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  1. He hasn't actually signed anywhere yet. I think he's N but until Wednesday we don't know.
  2. I am in my 50s and very familiar with Nebraska in the 80s and 90s. I asked the question beciase of the radical changes in college football since the 90s. Here are four significant ones. TV contracts/revenue sharing Partial qualifiers Schollie limits Transfer portal So as a genuine question....what does a "foundation " look like at Nebraska now?
  3. What does a stable foundation look like?
  4. He can't sign for over a year and divisions are gone then. But stay tuned!
  5. Yeah....this was said exactly nowhere in the thread.
  6. Guy Chamberlain's post is spot on for the spirit of Sander's message. This message was Deion using his influence to better his players as part of society.
  7. Sanders and Brewster are pulling in all their top targets this weekend. They have the #1 ranked portal transfer coming in along with Coleman and Purchase, who is the top rated Colorado prospect currently committed to Oregon. Big recruiting weekend for everyone last weekend before early signing day.
  8. Isn't Michigan one of the top 4 programs in college football right now?
  9. Agreed. He can't actually sign anywhere for over a year from now anyway.
  10. It's definitely interesting to watch. I think they expect a possibility that Sanders might bounce after a few years. ......of course Rhule's resume and our 20 year coaching history indicates Rhule likely won't be at Nebraska in 5 years...for one of two reasons.....
  11. I think you're gonna find that what Rhule likes to do on offense is eerily similar to what Frost liked to do.....big offensive line with speed at the skills.
  12. It probably has..... A few of my clients are CU grads and CU season ticket holders.....so I certainly don't hate that part of CU!
  13. Will you be visiting the Deion Samders thread again tomorrow to check on the "fanboys"?
  14. No need for a personal attack. 247 has it at 4 O and 7 UO
  15. Word 'round these parts is Sanders was visiting Colorado prospects. CU and Nebraska both have a commit from players at a Denver area high school.
  16. Oh fully understood. Raiola went from the one coach many (most?) wanted gone to it not really being his fault in a matter of hours
  17. As long as we don't have the front 7 dwarfs.
  18. I didn't figure Alberts would even interview Sanders. I also didn't think Sanders would end up at a bordering State. And yes Sanders may go after just a "few" of our receuits.....but it'll be the highest rated ones.
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