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  1. Yes. It’s tiresome watching things for entertainment and for instance, there has to be a gay couple, that literally serve no purpose and actually in fact detract from the movie/show but HAVE to be in there bc god forbid they weren’t included in something. That would be true hatred.
  2. You said "not just done for the lulz or gay innuendos or jokes". There are numerous shows/movies where they just have to have a gay couple, regardless of if it supports the plotline and is certainly not for laughs. Same with having a person of color, etc. I have no problem with any of those things but please have it serve a purpose to the plot. Often times it does not, it just gets interjected into there bc that's the "woke af" society we live in.
  3. Wut That's a very large percentage of shows and movies now a days. It's actually way overdone IMO. I'm fine with some of it but not every damn show/movie has to be woke af, often times at the expense of the storyline.
  4. Who pissed in this CO fans cheerios this morning? I suppose I'd lash out too if my team looked like they haven't even graduated high school.
  5. I have one of these but haven't got around to grinding it down and re-seasoning it yet for the year (it's got some rust and such needing cleaned off). Once I do, the first thing I want to try is Hibachi
  6. But probably just as good and still pretty funny the whole way through
  7. This is a good thing. Maybe now we can go get a real big.
  8. Started watching Mayor of Kingstown in the last couple weeks. I'm 3 episodes in so far but enjoying it thus far. Essentially, it's about Jeremy Renner (main character) running the town through the prison system. Pretty intense at times.
  9. Would you say you're....waisting away? I'll show myself out
  10. Yea. The family has pretty much said as much
  11. It was not at all what I expected and it was definitely...interesting but worth the watch none the less, IMO.
  12. All the potential in the world. He’s a monster. However, he’s had some mental and injury problems that have really held him back. Sounds a bit like Omar manning 2.0 so we’ll have to see if he can get past his issues
  13. But...He'S NoT ThAt GoOd. JuSt NeBrAsKa BoY tHaT tRy HaRd
  14. I’ve never said this about a recruit but…I wish him the worst.
  15. Bummer, think he’s a good one. There’s some speculation that he has some personal stuff going on causing him to want to be closer to home.
  16. tOSU just had a different qb commit and the rumor is the Raiola fam loves Rhule
  17. Which in this day and age with replay and all that, is really, really dumb. That stuff should all be reviewable, especially when it potentially changes the outcome of the game like that call likely did. I think we score there, take the lead by 1 and probably hold them off to win without the foul.
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