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  1. It did get old on rebirth I've changed my tune since I last logged in here. I too have noticed the hackers and aim bots alot. Treyarch is my favorite COD studio by far, and im hoping things can get better. I guess they can only go as far as Activision lets them.
  2. Warzone anyone? How do you feel about Rebirth Island?? I think I'm in the minority that still enjoys the hell out of COD. The skill based match making doesn't bother me much since it doesn't matter who I play im average. Still, hella fun.
  3. Something I've noticed here in Southern Colorado..... I help manage a liquor store right off the highway, across the street from 5 marijuana shops. Here in Colorado we have a stay at home, no out of state visitors order in place. Still, by the hundreds every day, we see license plates from all corners of this country. Mainly Texas. At what point are they going to stop the mass tourism? Is the revenue that important? I know the marijuana industry helped save our dying town, but it needs to be shut down for now because it just wont stop.
  4. Looks like the players just need to calm down a little. Dont make it too big.
  5. I can say for sure as a man with a hairy stomache, lint definitely gets trapped in the belly button.
  6. Manny Diaz has a creepy similarity to Bill Cowher in the way he talks.
  7. Havent had tv other than an antenna the last few years. YouTube seems like a good option as it supposedly has ESPN, espn2, all the locals, fs1 and fs2, and the big ten network. Is it safe to say I'll get most Husker games?
  8. Celebrating. Streaks over. On to better days. SKA brewing. Imperial IPA. boom.
  9. This game was fun. I saw 2 good teams fighting out there. We saw how good the Cornhuskers could be, and they still have a way to go. I loved seeing the defense record 7 sacks. I feel in the next few weeks there will be massive improvement.
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