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  1. The changes had to do with Tom Brady, Byron Leftwich, offensive line performance and recruiting.
  2. Brewster was removed from his on field assistant coaching duties mid season and placed in an off the field role to begin his job search.
  3. So laugh at Sanders for actually making assistant coaching changes while we have dedicated threads begging for Rhule to make assistant coaching changes?
  4. That number was published this week dude.
  5. It's not that early. Rhule is a failed NFL coach with a career college record slightly above .500 Riley esque.
  6. I like the smoked by Oregon reference when we just barely lost to Michigan. In Lincoln.
  7. Do you seriously think Rhule amd his staff can out recruit Sanders? And NIL money? Please. Shadeur Sanders has $$ from Mercedes Benz, Tom Bradys apparel company and who knows where else.
  8. The winning formula was mentioned on this site when Albert's was conducting his top secret search. A big name head coach with highly qualified assistants. Colorado may have to renegotiate Sanders contract to keep him They certainly have the money now.
  9. At least you're admitting Colorado made a home run hire.
  10. Ummm. Transfer rules used to be very different. Like not that long ago.
  11. I despised the Riley hire from the announcement. The direction of college football now is Sanders. It's all about recruiting and exposure.
  12. Rhule makes me miserable. Enjoy your Saturday night.
  13. NIL and the transfer portal has made the term "transition year" a joke. Rhule will not get it done at Nebraska. College football is no longer about development.
  14. So if Colorado loses to top 10 teams two weeks in a row after winning 1 game last season some sort of facade is exposed?
  15. Nebraska defense 8 sacks Shadeur Sanders 0 turnovers
  16. Deion doesn't need to coach. He's a recruiter. Think any highly rated quarterbacks will have Colorado on their short list?
  17. Sanders hired what might be one of the best assistant coaching staffs in the country.. .....and I'd guess Nebraska's team chemistry is now a hundredfold more ugly than Colorado's Colorado is the model for college football now, especially with the portal. Hire a celebrity head coach and let him bring in the best assistant coaches in his rolodex. There's no question who made the better hire.
  18. I really did not intend for this ti be such a big deal.....but what different story are you referring to that Sanders told?
  19. You accused me of fabricating......you used the word twice in your accusation. I didn't fabricate. So you moved your goalpost......
  20. Regarding your highlight, safety Silmon-Craig said that was a reason he was asked to follow Sanders. It's probably at least not too "fabricated" that you'd bring your starting quarterback son....among other top players from almost each position group. But no, not fsbricated.
  21. It was about the number of players leaving AND how to replace them. My point is Sanders has an exponentially better chance of replacing then with better players and he has a small core group he brought from Jackson State to provide leadership. SSO is predicting Sanders failure based on roo many players leaving and the inability to replace them. My "face value" take is Sanders has the ability to replace them. I'm a Frazier fan too. Dropped in last summer at Big Red of the Rockies for photos and autograph session with him.
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