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  1. We are actually dead last (14th) in the 2022 recruiting rankings. I honestly cannot remember a time we were dead last halfway through a season. https://247sports.com/Season/2022-Football/CompositeTeamRankings/?Conference=Big-Ten
  2. Interesting post. I think our position now in 2021 is much different than in 2014 when Bo was fired. Back in 2014 we had a good coach that could win 9 games consistently, but the desire was to find an elite coach that could get us winning conference titles. A huge mistake was made in selecting Riley. The program got worse with 3 years of Riley where he finished 19-19 (.500), well below the mark Pelini had set. Thus Riley was fired, and I supported that decision to let him go after 3 years as I do not believe he would have suddenly gotten better if we kept him a couple of additional years. We then hire Frost thinking he would be an elite coach given his magical 2017 season. Frost was brought in to win division titles at a minimum, but as we all know, we are heading toward a 4th straight season with a losing record. I am curious what coaches out there had 4 straight losing season and then suddenly hit their stride and went on to become an elite coach. With the sample size we have for Frost (6 seasons), we have to predict his likely future success based upon the data we have to date. Unless a miracle happens and we finish 4-0, we will not have a winning season yet again this season, so I do not believe retaining Frost will get us back to being an elite program, and I am not even confident Frost could get us back to 9 or 10 wins every year like we had with Pelini. So in terms of where to go from here, we should always strive for an experienced elite coach, but if that is not feasible, we should at least pursue a coach that will yield consistent 9/10 win seasons which would be a building block. It's not an easy situation at all, but I feel hanging onto Frost is simply delaying the inevitable as he likely would get to a winning season next year because we have the easiest schedule in a decade, but then 2023 the schedule gets a bit tougher and in 2024 its absolutely brutal (Michigan, OSU and Penn State are the crossover games). I would not keep Frost 3 more seasons to be mired in mediocrity simply because we are afraid to fire a former player or we are afraid of his buyout.
  3. I agree. Rarely does an AD get dismissed (like in the case of Moos) unless there is a need to right the ship in the most profitable sport (football).
  4. I hope Trev shares your views that how we finish should determine Scott's fate. I was a bit concerned when he commented that he wanted to start anew and ignore the prior 3 seasons. If the team finishes 3-1 or 4-0 he will keep his job. If the team finishes 1-3 or 0-4 he should be dismissed. If they finish 2-2 I am guessing Trev will retain Frost though I would make a different decision.
  5. Fickle and Campbell would both be good options. Not sure if Fickle wants to leave the state of Ohio though.
  6. The Big 12 is crumbling and not included in the Alliance. The BIG still is a top football conference and the West division is easier to navigate than the East. There are a lot of pros that Nebraska offers over ISU. I also disagree that we must settle for a coordinator. There are plenty of head coaches better than Frost that we could pursue.
  7. I think it's also a great sentiment of how the fan base is feeling. In the past the administration would look at this data and realize they must act. I am not sure how Trev views the sellout streak relative to his evaluation of the current staff.
  8. Part of the reason for the sadness is that reality is starting to set in for many fans that Frost is not the elite coach we thought we were getting in 2018. I think most fans saw his impressive 2017 season at UCF and assumed that could be replicated at Nebraska. In reality, that 2017 is the outlier in the career of a head coach that is on track to have only one winning season in 6 years as a head coach. Nearly all fans wanted their former player to be successful and bring the program back, and some still feel in their hearts that Frost is the answer. Unfortunately the results and data show otherwise, and we are in this weird position where many are starting to feel it's time to move on but struggle with letting a former player go. What keeps me optimistic is that there are still plenty of other great coaches out there, and all we need is the right coach to click to get things rolling again for Husker Nation. We have seen other programs hire new coaches (that are not the biggest names in the business) that have brought about quick results, and the same can happen for NU. We have had 2 poor coaches since Pelini left, but surely the 3rd time will be another good coach to get us back to at least 8 or 9 wins a season.
  9. In selecting a new coach, I would focus on the following experiences: 1. Proven P5 experience 2. Proven non-P5 experience 3. Proven NFL experience 4. Great coordinator learning under a Saban or other elite coach Now proven can be somewhat subjective but I would say it would be somebody that has at least 3 seasons of finishing in the top 3 of a P5 division at a minimum. I have seen some good names in this thread. It's too bad that Bryan Harsin was picked up by Auburn this past year as I think he would have been a good target. Some other random names would be Dave Doeren from NC State. He has midwest ties and did well an NIU and has done pretty well with NC State which is not known to be a premier football school. I know Lane Kiffin and Jamey Chaldwell have been mentioned in here too. I think any of these guys would provide a more reliable program than we have with Frost.
  10. I agree that Frost has brought in talent the prior 3 seasons, and with a new coach that knows how to maximize talent, we could be really good again. If we bring Frost back with the same level of talent (but less experienced with a good amount of attrition), we will still see the same mistakes. The easiest schedule in a decade should get Nebraska to 6 or 7 wins, but if we had a really good coach we should be able to get to 10 wins next year.
  11. Losing games creates negativity in the program. Frost was brought in to win championships and he even said it in his first presser. Any program in the top 10 all time wins will have negativity when the coach continues to have losing seasons. Recruits are like fans and look at the product that the head coach is putting on the field. Good recruits want to be part of winning programs and will make their own judgment on whether Frost can make that happen. In the first 2 or 3 years Frost was still able to sell recruits on his ability to turn around a program as he did at UCF. But those UCF days are long gone as 2022 recruits were in 8th grade when Frost was coach at UCF. They only see what Frost is doing at Nebraska and thus far it has not been good.
