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  1. When you all are describing Bert at Illinois, you are also describing Aranda at Baylor. That concept works then for both in both ways. At this point, I think that we are now falling down the list of best job available list. Truthfully. We are not that job anymore and with Wisky and Auburn out there, and the recent success they have had, we are not in that tier. WE are better than most jobs out there right now, but if we don't make a move before the end of the season, we might be in lower tier of available jobs. This is my concern at this moment.
  2. At one time Auburn was a good to really good job. Since Saban, its really tough. I would take a shot at it, especially knowing that someday Saban willl retire. Once Saban retires the SEC will be wide open for schools like Texas and OU as well. Right now its not a better job, and also not a worse job. They are more relevant in recent history, but not much more than that.
  3. Question for everyone. Do we have top 35 talent on this roster? Have you seen anything on the field that would tell you that we do? I will tell you that our linebackers are not top 100 talent. I will also tell you that our lines on both sides are not top tiered talent. They are in position to make plays and just don't-whiff or just can't make the play. That is talent. That is want too as well. Our talent level is not real high at this point. The right coach for this job needs to have some solid reputation on transfers and will need to be a solid recruiter/developer. I think we have pieces, but those pieces are not good enough to win against better talented teams like Illinois has right now. The sad thing about all of this is Illinois is still a notch below MIchigan and Ohio ST. So that tells me that we are 2 to 3 notches below. We do have talent, but its not on the most important parts of a team. Developing talent has been our real issue.
  4. I truly don't know if anyone wants or would take this job outside of a former Husker. Realistically. We put Mickey in a position that he is coaching players he didn't recruit. He is being asked to coach with coaches he might not want to have as coaches, and we think this now is all on Mickey all of a sudden is amazingly very Husker like. I will point out a few things: Aranda now has his own recruits and is not going to win 11 games this season. Kiffin: loses his coordinators every other season. If not Urban, then your stuck with Mickey at this point. I like Leipold, but I don't know even if he would take this job right now. I think KU has more developed talent on its roster currently. Kleiman is a great coach, and again his roster is better with more developed players. If we could get a tried and true all timer in here, lets go get him (Urban) (Stoops) are those guys. Next level coaches are many, many, too many to even start comparing resumes. Napier was this hot candiadate a few years ago, and with the talent he inherited, is struggling to win. Just showing that these hot coaches are not always the best fits for some places.
  5. Bielema won't come here, he had this job once when he was at Arkansas and that lasted 5 seasons and wasn't good enough for that fanbase. Iowa is Bert's next job, thats his alma mater.
  6. Really our program is prestigous, but our fanbase is viewed as ridiculous, spoiled, and just rotten to some extent. We get a coach here who can win 8 games for a few years, then we will want more and fire him. Why would anyone want this gig? This gig is not pleasant. We don't have golf course open year around, no beaches. You just have football, and most coaches families don't want that. This job is for a special person who either reveres this job as elite or is a former Husker. Yes the program is huge in some ways yet, in other ways were far behind others. We have to have that special coach right now to turn things.
  7. Yes, the Tradition and History is great for us fans, but really current recruits and the nation overall, doesn't care about that anymore. We fired Solich and lost all of that. To this day, Steve Pedersen is the blame for this messing situation. Then we fired Pelini when he was at least getting us some relevance. Now we have none. How freaking hard is it to hire someone who can win the West Division? I am still slightly rooting for Mickey, but only if he gets rid of Whipple and some other pieces. Truthfully, if we can't get Urban Meyer, I don't know who else really can make a huge difference. I will pose this question once again? If we end up with Mick, does that really mean that we struck out with others? I think that is more the story right now. By the way, Baylor and Aranda is 4-3 this season, with now most of Aranda's recruits, not Rhules. Let that soak in some. Aranda might want to leave before that record next season is 3-4 or worse at this point.
  8. Casey is part of this team and its issues. Whipple and this coaching staff didn't have Purdy ready is part of the problem and the other part is it won't matter much with an Oline that is as bad as ours. Palmer today was a big baby at times as well. When he doesn't get the ball, you can litterally see him pouting as he is running off the field. That would be the reason why he left LSU, not just for Mickey. He is a cancer. Bad attitude. I think we have far too many cancerous players on this roster at the moment. The next coach will need to evaluate this mess and weed out this roster in quick manner. I think today was the first time since Mickey became interim that this team looked like it was done. I think some of that was Illinois beating us at every facet of the game, but not all of it. We won't win another game now until Iowa. Not sure about Iowa game either right now. We will truly see if Mickey has the pulse of this team going into next week.
  9. Bielema is a good program builder, but he is really Pelini 2.0 as far as having true success. Yes he won some Big 10 titles, but he did that when Michigan wasn't playing Michigan football and Ohio St when they were not what they are now. Is this team better than those two? NO.. Are they better than Penn St? 50/50 on that one. Is Illinois better than most of the west right now, sure. Like I have said a few times, this west division is the worst I have seen in many years. Quality football not a requirement to win. Now, is Bielema better than Pelini, yes, but is he really the guy who can win 9--10 games a year? I don't know about that. I will not say that after this season when Wisky is not good, Minny is not very good, Iowa sucks, Northwestern is really bad. Bielema is actually a beneficiary of coaching in the BIg 10 when some of its power players are not doing so. This season Wisky is down and Iowa is not very good. Just not impressed with Illinois enough to think he is the man right now. If Illinois wins the west this season and beats MIchigan or Ohio ST along the way then I might think differently. So far the wins this season are not juggernaut wins.
