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  1. Trey Palmer is wasting himself......there is more than one reason why he left LSU. Always keep that in mind...........!
  2. If we lose some players to the portal, we won't be missing much. Palmer, Grant, or whomever. Palmer underperforms game in and game out. Palmer is a tuxedo player. Makes the spectacular, but can not make the 5 or 8 yard plays that this team really needs to keep things going. Yes, the next coach will have his hands full. Sure, Mickey had a stacked deck against him, but is, was he really an actual candidate? Michigan today could do what ever they wanted. They toyed with us the whole game. Throwing bombs down field and then just running Corum twice for a first down.........we are not a good football team. We lack talent so obviously when we play the best of the best in conference. We are so consumed with Iowa, MInny, and or Wisky talent, thinking we match them on paper, but we are miles away from elite Big 10. I am not sure who can fix this mess right now. Honestly, this will take a few years for a good coach to straighten out. A good coach, not a first timer or whatever. This is going to be a man-up coaching hire. Whomever will have to check their manhood and roll up there sleeves and get to work. Thank you Harbaugh for running the ball, burning 6 minutes plus on most possessions or this could have been a beating.
  3. Whipple may be the reason why Frost got fired as well.........the Northwestern game should have been a win if we just run the ball more, Georgia Southern would have been a win if we just ran the ball, and maybe now the Minny game would have been a win if we just ran the ball. Yes I believe Whipple cost this team a chance to go bowling this season, and should have been fired with Frost after the Georgia South game.
  4. Have you ever considered we played 10 yards back because we don't have enough team speed on D to stop the deep ball? The reason Chinander played that way was because he did not trust our secondary. Minny last week got every deep throw they wanted against our DB's and Safety's. Minny! We are not talking about the Ohio STate Buckeyes Wr core. This all adds up to why this job right now is a huge rebuild. We need better players on both sides of the ball. We need better O-lines and D-lines to help out our backend players. Curious, but has our Defensive numbers improved since the Georgia Southern game? Where are we ranked in points allowed? Yards allowed? Passing Yards allowed? Rushing Yards? I don't know and have not looked, but lets assume our numbers have not improved with Busch. Lets assume that maybe they are worse. WE all think they look better on Defense, but are they?
  5. The funny thing is that OU and Texas could have had it all by staying put along with USC. I actually think conferences other than SEC and Big10 will do well. SEC will get 3 or 4 teams in each year, but I think Big 10 will have a chance at 2 or 3. That leaves some spots for the other conferences. I thought all along that there should have been some wording about all conference champions get an automatic playoff spot, but that would be to easy. This will work out for schools that play in a weaker division like the Big 10 West and have a few losses(3) if they would beat Ohio St, should be a lock to be a playoff team. I think those conference title games should be automatic playoff contenders.
  6. Lets see how Chadwell does without his QB. His system reminds of Frostys and we now know that does not work in the Big 10. No versions of it will work. Power football is the key to winning the West or what ever pod or quadrant we play in. Offense is the least of my concerns going forward actually. We need to become an elite Big 10 defense. We need to play a style on offense that we can recruit too. If we can not get speedy receivers, then throw out the Frosty like schemes. Leipold is a good choice for me, but I don't know what his intentions are right now as well. With the playoffs in college ball changing to 12 team format, this lets the other conferences at least have a chance to have a special season and lock up a spot. ACC, Pac 12, Big 12, and Notre Dame will have at least a chance to send teams into this playoff. Right now with SEC dominance, and Ohio ST/Michigan winner, its really cut and dried who gets in. Lincoln Riley thought he was going to Pac 12 to have that, but they decided they wanted to butt head with Ohio ST and Michigan. All I am saying is, coaches who coach in P-5 level jobs that are having some success might not want to join a conference where the odds are stacked for contending for a title on most years. Big 10 is going that direction. Ohio St and MIchigan are in control, adding USC and UCLA will make those two better along with themselves. Where does this leave schools like Penn St, Wisky and Nebraska?
  7. Deion would be a splash hire, but that would be it. He is waiting for Florida St to come open. If I were him, thats the job I would wait for. He will have FSU in the top 15 in one season. Recruiting is much easier when you can step out your back door and pick up 30 players who can run sub 4.4.
