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  1. Any predictions on tonight's OSU/Bama game?  I am predicting OSU 42, Alabama 34

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    2. Stone Cold

      Stone Cold

      I hope bama hangs 70 on em

    3. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      I don't. I hate Bama.

    4. MLB 51

      MLB 51

      Yeah, Fields isn't anywhere near %100. The game be much closer if he were.

  2. Here is an interesting scenario for Ohio State.  They are now at a point where they cannot miss another game or else they are ineligible for the BIG CCG and likely for the CFP.  Imagine if they do play next week against Michigan State but then they have their final regular season game against Michigan, and Michigan has a couple players who are positive.  I could totally see Harbaugh shutting down the game just to spite OSU and I have seen some OSU fans on social media already showing concern for this scenario.

    1. HuskerNation1


      I posted this scenario on Saturday about Michigan causing OSU to miss the title game and it now looks like that may happen. I cannot imagine how much more hatred OSU will have for Michigan if this really pans out.

  3. PJ Fleck has passion and is willing to fight for his team.  He has had an amazing season and it looks like Minnesota is going to be 11-2 in his 3rd season there.  I think its safe to say Minnesota hired the right coach.

    1. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      Yes they did,Flecks quirky but knows how to coach 

  4. So Baylor vs Oklahoma...who are you pulling for?  I am impressed with Rhule at Baylor and how quickly he has been able to turn around the program, but also have tons of respect for Oklahoma.  It's nice seeing Bookie make some plays.

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    2. HuskerNation1


      I am a Cowboys fan too and feel I am stuck with coaches who get conservative at the end of games.  I am hopeful Jerry Jones will finally get rid of Jason Garrett, and Lincoln Riley is apparently at the top of his list to replace Garrett.  I think Rhule is amazing too and he has turned around 2 programs now in his short head coaching career. 

    3. HuskerInLostWages


      Baylor myself so my brother in law can shut his mouth.  Kid can't name more than 2 players on the Sooners and claims he's a huge fan, hate listening to him talk about who they beat every few weeks when im forced to be around him

    4. TonyStalloni


      I have a brother in law who is a K St fan and knows everything about everything. I understand your pain.

  5. Just noticed Gebbia is getting the start for Oregon State.  It will be interesting to see his stats in this big game against an Oregon team coming off a loss.

    1. ColoradoHusk


      Gebbia ended up 26-40 for 243 yards, with no TD's and no INT's.  He also ran 6 times for 32 yards.


      I was following the game online, and about 100 of the passing yards came when Oregon was up 2 TD's late in the 2nd half.  It wasn't quite garbage time, but Oregon was probably allowing short passes and limiting the big play.

  6. I think BIG fans should boycott the CFP.  This year has been the worst I have seen from the SEC in a long time, and the top teams in that conference won games against many bottom-feeders.  

    1. jaws


      I wonder what the selection committee will say if the SEC goes 0-2 in the playoffs? On the flip side, I wonder what the ratings will be like for a GA/Bama championship?

  7. Holy Cow Washington made a good choice in hiring Peterson from Boise St

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    2. Moiraine


      Was thinking about this too

    3. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Their next monkey is Oregon, who owns a 10-15 straight win streak.

    4. The Dude

      The Dude

      He'll never leave Boise!

  8. My son and I are at the top floor of the Holiday Inn in Lincoln and were woken up by the earthquake

    1. krc1995


      you felt that in Lincoln. It was centered in Perry Okla

    2. HuskerNation1


      Yes, several people in our hotel were awoken. The bed was swaying back and forth for 5 to 10 seconds.

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