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  1. I don't think walking on is exactly a glaring endorsement but I'm sure daddy MC can afford to pay for a year of his school
  2. Yea and winning doesn't seem to be a priority either. Maybe he just wants an easier conference outside of the obvious, Clemson.
  3. I think there's some truth to this. Reminds me a bit of Terran Petteway
  4. I think we've looked MUCH more physical under Frost than Riley. I think that credit would go mostly to Duval, right?
  5. Jameis was our best lineman during a real tough stretch but Cocoran will end up being a much better player. My expectations for next year are real low, as I've had high expectations for infinity years now and buy into the hype every year, only to see us do the same dumb s#!t, year after year. That being said, what I would like to see, is looking like we belong on the same field as majority of the teams we play. The offensive line looking much improved. Frost learning how to utilize the RB position. Adrian being able to have some consistency passing downfield. Our WR
  6. Unfortunately it feels like we've said that every year since year 1.
  7. One would think. I feel like we did a better job of actually running the offense earlier in the year, we just couldn't make shots and it's gotten progressively worse. It's like we're in full panic mode every game from start to finish now.
  8. Supposedly. Although, I don't think he's the one telling them to take the god awful shots they take. Or the one responsible for them having the general inability to put the ball in the hoop.
  9. Yea I didn't expect us to be world beaters but it really blows my mind how this team can be this bad.
  10. “If you were my son, I’d tell you to enroll somewhere else” -Lincoln Riley, probably
  11. I don't disagree. It's just awkwardly forced
  12. I bet I could find 15 tweets from players today regarding the program and the unity and brotherhood they all have. It's obviously intentional and planned but it's real awkward if you ask me.
  13. That's the rumor. I'll be pretty damn shocked if it actually happens, personally.
  14. The only playing Kade would be doing this year is at the bench warming position. There are much better WRs on the roster
  15. There's a lot of people that think the sun isn't gonna come up tomorrow with this news
  16. Interesting comments on McCaffrey
  17. Lets not say things we might regret later
  18. Musta been those toxic Riley holdouts /s
  19. Maybe if we had a Karen she could scream some sense into our manager (Frost)
  20. Yea, that's a good point. I would much rather one of the younger guys get the reps if he's truly hit his ceiling. I think Clark will be CB. Really want to see what NPG can do at safety and if he can be the player we all thought he could when he signed. The only knock on Farmer was he looked a little slow but don't have a lot to go off of.
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