th of FL's top 100 prospects/ Bid Red Report: Assessing the talent: super-quick speed rusher - & has been clocked w/ a 4.51 forty time Odds of becoming a Cornhusker: NU just offered, & he set a visit for the NU/tx game quickly. Also, he just released his top 3 & NU made that list along w/ nc st & co p.s. he visited co for az st/co game, & will visit nc st on 11/24, & mn on 12/01
  19. hello, franklin is a huge need for NU, & will be setting a visit to NU, soon: http://nebraska.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=591919
  20. Player: Garcia Day Hometown: JUCO: Walnut (CA) Mt. San Antonio CC Position: Safety Height: 6'2" Weight: 195 40x: 4.4 Visit Date: 11/24 - NU/co Schools of Interest: NU, Florida, Oklahoma St, Tulsa, Arizona St, & Texas A&M Favorite: NU - high Rivals: Scout: Odds of Becoming N: Sounds like he only wants to visit NU: http://jcgridiron.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=591283 p.s. he will be a spring grad
  21. hello, florida, alabama, & oregon st have recently offered, therefore it is starting to get tougher to garner his commentment p.s. he is from tampa, so the fl offer has to be a little tempting, right? according to the owh, murillo & his coach said that he (murillo) will probably only take one more visit, & that visit should be to az st sometime next month, & then his coach said this about murillo: "Armando's better than Zack (Bowman, who John O'Mera coached at NM Military Inst.)," (John) O'Mera (now at E Az CC) said. "Just based on pure playing ability, Armando is way ahead of him (Bowman)" (quote taken from a story written by Mitch Sherman, who is a Staff Writer of the Omaha World-Herald)(10/04/06).
  22. hello, according to rivals, o'neal will be visiting for the NU/tx game on 10/21: http://nebraska.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=590511 edit: according to rivals he will not be making it to the NU/tx, yet will be coming sometime later: http://nebraska.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=591479
  23. hello, he scheduled to visit on 10/20 for the NU/tx game along w/ 6 other tx football prospects, according to scout
  24. hello, it's nick-&-tuck for lewis b/w NU & ok: http://nebraska.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=590546
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