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  1. I loved these comments from Joseph. Leaders should never play favorites.
  2. I am thinking of taking my son to the Purdue game. Does anyone know what section Nebraska fans usually sit at Purdue's stadium?
  3. The 2022 College season has already seen several head coaches fired in the first 6 weeks. Nebraska got things started with Frost, but we have also seen ASU, Colorado, GA Tech and now Wisconsin firing their head coaches. I wanted to create a thread focused on the broader movement of coaches. I know we have threads dedicated already to Nebraska's coaching search.
  4. Leipold with ties close to Madison having coached Wisconsin Whitewater with a 109-6 record. Kalen Deboer coached close to LIncoln with a 67-3 record at Sioux Falls, SD. Leipold in year 2 at a P5 school and Deboer at year 1 at a P5 school. Both Nebraska and Wisconsin have assistants on the radar to become head coaches in the near future. It's been a wild 2022 season so far.
  5. Wisconsin seemed to do just what Nebraska did in 2014 when they fired Pelini. Both guys had spent around 7 seasons at their schools and won division titles. Pelini finished 67-27 at Nebraska and Chryst finished 67-26 at Wisconsin. It will be interesting to see how Leonhard does and whether Wisconsin can turn things around quickly.
  6. I wanted to revive this old thread and get everyone's predictions for the BIG West now that we are over a month into the season. Minnesota seems to be the team to beat this year, but Illinois is also looking good under Bielema. Wisconsin and Iowa are looking weaker than usual and Purdue is a wildcard.
  7. I wanted him last year based upon his stellar resume before Washington picked him up. I am not surprised he is having early success at Washington.
  8. I am not sure there is a consensus but would say most Husker fans would take Leipold over Campbell. Here are my top candidatees of those who are actively coaching now. I am not saying any of these guys would leave their current team but they all have a good track record. 1. Kalen Deboer 2. Mark Stoops 3. Dave Aranda 4. Lane Kiffin 5. Lance Leipold
  9. Thanks. Always great to hear from the Cynic Warrior.
  10. Here is a list of active coaches with the best winning percentage. There are many good names on this list. Of those coaching more than 50 games in the top 25 list: 1. Deboer is number 1 followed by several big names. 2. Curt Cignetti is not a name I have heard much about but it appears he coached under Saban for 4 years. 3. Bryan Harsin has only been at Auburn for 2 seasons but he had a rough first year and Auburn fans seemed to want him gone. https://www.coacheshotseat.com/WinningestActiveCoachesIA.htm
  11. Yes I agree. Deboer was available to pull from Fresno last season but Trev waited too long to make a move.
  12. Kalen Deboer and Washington already up big on Stanford and appear to be on their way to a 4-0 start. All Deboer does is win.
  13. Agree. As a leader at my employer and a father it angers me to think that Frost was in a position to positively shape and mold so many young men in the program and he squandered that opportunity with poor judgment.
  14. With what we know now, Frost was a cancer on this program and he impacted all aspects of the program. The Chemo was needed after season 3 and unfortunately guys like Martinez had to endure the pain.
  15. Seeing AM have success makes us all wonder what could have been if the Nebraska players had better coaches. It is unreal that Frost was given a 5th season.
  16. It is hard to expect the QB to be mentally tough when you do not have a mentally tough head coach. I honestly believe is AM and the entire team were coached up with the right staff we would have won some of the close games.
  17. Agree. The bar is so low after Frost that nearly anyone can take over the program and show improvement.
  18. My guess is Urban would demand a few million more per year than the other 3 which would negate much of the financial advantage of Urban not having a buyout.
  19. Why? Because Trev ideally needs to hire a P5 head coach that is a proven winner. Hiring MJ at 4-4 is simply too risky given where the program has been and given MJ has never been a P5 head coach before. It may not be a fair way of evaluating Joseph but he is the interim coach and has a short window to show that he can do a better job than some of the candidates being considered.
  20. Mickey is currently 0-1 but I realize the OU game is not a fair test for his first game. I think if MJ can finish 5-3 or 6-2 he may have a shot. If it's 4-4 or worse there is not really a chance. The challenge is that Trev probably needs to make a decision before the season ends to allow a new coach time to be announced and start recruiting.
  21. Before the CFP expansion it might have made sense for Aranda to come here as being in the BIG West would provide an easier path to finishing in the top 4 CFP teams than being in the BIG 12 (or the SEC East when there was speculation about him going to LSU). However, with 12 teams making the CFP there will be 1 or 2 BIG 12 teams each year that could make it in which Baylor would have a good chance of doing.
  22. While I disagree with how Trev handled Frost's firing and waiting a season too long to do so, I actually think Trev is well positioned for whoever he hires. The program is at rock bottom this season and anybody who can show up to work will likely turn the program around and get us back to a bowl game within a couple years. Trev will get credit for any bit of momentum that comes about. We are not in 2014 where the fan base was expecting more than 9 wins a season. We are at a point where going 6-6 or 7-5 will seem exciting. And if the new coach turns it around but then stalls out at 7 wins a season, Trev could be trusted to hire another coach to improve the program further.
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