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  1. Very true indeed. I just want Nebraska to be a good team again as the first step before we can worry about being great or elite.
  2. I don't think we need "Elite" talent to finish above .500 or be close to winning our division. As the link I shared as the start of this email, we have the highest ranked roster in the BIG West when you look over the past 5 years. I know we have lost players, but all teams are losing players, so I don't agree that our talent is the reason we have not been able to win more games or finish above .500. Northwestern is ranked 11th out of 14 in terms of 5-year talent average and look at what they have been able to accomplish. https://athlonsports.com/college-football/big-ten-footbal
  3. I agree with you Ulty. I think we all had really high expectations and now many of us will be excited if we can be above .500 in year 4.
  4. We have just finished signing the latest recruiting class and our turning our attention to the next season which will be Frost's 4th year in charge. Thus far Frost and Nebraska have done a good job leading the BIG West in recruiting when you look at the past 5 seasons as a whole. Athlon rates Nebraska as having the 4th most talented roster based upon who we brought into the classes. I realize all teams are losing guys to the transfer portal, but this is a positive sign that Nebraska continues to rank at the top or near the top in recruiting. https://athlonsports.com/college-fo
  5. If this means we do not play OSU for the next six years (except of course in the CCG) then I am ok with it
  6. This will be the 6th straight year that Nebraska faces Ohio State. Is that unusual for a team to play the same team in the opposite division 6 years in a row?
  7. Rhymes with Zero...what number would that be that rhymes with zero?
  8. I agree that since it doesn't appear Lubick did much this past season it may not be a huge loss, but it also would be another change for the offense. Now if Frost can go out and get a stud OC that may bring different ideas to the able, and Frost would empower the OC to run the ship, I think this could be a potentially good thing for the program. Who are some of the best offensive minds out there that we could bring in? Here is a list of the top 25 offensive play callers as of last fall. Some are obviously head coaches but others are coordinators. https://www.saturd
  9. I am actually unsure how much influence Lubick had this past season. It sounds like Frost ran the show until the final few games where Lubick was calling the plays.
  10. It sounds like OC Lubick is looking at an FCS head coaching position. It will be interesting to see if this works out for him.
  11. It's not the only measure of a team and I have provided other stats throughout the year beyond just W-L? Here is a link to average penalties per game which addresses some of the culture and mental toughness pieces. Nebraska is ranked 93rd. https://www.teamrankings.com/college-football/stat/penalties-per-game And I also have shared trends in offensive and defensive output and scoring differential. The defense has made decent improvements from the 2017 Riley-led team while the offense has gotten worse. I don't think this is breaking news of any kind.
  12. Sorry, but there was widespread discussion with Taylor Martinez as a freshman about his poor throwing motion. It was not after his injury. As for items where the team has improved vs regressed, in looking at it from the macro perspective, it is not a net plus. The fact that you choose to give Frost a pass is your decision but it does not negate the reality that this program is sideways at best after 3 years of Frost's leadership.
  13. I disagree that Frost has improved the team each year and I think that is why many fans are frustrated with him. We have seen some steady improvements on defense yet gone backwards on offense and special teams. He inherited a team that was 19-19 in the prior 3 seasons and was under .500 the year before Frost took over. We have continued to have sub-500 seasons under Frost. The record is not actually the thing that concerns me the most. It's the culture and continuous mental mistakes we have seen in nearly every game including too many penalties, botched snaps, turnovers and poor game manage
  14. This is a good post, and while I personally think Year 4 must be the year Frost turns the program around, you may be right that he will get a 5th year. With that said, I think it's important for Frost not to just get to a .500 season in Year 4 (or 5) but we really need to be a couple games above .500. I think the bar has gotten so low with this program that some may accept .500 as a great thing when in reality that should be the floor and only happen every great once in a while.
  15. Great post. So many other top programs moved on to a new staff after 3 years of underperformance.
  16. Of course wins are not the only variable, and it does take a full team effort, but I strongly disagree with those who immediately dismiss Luke as never having potential to be a good QB. I seem to recall a freshman named Taylor Martinez who had great speed and athleticism but had a horrible passing motion. This is not saying Luke could get to a level that Taylor was able to perform, but Luke's underlying speed and athleticism are something I would have liked to see Nebraska be able to utilize in future seasons. And to my other point, both QBs stunk this year, and AM has been in the
  17. I think there is way too much rush to assume that McCaffrey cannot succeed as a QB at the collegiate level. He started 2 games and was 1-1 as a starter. AM has started many more games and struggled this past season as well and was 2-4 as the starting QB so he also failed. Do we now just wipe the slate clean and go with Smothers?
  18. Then why did Frost recruit him to play QB in the first place? Frost could have chosen someone else as the class QB.
  19. I agree our QB play has stunk the past 2 years. AM had his best year as a freshman and has regressed since then. McCaffrey was under Frost's supervision for 2 years and we did not see much production or growth. Now he started maybe 2 or 3 games this past season so it's hard to argue there was not a ceiling for improvement. Many freshman QBs have their struggles, and I believe his upside was huge. And while players bear some responsibility, we should also see year over year growth, and at the most important position on offense (QB), we have simply not seen that growth. Losing Spielman and
  20. By the attrition we are seeing on offense with so many departures, it's clear to me that the root of this program's current challenges are on the offensive side of the ball. The team can still like each other, but if the offensive players do not believe in the offensive philosophy, opportunities or staff, they are going to leave. The data shows the offense has only gotten worse since Frost's first year. Meanwhile, the defense has gotten marginally better and is way more competitive this year compared to the prior few years and its apparent to me that, with the strong passion the returning d
  21. With the loss of Spielman last year and Robinson and now McCaffrey this year, we are losing some very talented and athletic players on offense. This departure will only add fuel to the fire of many questioning the trajectory of this program. The 2021 season seems like a make or break moment for Frost, and who would have thought he would have to rely on his defense (with all the returning starters) to be the unit to potentially save his job. I honestly am not sure how he makes it through another non-winning season but stranger things have happened.
  22. I like this idea as it may free up Lubick to have more responsibility for the offense. From what we have heard Frost has been heavily involved in the offense and calling plays all three seasons here and that is not an easy task when you are also trying to manage an entire team. Give Lubick more control of the offense and see how things go in 2021.
  23. Well I think the biggest indictment of Frost's offensive system is the decline in output we have seen over the past 3 years. Losing Spielman and Robinson in back to back years is not great either. We also saw some attrition from other offensive players but that was likely due to a lack of PT. Regardless, I still stand by my statement that the defensive players seem way more stoked and passionate about their side of the ball and agree with this tweet suggesting the same.
  24. I think you are missing the point I was trying to make. With many seniors deciding to return on defense, there seems to be enthusiasm on that side of the ball. There is a feeling with these returning players that they could have a great season. That is simply not the case on offense. We have seen Mills, Jaimes, and Farniok all make the decision not to return. I may have missed some announcements but are there any senior offensive players that have decided to play an extra senior season?
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