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  1. Timotheus

    What will our defense be good at this season?

    Hey, I just wanna see stops on 3rd and 10+ yards. I listened to most games last year on the radio, and I lost count of how many times I heard something to the effect of "It's 3rd and 14. Here's the snap, QB drops back, looking, looking, throws it...and it's complete for a first down".
  2. Timotheus

    The era of "All Gas, No Brakes"

    I follow Formula 1, Indycar, and IMSA and WEC sports car racing, and I've never heard this phrase before.
  3. Timotheus

    'This Isn't Year Zero'

    Does anybody else feel like tomorrow's game will NEVER get here? I can't take much more of this waiting!
  4. Timotheus

    Tristan Gebbia

    It is what it is. I'm excited to move on and see what Martinez can do this season.
  5. Timotheus

    What will the first offensive play be?

    Run up the middle for 2 yards.
  6. Timotheus

    Tre Bryant’s Career Is Over

    Man, that's a tough deal for him. I loved watching him run the ball when he was healthy.
  7. Timotheus

    "Give that man a cigar!"

    "I love it when a plan comes together".
  8. Timotheus

    Scott Frost Home Burglarized

    Well, I guess if anyone is going to save Hyrule, it's Scott Frost.
  9. Timotheus

    Scott Frost Home Burglarized

    Is anyone else hung up on the fact that Scott Frost owns a Nintendo Wii? Can anyone really imagine him coming home from a long day at the office and firing up Zelda: Twilight Princess?
  10. Timotheus

    Frazier's 1st Game - 1992

    Joel Cornwell went to the same church as my family back in the day. His wife taught my 6th grade Sunday school class. Good people, the Cornwell's...
  11. Wow, you are really tough and macho. Can I have your autograph?
  12. Timotheus

    Heroes Game

  13. Timotheus

    ***Official Rutgers Game Discussion Thread***

    We won!!! Can't take it for granted, folks.
  14. Timotheus

    ***Official Rutgers Game Discussion Thread***

    Mmm...don't like to see a neck be THAT flexible...