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  1. I think Piper, Corcoran and Benhart could be alright. Especially Corcoran. I'm not overly concerned about him. Hixson does not have the physical tools to be a P5 player, IMO.
  2. I know Hixson has some experience there but if he's our starting C, we are f'ed.
  3. Well then, Jim Phillips is a moron
  4. I realize that room would get really crowded but if he really wanted N, I don't see any way you turn him away. I don't really think that's going to be an issue though.
  5. Agreed. I think Applewhite is an upgrade but not by much.
  6. I would agree but just going off what we've seen. Even when the blocking was there, there wasn't a whole lot to be overly impressed with.
  7. One would think this means someone might be leaving... Also, Rahmir was good, not great. Ervin was very meh, IMO. Yant could be good and showed flashes but sounds like he has a lot of non-football issues. Stepp hasn't done a whole lot. Maybe we're still be looking for "the guy".
  8. One thing that kinda bothers me about players opting out is they could just as easily get hurt at any other point in the season. Most of them are still playing in their regular season games at the end, even if they have no shot of making the playoffs. What's one more game, really?
  9. Rumor was that he had a piss poor attitude and work ethic this season. No idea if it was true but wouldn't surprise me to see him transfer
  10. I watched "Don't look up". It was decent and there was some kinda funny parts (Jonah Hill was good) but for all the hype it got, I thought it was kinda meh. Too slow for me.
  11. Yea, he's definitely a good replacement. Hopefully we continue to see the same success. Behind Fisher and who..Dawson? I agree with your last statement...which is kinda what I see with Dawson and the Davis twins. Although, Dawson has had success elsewhere.
  12. We'll see. TT was arguably our best position coach.
  13. This is a pretty huge loss. You’re an idiot if you think otherwise
  14. Yea Chin said they aren't expected back but that neither has actually made a decision. It's possible but I wouldn't count on it.
  15. I hear he's really good at kicking. Maybe he could teach our guys a thing or two.
  16. NU fans when he transferred: He'S NoT tHaT GoOd AnYwAyS
  17. Obviously there's some pretty serious smoke. Sounds like we'll hear about it this week if it's true. Really doesn't make a whole lot of sense that they'd come after us when we're so god awful and there's countless schools they could get. Not to mention the ones the did "get" that basically nothing has happened to.
  18. Ah yes, I forgot that's how it works
  19. So he'll probably come here and forgot how to kick the ball further than 30 yards
  20. Lots of speculation it's not actually health related. Who knows
  21. Agreed. Definitely need a throw first guy. At least most of the transfer portal targets seem to fit that...
  22. Rattler literally got benched because of turnovers. Is that really what we want at qb again?
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