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  1. The first Black Panther was pretty far down the list of Marvel movies for me. Never really got all the hype. Saw this one and it was better than I expected. Probably need to watch the first again to confirm but I think I might have actually liked this one better.
  2. I was also at that game. I've had the conversation many times if that would've changed the Frost trajectory. I'm not sure i've ever seen the stadium that hyped and the game hadn't even started. The atmosphere was there for something special to happen and then you felt the wind come completely out of the sails when they cancelled it.
  3. Really? What dumpster fire did he walk into and fix?
  4. DeBoar COULD end up being a really good coach and so far that looks to generally be the case. However, I would have a lot of concern that his success might not translate to big boy football. Winning in NAIA, MWC and PAC 12 aren't exactly screaming accomplishments. B1G and SEC are a whole different ball game.
  5. Beats some of the other scenarios I've heard
  6. God. Could Frost's qb recruiting have been any s#!ttier? How are neither Haarberg or Torres good enough to beat out a walk-on
  7. That's absolute garbage. Pull the offer. Kid probably sucks anyways.
  8. Sounds like he's just taggin along with the fam for Dayton and to see his uncle. Says he's still committed to OSU. However
  9. If only there was someone who could tell us...
  10. Pretty standard prices for a game
  11. We're gonna look so dumb when he's lighting teams up at OSU. Kid is a stud.
  12. I caught that now. Not sure why you'd be comparing an NU Martinez vs an NU Thompson, when they're both on new teams this year.
  13. Or you know, we could compare both of them this season which actually makes sense. Martinez: 86/138 (62.3%) - 900 yards - 4 TD - 0 INT - 126.7 - 6.5 YPA I'll take Thompson for $1,000, Alex
  14. I haven't gone back and read the thread, so if I missed it and that's not what you're trying to say, my bad but if you are trying to claim that Casey and Martinez are even remotely on the same playing field as passers, that is simply false.
  15. Had a horrendous fumble against OU. Hasn't been seen since...
  16. That NIL money must be coming in handy to at least get a visit. Hopefully we have a brinks truck waiting for him.
  17. Well, that would've required him to actually work and from all accounts, that seems to be pretty much the opposite of what he did.
  18. Brad Crawford sounds like an idiot. Who are these "people" that think otherwise?
  19. I mean we lost to what looks to be a pretty terrible Northwestern team, you sure about that Clark?
  20. Honestly at this point there's almost no amount of baggage that is too much if it gets us back to winning. Unless it's someone like Art Briles. I'd take Urbs in a heartbeat
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