  12. Unless we see things turnaround and can finish 3-1 or 4-0, I am hoping that 2022 brings in some new blood to offer us all some hope.
  13. This comes back to decision making and judgment by Frost who is the CEO of the team. If he did not make the right decisions to change the staff in year 2 or 3, why should we trust him with future personnel decisions.
  14. Frost has had the ability to bring in any staff he wanted. I do not believe that money has been an issue related to assistant pay. With that said, why hasn't Frost brought in BIG coordinators in the 4 years he has been CEO of this program?
  15. Yes its like voting for a candidate that you felt would be great. When the data shows the candidate is not getting the job done he or she was elected to do, it is hard to admit you were wrong. I think the same applies here. Nearly all Husker fans were excited about Frost and felt he was the one to turn the program around. I know I felt he was going to be able to do it. But unfortunately he has not, and it saddens me, but I also believe the program is about more than one person/coach and we must ignore any personal feelings we have toward Frost and make the best business decision for the program.
  16. Prior to this news, we were ranked last in 2022 recruiting per 247 sports. When was the last time Nebraska was last in recruiting in the conference halfway through a season?
  17. AM starts to pass better when he is getting to move about. I honestly would like to see at least half of our plays involve the option where AM can run or designed rollout where AM can run or pass while on the move. Not only does this make it more difficult to defend, he also is more confident and tends to make bigger plays.
  18. I was just about to post the same. I expect more of this to happen given the trajectory of the program. Consecutive losing seasons makes it hard to keep up with recruiting.
  19. Can you please share a link to the article? Where does Nebraska rank compared to our division foes? Also, as I stated the program history and fan base make Nebraska unique compared to some other division rivals. Additionally, NIL could play to our advantage given our fan base.
  20. I honestly think the play calling has also been a problem with AM. He is not a pocket passer, and as a freshman was relying on his instincts, yet he has been coached to sit in the pocket often. Part of the reason he has had some improvements this year is that they have been getting him involved in the option and more QB rollouts, but when you look back at the Minnesota game, he was in the pocket a lot more again. The play calling needs to align to the strengths of the QB.
  21. I agree with this assessment. AM was somewhat unproven in high school given he was injured. Then he came to Nebraska and wowed us all his freshman year only to then have really poor sophomore and junior years. He has shown glimpses of looking better this season, but the mistakes and inconsistencies in close games continues to plague him. I personally think Frost felt AM could be the next Marcus Mariota and he has been focused on getting another QB into the NFL with their style of play. In doing so, he has overlooked AM's weaknesses which have frankly cost us a lot of games. I would like to see Frost give another QB a chance to compete but I do not think he will given his stubborn streak. Is it true he overlooked Burrow when he was transferring or was that just a rumor?
  22. I agree that we need to let the rest of the season play out, but if it goes as it has gone this year we are only winning one (maybe two) more games and finishing with another losing season. Isn't that by itself a catastrophe for a 4th year coach? I also am not confident that firing some assistants will change the long-term trajectory of the program unless those assistants are home run hires and Frost lets them make key decisions. Frost has struggled with decision making and judgment, whether you look at the staff he has brought it and stuck by, the QB he continues to stick by despite struggling to win games, or the many questionable calls we see almost every game like being in shotgun on 4th and inches from the goal line. It's not just the assistants that are problematic but its Frost's leadership acumen that is not up to par. How does that suddenly get changed? For new coaches, I am not sure any of those three would come, but I also think Matt Campbell would be a HR hire in that he has proven himself at a P5 school despite Iowa State not having some of the resources and history that Nebraska brings to the table. I believe there are other really strong coaches out there as well that should be given a look.
  23. There is one thing about 2022 that should guarantee at least 6 wins....the easiest schedule Nebraska has had in a decade. I honestly think a new competent coach could get us to 8 wins despite staff and player turnover given how easy the schedule lines up next year. As for returning starters, we are losing a lot of guys on defense that have a lot of starts. I realize we have some good young guys too on defense, but the 2022 defense will be less experienced than the 2021 defense. Also, for an offense that has been consistently inconsistent, I don't think we should want to rely on keeping those same guys in the lineup in 2022. For the coaches being considered for LSU, the notion that they would never consider coming to Nebraska is ridiculous. First, expectations will be lower at Nebraska given how bad we have been, so there is an opportunity for them to quickly come in and get 8 or 9 wins and be a savior. Second, the BIG West is much easier to navigate and get to a CCG than the SEC West, even if Alabama were to move to the SEC East after Texas and Oklahoma get added. There is no reason Nebraska should ever finish worse than 3rd in the BIG West, and realistically we should be going toe to toe every year for the CCG with the resources and history Nebraska brings to the table.
  24. Yes and if I were a new AD I would not show my cards this early either. With that said, I do think fans and boosters alike will show their desire for change if we end up with another losing season. Perhaps Trev will not have the courage to fire his buddy still, but if ticket sales, recruiting, and wins are all struggling, he is going to feel the heat.
  25. I really think 7-5 needs to be the mark to get a 5th season as 6-6 is another year without a winning season (meaning above .500). We should not lower our expectations of a 4-year coach just because the prior 3 were so bad or because the coach was a former player. I do believe there is a reason we are struggling more with recruiting this year than the prior 3 years with Frost (currently sitting at 73 in 247 team rankings). Recruits are smart and want to play for a winning coach and program. Frost was initially able to sell recruits on being able to turn around Nebraska like he did with UCF, but his record at Nebraska shows that the 2017 UCF team was an outlier. We are doing the program a disservice if we allow recruiting to begin to suffer too. I get that some Nebraska fans are still haunted by the early dismissal of Solich, but in cases where the coaching has been poor, a change at the top can inject new hope into the program with recruits.
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