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  1. Great, as if this season wasn't going bad before...
  2. It looks like he's playing a video game out there.
  3. Perhaps this class will be different?
  4. Slusher to Arkansas... Still, ten 4-stars in this class.
  5. We are completely out--recruiting the other teams in the Big 10 West right now. Per 247, Wisconsin is 26th, Purdue is 28th, Iowa is 29th, Minnesota is 31st, Northwestern is 37th, and Illinois is 63rd.
  6. Awesome! Glad we got him. Seems like it's raining 4-star recruits around here lately.
  7. Thanks for clarifying...my pulse is returning to normal.
  8. For sure, I'm glad he spelled it out for us.
  9. That's crazy. Both of those rotating assemblies stayed put on the stand and spun a few times while the rest of the two motors went all over the place. Unbelievable.
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