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  1. That's crazy. Both of those rotating assemblies stayed put on the stand and spun a few times while the rest of the two motors went all over the place. Unbelievable.
  2. Awesome return there, use up 8 seconds for nothing
  3. I'm starting to look to next year for improvement in the offense. I don't believe it will happen this year.
  4. Well, it is a primetime nationally televised game. Pretty typical Nebraska.
  5. I keep reading this thread title as "Guest kicker for gameday". Does Morten Andersen have any eligibility left?
  6. I would selfishly be fine with this. I'm local to the area.
  7. So I took a quick look at our season stats so far and two things really stuck out to me that I would never have predicted: 1. Our team average yards per run is 3.1 yards. 2. Martinez has been sacked 8 times. And this is after playing football power-houses Southern Alabama and Colorado. I'm not going to get into the nuts and bolts of these stats as they've been covered pretty good in other threads, but like I said, these stats really have given me a sober viewpoint for the season so far. Here's to MAJOR improvements throughout the season!
  8. Well, that's one way to give your opponents life...
  9. Man, what is it about Nebraska for the past 20 years? The 3rd quarter used to be when we stepped on our opponents throat and completely broke them. But that was a long time ago, I guess. Sigh...
  10. Huskers O is responsible for this drive.
  11. Man, talk about a tale between two halves...
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