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  1. I'm struggling to see the differences of how Rhule plans to compete in the B1G versus Frost's approach.
  2. It's interesting being right underneath it now that the Sanders hire has happened. Discussions on this board for a long time have been about the need for strong recruiters, developers and an experienced, qualified assistant coaching staff. If I didn't live in Colorado it might be different but watching both new staff situations simultaneously is interesting.
  3. I live in CUs backyard. I did not expect them to pull the Sanders hire off and I certainly didn't realize the impact it would have.
  4. Yeah, but he's not taking all his Jackson State buddies to Boulder....and he's making some strategic staff hires from other programs.
  5. Colorado would take that all day, every day. Nebraska might too.
  6. Nick Williams Other than Lincoln Riley occasionally who in the PAC 12 gets 5*s?
  7. I'm not about to underestimate what Sanders understands about recruiting. Sanders new DL coach is from Texas A&M and is known as a recruiter.
  8. This might be the first time I've heard the PAC 12 complimented in this manner.
  9. Except one of them was the #1 recruit in the country that he flipped from Florida State.
  10. Name two universities that are better at football with NIL than they were before NIL specifically because of NIL. Sanders had a great quote about NIL in his intro presser.
  11. The hire of Sanders changes the trajectory of everything for CU football, including financially. My contact for CU tickets is a CU season ticket holder who has already told me no. I will probably buy CU season tickets like I used to do every other year during the B12 years. Those will spike too. Absolutely Boss move by CU.
  12. Being called Coach Prime is Marketing 101 which is part of Recruiting 101.
  13. That's why I said sometimes. Why the swipe?
  14. Very much agree on the bowl practices lost. I'm good with the Rhule hire....I just don't consider his resume to be "elite". I don't know as much as most others about strength and conditioning, but in hindsight I think it was an issue and look forward to seeing how that change helps.
  15. Obviously I hope Rhule can get it done But we see quite a bit on here how many advantages Nebraska has. ....and sometimes it just ain't true.
  16. Utah's recruiting radius being better than Nebraska's was the point I was responding to. Thanks.
  17. CU needs to fill seats and bring in talent from outside Colorado. Home run. What were the other options?
  18. For having a reputation as a "program builder" Baylor is Rhule's only P5 example and none of his stops have long term attached to them.
  19. The recruiting radius is worse for the Utes? No. The state of Utah puts out more than twice the number of 4* football players as Nebraska. Las Vegas is in Utah's radius, which also puts out more 4* football players as a city than Nebraska as a state.....and California is just outside the 500 mile radius.
  20. This is a great hire by Colorado. They struggle with attendance and are about to solve that problem. I live 30 minutes from Boulder and by no means a CU fan....but smart move by CU.
  21. We'll see if Rhule can get it done. I hope he can. The B1G is a different animal than Temple or Baylor and his recruiting philosophy of good lines and speed is no different. Let's see if his ability to translate that to the field is better. Hopefully that's no too terse. Thanks for reading. And of course I hoped Frosr could get it done. Now I hope Rhule can get it done.
  22. Correct, he did not. I hope Rhule can and does. But many things Rhule is saying is what Frost....and other coaches....have said. Thanks for chiming in and enjoy your Friday.
  23. Correct. It's about winning more than the press conference buddy.
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