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  1. Former recruit Hayden Moore's HS And Jack Stoll's
  2. We need to worry about how we're doing versus other B1G teams. I thought we weren't worried about Prime?.......
  3. Well, since the CU AD has literally said they don't have the money it's not exactly rumor. What they are referring to is his full contract, not his immediate salary.
  4. Which method have we been begging for the past 2-5 years?
  5. I agree that the ranking has a lot to do with quantity. That's why I said he's doing "just fine" in the portal Mav. Assistant coaching hires are more my frustration which I thought I made the point of in my post. Sanders is adding Zimmer and Taggart as analysts. A big deal was made of our assistant coaching salary pool and some of the hires are head scratching. Several posters and SSO have said "we'll see" which is obviously all we can do.
  6. I don't know about "standard for an A" and "Deion worshipping" is a deflection or a lack of knowing what he's doing at Colorado. There is a coaching search thread that I believe was 700 or 800 pages. It has many opinions of what is needed in this era of college football which includes the transfer portal Two primary things were a splash head coach who is an ace recruiter and experienced, qualified assistant coaches. I figures Sanders would do just fine with the portal....and he is. But the connections he brought in as assistant coaches and analysts is very impressive.
  7. If he was that good, he'd be with his dad at T Tech....they need help recruiting against the Texas big boys UT, A&M, Houston and TCU.
  8. Ha! Huskerboard was the only place I'd heard of it......then it was a menu item at dinner last evening.
  9. We definitely have the buyout thing figured out.
  10. I just had chili and cinnamon rolls for the first time ever this evening at the Iron Rail Brewery in Topeka Kansas.
  11. The portal hasn't been in existence long enough to make a statement about the long term comparison.
  12. Last time that was said 9 wins became hard to come by.
  13. Are we bringing in game changers? Jeudy can be one. With the coaching change we need to kick a$$ in the portal. Rhule has a year. Does he have two? Three?
  14. If you were trying to figure out what I meant you would have asked what I meant. Replace "the fun thing" with "the ironic thing" if it helps......just a few days ago Rhule said all the players are his guys. Alberts might have helped put those words in his mouth for all I know. But important guys are leaving just days after Rhule said it. I hadn't heard the rumors, but I'd agree with Decked they are BS.
  15. This is not in any way shape or form what my post was about. Fun and enjoyment for me? You're trying too hard.
  16. I would agree.....no coach in the country would want to lose experience on DL. They are too hard to find.
  17. Gotcha. I hadn't heard that. I was just referring to Rhules quote to Schaefer.
  18. The fun thing about flipping the roster is just a few days ago, Rhule said every player on the team is his guy. Maybe he meant when fall camp arrives?......
  19. Seems another chain is very easily pulled...... You've certainly given me your opinion when you were no part of the conversation. Thanks for checking in.
  20. Rhule likely won't be at Nebraska in 4-5 years. If he's successful, his resume history says he'll move on in that time frame.
  21. What will be interesting now is watching the decisions of Cormani McClain and Blake Purchase. Purchase is the top ranked player in Colorado and verbal to Oregon. Oregon flat out kicked a$$ today but I don't think Purchase signed. If McClain ends up going CU both corners are 5* since Hunter has now committed. It will also be interesting to see how Colorado fares on the field against USC before they join B1G.
  22. I get my info (and my tickets) from two of my friends....one is a former CU basketball player and the other is an attorney and graduate of CU law school. They are both great guys and have made sure I have tickets and parking at their tailgates......even though I wander over to Harvest House instead.
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