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  1. KUfaninNebraska

    Pet Peeves

    Check out charity
  2. KUfaninNebraska

    Pet Peeves

  3. KUfaninNebraska

    Pet Peeves

    People who break the law and expect privacy in a small town.
  4. Moved everything outta of my basement

    1. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      It's a mess up here in north east Nebraska, water everywhere!

    2. teachercd


      I live, for the most part, at the very top of my block, so I hope that keeps it dry.

  5. Waiting for it to get dark so the big kids can set off their fireworks

  6. Birth: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer by gene Autry 14th There I've said it Again Bobby Vinton
  7. KUfaninNebraska

    National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

    Only the swing states get a say. Trump is president because he got 75K+ more votes in the right states. GWB won in 2000 by I think 500+ votes in Florida.
  8. KUfaninNebraska

    What did we learn? - Iowa

    I learned I didn't miss much. We took advantage of the weather and went fishing. My Hawkeye fan stepson kept us aware of the score. He only went because someone gave away their tickets for free and his prior plans fell through.
  9. KUfaninNebraska

    What did we learn?....Penn State

    Next Friday will the end of an error
  10. KUfaninNebraska


    When my children were small, my ex and I would do all the decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving. My current wife and I do don't much in terms of decorating. We put up a christmas tree for my great-grandkids. Last year we bought the star showers thing. My least favorite part is having to rearrange my living room
  11. KUfaninNebraska


    Christmas/Thanksgiving- food and family 4th of July- food, family, fireworks New Years- my birthday. go to the casino ,eat and gamble.
  12. KUfaninNebraska

    How will you spend your bye week Saturday?

    Dog sitting. My daughter's step-son just got out of hospital after spending three months in ICU, so they went to see him.
  13. KUfaninNebraska

    Nebraska Home Night Streak

    Braxton Miller
  14. Dog sitting all week

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    2. HuskerNBigD


      Sounds like a real bitch

    3. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      "dog sitting". Seems so odd. Around here we let them run. If they go somewhere they shouldn't they get shot.

    4. KUfaninNebraska


      It's step-sons dog. He has a funeral in Oregon to go to

  15. Watching people's lives fall apart one status update at a time