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  1. 1. Alberts should not have gotten a contract extension until the football team makes a bowl game. 2. Rhule is the worst HC at game management I have ever seen. 3. Satterfield still sucks and needs to be fired. 4. Alvano made one big kick in high school to be named a starter. He is not good and we need a new kicker.
  2. God this program sucks. Rhule has been a big bust in his first year with arguably the easiest schedule and weakest BIG West since we joined the BIG. We are a volleyball school and need to stop investing in the football program.
  3. Why are they rushing their plays. Rhule is awful at game management. We have left them way too much time.
  4. Brian Ferentz > Satterfield...let that sink in.
  5. Can you imagine if Nebraska played Georgia this year?
  6. At this point I think Purdy just needs to make 30 plus yard throws and hope for a catch or PI call. Our run game sucks today.
  7. Third week in a row that Rhule has no situational awareness at the end of a half or the end of the game. We needed to run 3 times and go to halftime.
  8. Why are we not running it? Just run the clock out and get the ball to start the 2nd half.
  9. Garbage defense...they are getting worse as the season goes on. Iowa alrwady has over 200 yards.
  10. Does this announcer ever shut up. Seriously he is highly annoying. Does this announcer ever shut up. Seriously he is highly annoying.
  11. This defense is a joke. They are way overrated and cannot make big plays.
  12. Our defense is not as good as some claim. They fail to make big plays when needed and never get turnovers. They can knock the ball away but then cannot recover.
  13. This team and program is garbage. Seriously this looks no different from a Frost coached team. I know its Year 1 but I expected more from Rhule related to discipline and playing clean ball.
  14. Stupid f*cking special teams again. Just ridiculous.
  15. Can we make sure Marcus Satterfield gets on these head coaching lists?
  16. 1. Matt Rhule is just as bad if not worse than Frost at game management. Playing for a tie at the end of the game when we could have won it is inexcusable and lost my trust in Rhule. 2. Purdy played the cleanest game at QB all season with no turnovers in regulation. 3. Brian Buschini needs to be benched. He is not a D1 punter. 4. The defense is solid against the run but struggles to make big plays. They really needed to get a turnover to help the offense.
  17. What the f*ck with not calling a timeout. Completely unacceptable.
  18. Our offensive play calling has been horrible.. again. Satterfield has to go.
  19. Buschini needs to be benched immediately. This guy sucks.
  20. The game changed when we missed on 4th and 1 and gave them good field position.
  21. This defense is a joke...worst unit of the game so far.
  22. The defense needs to make a big play and get the ball back. So far the D has been subpar this game.
  23. Use the damn timeouts. No need to rush and get a penalty. Stupid.
  24. Worst punter in the Big Ten? This guy has been horrible.
  25. I like HH at WR and he could come in as a wildcat QB or for trick plays as well.
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