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  1. That ball clearly came out at the end. And I don’t think even think the refs bothered to see if he possessed the ball all the way through. Good job getting the foot down. Wasn’t a catch
  2. Khalil is going to Tampa bay. The slump is over!!!
  3. Can’t give up red zone tds if you let them score from 40.
  4. #61 - Wandale Robinson #91 - ty Robinson #116 - Noa Pola-gates #127 - nick henrich #139 - Bryce Benhart
  5. I think the reason this 4-8 season feels better is because the trajectory of this team at the end of the season. Winning 4 of the last 6 and being right there for the 2 losses leaves a lot better taste in your mouth than getting the crap kicked out of you for 6 of the last 7 weeks.
  6. I need to give props to Pickering. He’s been awful, and I’ve been really hard on him. But he came up huge for us today!
  7. Throw them bones young men!!! That was so impressive! with the refs trying to screw them over at every turn, they still got the stops when needed!
  8. That pass interference no call should be a referee career ender. Just horrible!
  9. Taylo, I mean Adrian Martinez puts the ball on the turf yet again...
  10. Clearly a fumble. You gotta get that next play off, they were at the line. Now mich st is gonna get the ball.
  11. 60 yards closer to 1000 for oz. this kid deserves it! Amazing!
  12. Special teams comes through for us yet again!!
  13. I learned that we are damn lucky Martinez didn’t play his senior year. If he had, there was no way we would have landed him. He is a special kind of talent that should have had his choice of any school in the country.
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