  8. Can we pull of Michigan St 2.0 in portal transfers no matter who the next coach is? This will be key in how fast we can get to 6-7 wins next season. Our current roster is not good enough at this moment to win more than 4-5 games next season. WE need O-line and D-line impact players for next season. Unfortunately, most college teams will need these areas filled as well. So of all the coaches on the list, who can carry the biggest impact as far as getting portal players? Rhule? Leipold? Campbell? Monken? Patterson? I think we can rule out Patterson. I think we can rule out Monken. That leaves the other three, in which, Leipold actually has done well with the portal. Rhule has not had that much experience and I don't know the level to which Campbell has used the portal.
  9. We have had these resources for decades now, and we still have not done anything with several coaches for 20 years. The whole resources issue is mispoken in my opinion. The biggest resource a program can have or get is players. We are not getting those on campus. So, I do agree that we do have resources, but we have had these resources and not gotten it done. My question is how does this change with this hire? Other than Urban Meyer, I don't see a name that would draw elite talent to Lincoln.
  10. We have a talent development issue, which leads to a talent issue. We have rankings that suggest we have like talent compared to other schools, but we do not have developed talent. We will learn a lot about things when we play Colorado next season. Both teams will have new HC and staff. We will know right away if we are going in the right direction. Colorado is maybe one of the worst P-5 schools I have watched play football in the last 10 years. They have no talent. I think we are 3 season away from having a 7-5 season or better. We might get 6-6 right away, but I don't know for sure. We need more players developed, and that just doesn't happen in one off season. Portal will be huge, but we are competing against every other school for the same types of players.
  11. If Mickey is retained, I think we won't lose too many. If perhaps someone who doesn't carry much cache is hired, we lose a bunch. Hate to say this but I think Mickey needs to be retained for at least one season in order to keep things moving forward. Whether thats as an assistant or head. Odds of him staying around if not named HC are slim at best, but thats the ultimate best case scenario.
  12. Who ever had the Deboer analogy, could use the same for Lance Leipold. If you can build programs, you can build programs, RIGHT! Not saying I want Leipold, but every arguement for and against any coach, on anyone's list can be reversed or made to make some sense in some way or another. I like Troy Calhoun some because he would make this running game almost unstoppable. He would beat most non-con teams and the likes of Minny, Purdue, Indiana, Rutgers, Michigan ST, Maryland and Iowa. Those would be wins. We would have to recruit elite talent and then start competing against Penn ST, Ohio ST and Michigan.
  13. Why hasn't the name Willie Fritz been thrown out there for conversation? WE have named about every coach that has done something in the last 10 years, but him?
  14. OK- Who do think are not going to be candidates at this point. I think we can take Aranda, Urbs, Kiffin, and Deion off those lists of desirable hires. This would leave who: Rhule, Campbell, Leipold, and BOB? Maybe Patterson, Monken, or -_______ fill in the blank. This honestly looks like this could be Mickey's job to lose at this point..........unless I am missing someone?
  15. Lets see, Aranda not coming here, Joe Brady won't more than likely be our OC......so who would join Coach O on his staff at Nebraska? Mickey is not a coordinator............Eddie O is done with coaching. He just got a $15 mill payout and was happy about it..............happy to leave LSU.
  16. I have watched Palmer all season pout after he doesn't catch a ball or the QB throws away from him......etc. The guy is a playmaker, but he is also selfish. He is not a team first player, and that one catch he should have made earlier in the game that he alligator armed, and still got tatooed, showed that. That was a key 3rd down play as well. The 4th down play just summed up his play and why he came to Nebraska.
  17. Minnesota is a better program right now. They are bowl eligible( AGAIN) They also had a backup QB. They have a RB who just blew his achilles last season..........who was maybe the best player on the field.................we have talent issues. It is very frustrating that we are where we are. It is very sad that we have no identity. I lost alot of confidence in Mickey today. I am afraid that he is not head coach material. If you know that we should be running the ball more, and you think that we waited to long to change QB's today, your not cut out for this gig. Those are instinct based moves and moves that a Head coach has to make in a timely manner. I was looking at recruiting this week, and really Mickey has done a fine job, but I don't know if some of those recruits are difference makers right now. I would take a chance on a bigger name and more experience coach right now.
