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  1. It’s really too bad it’s not 21-16 like it should be…
  2. B1G hates us so much we have to play OSU twice!
  3. -We won like we were supposed to. Haven’t seen that in years, sadly. -Stepp is the best back -Martinez can game, when the game is going his way -The OL may have shown improvement. Hard to judge when you’re playing Rumham -CTB needs to never be our punt returner ever again The biggest and only positive thing I think I can say so far about this coaching staff is in the last two games they’ve significantly cleaned up the penalties…I think we had 2 today? I realize what happened agains Illinois but about half of our penalties last week were bs. We’re not seeing the constant false starts, etc that we’ve pretty much become numb to *knocks on tree stump*
  4. Wandale having a day for UK

  5. No shot in hell he even sniffs that NC without Cam
  6. At this point I'd probably take that. Considering the last 20 years were basically:
  7. Hopefully Pieper can get better but he's just not very good at this point. Most of the pressures came from the left side of the line...
  8. Ohio state just had a game changing roughing the passer penalty called on an int…sound familiar?
  9. Like I said, no offense to the kid but he had 2 receptions for 13 yards. There is no way he’s better than Betts or Manning (other than maybe blocking).
  10. No kidding. Not to mention, if you watched the Texan's games, he made some AWFUL coaching decisions. I really don't think he's a good coach, personally. Talent covered up a lot.
  11. Maybe the coaches will play the players with the most talent because it's Fordham so the backups will play. No offense to the kid but I hope to never see Wyatt Liewer starting, ever again. Show me Betts, Sevy, more than one drive with Stepp, etc.
  12. Maybe Bob Stoops will leave the XFL. Side note - Marvin Sanders is his CBs coach. He should bring him with.
  13. Where was Jojo Domann on Saturday?  One tackle and that's it?

    1. Decoy73


      I read they schemed away from him.  Good coaches get paid hundreds of dollars to do stuff like that.

    2. RedSavage


      Can we pay a good coach hundreds to do that?  I figured they did but good enough players usually still find a way to make some plays. 



  14. It's a good thing playing in Ireland was cancelled
  15. So what he's saying is, he's not a good enough coach to know how to make adjustments based on what the other team is doing. At least it's true: the second the coaches aren't prepared for what the other team is throwing at us, the team falls apart.
  16. I mean I agree, there are plenty of fingers to be pointed at the coaches. However, I also saw the same mistakes from a 4 year starter that I've seen for 3 years. Same s#!t, different game.
  17. How many times has he missed throws almost exactly like that during his time here? He is who he is at this point.
  18. Or really anyone’s for that matter. Their offense is worthless
  19. This seems like quite the stretch. If Frost gets fired, it will have nothing to do with this. It's also unlikely that it will void his contract.
  20. I must've had a different experience than some of you at Garth. Sure the lines sucked waiting for beer (and them running out) but that was about the worst part. I didn't see any fights or have any issues. Had a blast.
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