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  1. So Bo-haters will point out how one injury in one game could have helped him but won't consider how close to 10 injuries throughout an entire season could have hurt him.
  2. So much for our internet mustaches. Better try a beard next time
  3. Just out of curiosity, have there ever been any good head coaches who never worked as coordinators? I kinda feel like guys like Callahan, and even Pelini unfortunately, are great as coordinators but then come up short as coaches because they lack solid leadership qualities. I admit Brown might not have great coordinator qualities, but he does seem to have excellent leadership qualities. As head coach he could surround himself with good coordinators, nullifying the fact that he himself isn't a DC or OC
  4. I'm not saying Ron Brown would be any better than Pelini. Nor am I saying Pelini should leave the Husker program. I just wanted to know what people think. He's been at Nebraska almost forever and embodies what a Nebraska head coach should be much in the same ways Osborne did. He seems to have a really cool head in stressful situations and doesn't let emotions dictate his actions. He comes across as having a pleasant personality, which would be great for both recruiting and attracting better position coaches. He has done a great job as the running backs coach and would possibly, no guarantee,
  5. Totally agree about Rose. I think Pelini made a goodadjustment by switching Santos and Rose. I'm also a bit excited to see what Banderas will do
  6. I thought Valentine really showed up well today. That guy's just big and seems like in the coming years he'll be able to push guys around easily. Randy Gregory ofcourse too shows a lot of potential on the line. He seems sometimes like a linebacker on theline with his speed and agility. If he gets a bit more size while keeping his speed he could be pretty good too. My question is do you guys think Gregory or Valentine will be a bigger presence next year and then down the line?
  7. I think the right answer is: They'd both be called for pass interference on an uncatchable pass, resulting in an automatic turnover.
  8. If the Huskers get ahead in this game and have the ball at the end let him suit up and come out for a very victory kneel at the end of the game. Would that be possible?
  9. They were down by 14 with about 7 minutes left going against a ball control offense. Beck was definitely not pass happy this game with Armstrong at qb and I think for the most part he called good plays
  10. I have a strong feeling our D at home will fare better against the Spartans than did the Wolverine's D against the Spartans on the road. I'd say 21 points is the max the Spartans can get, but that could be enough for them to win the game. At any rate, a blowout isnt likely on either side of the ball.
  11. Let's also bench both Armstrong and Kellog the first half to let the phenomenal Ryker Fife for a full half. With Fife out there we'll be forced to run it. Then when MSU is really beat up let's let Kenny Bell start the second half at QB. MUWAHAHA I'm not making fun of you. Just having some fun ^^
  12. 1.Consistency from the defense 2. For Beck to call fewer than 20 passes 3. Atleast 250 yards rushing from our offense 4. For the Huskers to commit no more than 3 penalties 5. For the Huskers to force 3 turnovers, but give up at most only one 6. Constant pressure on the Michigan QB. It seems like this D plays incredibly better when it's blitzing
  13. Some left over residue from the Callahan days. I gotta go wash my eyes now >.<
  14. Nice point. Haha. It's a mix of two movie references I guess. Wizard of Oz and Bourne Identity
  15. Cross has been one of my favorite players since last year and I think he has loads of potential. However, it seems to me that ever since giving up a safety a few games back, Cross has been shaken and hesitant when out on the field. Of course that safety came because he took (way) too much time in the back field before running forward. I think lately now he's been overcompensating by running full speed as soon as he gets the ball. When his job is to get touch downs or first downs (as it usually is,) this is fine. But when his job is to run from 1st and 10 or give Ameer Abdullah (the AA battery
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