  18. I think alot of people are now realizing that we lack talent. I think that most are realizing that we gave 4 years plus to Frost who evidently didn't recruit and try to recruit viable talent. We are realizing that our chances at a splash hire might not happen. I think that this season is proving to us where we stand at as far as being a power program in the current state of college football. Yeah, there is a lot to be pissed about right now, I think anyway!
  19. Often I think that we don't want to play in a bowl game. We can't coach or play a game that makes sense. We run for 80 yards in one quarter, and give up on it. Again, here we sit, losing yet one more game to a West div team. I learned that our chance to hire a good coach is feeling like its dwindling. We continue to look so bad on both sides of the ball when it matters and when it counts. We are not a 2nd half team or a 4th quarter team.
  20. We play in the worst division in college football. We are at the bottom of the that division and we keep finding ways to lose to teams in this division. Tell me again what anyone see's that would make one believe we can improve with this current roster? We beat Indiana and Rutgers, who are in the East. We still have not beaten a West Div team yet this season. This team needs two season and off seasons of work outs to truly get better. We need to get stronger, bigger and faster. We are losing Big 10 games because teams can just power the ball down the field when ever they feel like it. We can not run the ball well enough and we can not stop the run good enough to stop anyone. The next coach, whomever, has there hands full. Rhule won't take this job, Deion will not take this job, BOB won't take the job, and these guys don't want that much work. I think this hire will shine a light on where we stand at as far as a power program.
  21. NO one is leaving Baylor for this mess, no one is going to coach here right now while making $10 mill to do nothing. Been watching this unfold for the last 5 years? This roster is not good enough to win the west currently. WE lack in all areas as a program right now. If you are a coach with a bright future, why come here right now? Honestly? We don't have alot to work with in many areas of this program. If we don't keep Mickey in some capacity, we lose most of our recruits for next season. I think we have a mess here right now, and by letting MIckey keep on the recruiting trail, its making things worse on everyone. This leads me to think that Mickey almost has to be the next coach. Otherwise, we have a huge mess on our hands. Thats what I think.
  22. Just because we change coaches, that will not fix this team and its issues right away. We are deficient in talent, we are lacking depth, we are lacking fundamentals, and we are lacking strength and conditioning. So all I am saying is this team needs alot, this program needs alot of things to be successful in the future. We need the coach and staff to bring in some swagger, teach fundamentals, and get back our strength and conditioning. Not to mention, we have got to get better recruits, and build them into great players. In other words the coach that is hired has a tough job to do and its not going to be easy for the first two years. We need to build our lines from the portal and recruit better players to skill positions. Today, I watched a WR not leave it all on the field, and that was the story of this whole team this season. No matter who was or is coaching this team, these players don't all sell out on each and every play for themselves or there teammates. That WR who didnt get it done today, is our best player. When your best player is not willing to leave it all on the field, the rest of your team will not either. He can go back to LSU.
  23. Whipple is my biggest issue going forward. Don't care if our starting QB is out, don't care that our backups are not passers. Fix the offense so your Qb's can compete. Coach the players you have to their ability level, not your scheme's level. This game again, put another nail in Mickey's coffin. I don't think he is the man, but still think it is unfair to totally blame him for this lack of production. In inherited a mess and is doing what he can with it. The little things that I don't like are fixable, but that haven't been fixed yet. Not running Grant more, not playing Smothers more, stop just eyeballing Palmer down the field on pass plays, O-line still not blocking, and we had a 10 point lead. We still play terrible football and had a 10 point lead...........This shows how pathetic the Big 10 west actually is this season............
  24. My question would be what is more important: OC or DC? I think we need to have a good OC, and good offensive scheme. Defenses are now all 3 down and either a bunch of corners or nickel like players. The game has changed enough in that capacity that we just need 3 or 4 really good D-line players to get pressure on the QB and that seems to work out well. Regardless of what we think, we all know that if we don't get better O-line play, it won't matter what or who is OC.
  25. I can back Mickey. I think he would bring in a good staff. He can recruit. He knows the type of athletes to recruit to have success. He learned and watched alot during his time with LSU. That team was a great offensive team with some great talent, talent that he helped bring in. If any of this has legs................
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