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  1. Blackshirt

    Email Notices Stopped 9 days ago

    We apologize for the issue. SMTP relay issue upstream. Has been resolved, but please keep me posted if it returns. Email: chad at huskerboard.com Thanks.
  2. These shirts were designed by us, and support the board. If you like a design, please buy one as a sign of your support for the board! **They are all available in Black or Red // Youth, Mens, Ladies & Babies // Short, Long Sleeve & Hoodies** If you have ideas for a concept please share, and if we sell at least 3 you will get a free shirt! GBR!!! Chad https://huskergear.com https://huskergear.com/
  3. UPDATE on this story... I posted this on Facebook a while back but realized I forgot to post here.. I used the money raised ($200) added some of my own and bought his family 4 tickets to the Nebraska - Iowa Game. My friend knows Aaron Graham, who also hooked him up with an autographed SI from 1997! Here's a video of him finding out about the game... Thanks again for everyone's support - it's awesome what we can do when we come together!
  4. Thanks SO much for everyone who has pitched in so far! Here's an awesome NEW story about Sebastiano you should check-out. You're more than welcome to donate directly to his parents fundraiser page, or of course through our Donorbox page which will also go directly to his family. It will be cool to present the family with a lump sum donation on behalf of everyone from the board. If we get enough, and everyone agrees, perhaps we'll offer to buy the family tickets to the Nebraska Iowa game! Thanks for paying it forward Husker Nation! Chad
  5. Hey Huskerboard family. I don't post much these days - I'm a founder of the board - and now just manage behind the scenes ops. I have a connection to a little boy in Council Bluffs named Sebastiano battling Leukemia. He's a tough little kiddo and comes from a great family. But the medical bills are piling up and they really need help. As a Dad of 2 kids I can't even begin to imagine the heartbreak of watching one of my kids go through this miserable experience. Instead of running around with friends he has to deal with the reality of excruciating pain, heartbreak, and an endless road of chemo & hospital visits ahead of him. As a family with kids you already have limited funds, but dealing with a MAJOR unexpected cost like this becomes a massive burden, completely re-arranging your available funds for things like vacation, or even going out to the movies or dinner. Here's what I'm willing to do to help Sebastiano. For the entire month of September, I will donate 100% of all donations that come through our donorbox account. (I'm also personally donating money from my own pocket). Here's Sebastiano's story on his Facebook page. You can make a donation through our Huskerboard Donorbox Page Here, and be assured that 100% of everything you give will go directly to Sebastiano's family. Thanks for doing whatever you can to help! I know Husker Nation has a huge heart, so when a close friend asked if there was anything I could do I knew exactly where I could turn. https://donorbox.org/huskerboard-fall-2017-fundraiser-keep-the-board-you-love-free Chad
  6. Coach Power'T - thanks for the interest. Please email me at chad at huskerboard dot com to discuss more.
  7. Blackshirt

    Huskerboard Fall Donation Drive

    Big thanks to all who have donated so far! It really does make a difference.
  8. Huskerboard is seeking a few motivated individuals, to help build our sponsor network with local businesses throughout Nebraska. In other words, we need help finding businesses to advertise on the board. Requirements: Located in Omaha and / or Lincoln Ambitious Sales experience Excellent communication skills Good relationship builder Compensation: 25% commissions on all new accounts, for entire 1st year of account. For example, if your sponsor advertises on the board spending $100 / month, you would earn $25 / month from that account. There is no limit on the # of accounts you can earn from. After the 1st year, your commission would be converted to a flat payout pending review of total revenue earned. Serious applicants only. Interested people can email me or post here. Chad chad@huskerboard.com
  9. That is correct jasondolbin. 100% refund (except expedited shipping if selected) if Nebraska wins. Gear for any teams, not just Nebraska. Less than 72 hours left for this promo. Still time to grab a few cool gifts or reward yourself, and then hope like hell our skers pull it out. Thanks for supporting your habit, by supporting Huskerboard by supporting our sponsors. Get yourself some: https://jackmasonbrand.com/product-category/schools/nebraska-cornhuskers/ Use code: "huskerboard".
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  11. Let's get a sense of the overall opinion going on here..
  12. Blackshirt

    Deadspin just dropped a bomb - "fu fans"

    Look, we all realize Bo likes to use the fug word, I'm sure it was mentioned a couple dozen times during his first born's baptism. I don't think it offends most ppl, and we all know coaches will be coaches and most don't love the media. Unfortunately when something flies into a deadspin with the velocity of a piece of gum from Bo's mouth, it aint slowing down anytime soon. Be prepared for this to reach all of the nooks & crannies of Husker Nation. This will become the topic of conversation for quite a while - b/c there just isn't much better to talk about right now. The result - every Husker fan on the planet will hear about this eventually. Many will shrug it off, but I have a feeling many will not. Regardless of when this was uttered or whether he said these words in the grips of intense labor pains, Bo was not intoxicated and knew exactly what he was saying. I don't see Husker fans forgetting this. Husker fans want their leader to love being a Husker as much or more than they do. And here are 2 of the things Husker fans want the very least from their humble leader: 1) A person who belittles them and doesn't respect the tradition of "the Husker fan" - considering the sellout streak no other program compares to, it's tough to question this. 2) A person who alludes to riding off on his high horse with double barrel middle fingers blazing. Not that I agree, but short of a Big 10 championship birth & very competitive game vs OSU, I don't see Mr. Bo outshining these images come judgement day at season's end. Good luck sir.
  13. Blackshirt

    2 Season Tickets for Sale - Best offer accepted on Monday

    Ok thanks guys! Your offers of .02 cents & $5 dollars are making this a tough decision. I understand you're just trying to be helpful Huskers, but just for the record here is my $5.02. Yes donations are tax deductible, but last time I checked the IRS is pretty greedy and only returns about 20% of deductions. If you're getting back $1 for $1 I'd like the name of your CPA... on second thought maybe not. You also have to realize that donations are variable. Just because the minimum shows $150 doesn't mean everyone donated the same amount. Higher contributions were made years ago to retain seats and in hopes of an upgrade. Many ppl have continued to donate a higher value for this reason. No it's not practical to expect to regain every penny of your donation amount, and that isn't the case in this situation. Remember, it was a starting price.. "or best offer". With that said, since there were no serious offers he's willing to drop the price to $1,250. Let us know if interested. Thanks.
  14. My brother is selling 2 of his season tickets for the upcoming 2013 football season. Section 32 Row 92 Seats are side by side 16 TOTAL Tickets Games: Wyomng Southern Miss UCLA South Dakota St Illinois Northwestern Michigan St Iowa Asking $1,500 for the pair OBO. This is pretty much what he paid for them with the required donation, so it's a fair price. Please email offers to fivealarmfire@hotmail.com or post in here. Includes Priority mail shipping. Best offer received by Monday August 12 will get them. Thanks.
  15. Our store just released some new shirts for TO. Pretty solid shirts.. check em out. http://www.huskernation.com/store/Search.aspx?searchTerms=Coach+Osborne+T-Shirt&submit=true