  10. I think we have 4 games remaining after today. I would play every player in the program the rest of the way and see what is on the bench, on this roster. I would also strip Whipple of any play calling. NO MORE! Finish this season off in reboot mode. Find out whats really on this roster and either have players going forward who are good enough or have players leave who are not Big 10 material. We just plainly don't have, and have not had a Big 10 roster yet since joining. We haven't. We haven't developed those players at least, but I haven't seen too many players on our roster now for years that WOW me.
  11. Mickey inherited this mess. By no means is Mickey not accountable for some of this, but overall, this is on the program right now more than the coaching staff overall. Realistically we may never know if Mickey is HC material. What we do know if that Mickey can recruit better athletes than what we have right now. Whipple is awful. I don't know if Raiola is any better, but Mickey is the least of this teams issues right now.
  12. This game is on Whipple, once again. In our losses this season, he is mostly the reason why. He is a terrible play caller. I don't care how bad our line play is, run the ball, use the backs more, anything but this horsesa$$ offense scheme.
  13. I am not an Aranda fan because he hasn't done the dirty work at a program to get things rolling. He inherited a good situation at Baylor. Texas is much easier to recruit in than any other state. They have talent hanging on trees, just pluck yours. I don't like any of these so called candidates. Being honest. None of them wow me. Everyone last year wanted Napier, he isn't winning at Florida yet, and they have talent galore. Deboer isn't setting any Pac 12 records at Washington in his first year.......alll of these so called can't miss hires from a year ago haven't done alot yet either. I think Florida is a culture issue and Napier might get things going in a few seasons, but wasn't an easy fix like so many thought it would be. All I am saying is other than Urban, the rest are all likely the same coach with different spellings. Don't see much difference between any of them. Mickey in my opinion will out recruit alot of those names on this list. Mickey will develop a different staff going forward. He will have a different O-coord, he will likely get a co-defensive cooridnator along with Busch. Honestly just don't see any name that says he's our can't miss guy. I like all of the names to a degree. Leipold, Klieman, Aranda, and Rhule. But please, no Fleck. I could live with Bilemia even.
  14. Yep, we might not win another game this season. Wisky is not a bad football team when they show up to play. Iowa is the best chance to win one from where I am sitting at. OConnell is who we alll thought he was. Just an average Big 10 west QB.
  15. He didn't inherit KU. Your comparing apples to oranges.
  16. It just stuns me to think that we brag about our resources and money yet taking a coach like Leipold is beneath us? Anyone who can win 5 games at KU in the 2nd season, is doing something right. I watch them play, they are undertalented, they are overmatched on Defense most weeks, and still they compete. We could do worse than him as our next head coach, thats for sure.
  17. Know what your talking about if your going to post. Leipold has now been at Kansas for 1 1/2 seasons. Took over the program after recruiting was wrapped in his first season. He has now recruited one class of his players to KU. KU won like 4 games in the last 6 seasons before him. Not saying that I want him as our head coach, but to think that we win 5 games in a row with our talent and coaching staffs we have had in the last 10 years, YEAH, I would take Leipold. One year of recruiting, and now has won 5 gams already. We might not win 5 games against the worst Power 5 football conference in the nation this season.
  18. The Big 10 West and some of the the Big 10 east football teams are just plain awful. Awful! This is not parity, its just plain bad football. USC and UCLA will come into this conference and will be in the top 4 teams in this conference. No doubt! Talent is not there in this conference. Does Wisky still have a chance to win the west? Its up for grabs. I hope we beat Illini next week and really muck up this conference.
  19. Casey is a very decent QB. He does hold onto the ball too long sometimes, but my biggest complaint is his lack of interest in scrambling for a few yards when things break down fast. I know this was a knock on Adrian, but I think we see now why he bailed so fast. I don't want to see CAsey become that, but sometimes get out of there and run for a few positive yards. Thats really my biggest knock on him. The thing is we really only have one WR who I think can get open. The other receivers either don't run the routes right or they take to long to develop. I sure like the slants that Purdue uses. We need more plays like that.
  20. Although we like to think the Big 10 is by far more superior in football to the Big 12, I don't see much difference in the two honestly. Seriously, would you consider Ohio St more like Big 10 football or Big 12? This narrative drives me crazy all the time. SEC is the best conference, and I would say all the rest have some quality teams at the top and have crappy teams in the bottom. This season, for sure, I would really give the nod to Big 12 in having more good teams top to bottom. I think Ohio St is the better team in both but in all reality, I don't see this conference thing as being Big 10 superior to anyone right now. SEC is still the king, and I don't like that either, but its real.
  21. Mathis is not what he was billed as. Some of that is scheme and some of that is him. I watch him alot, and he is usually standing and watching. Once he fails at getting too the QB, he just stops. Not a big fan. Like I said, could be some to do with scheme. Our blitz packages all take the wrong angles and or just are too slow at getting there. Is that athletes or is that just scheme?
  22. Again, everyone misses the point with ARanda. He inherited a well oiled and tooled machine with Baylor. Rhule spent the time and hard work doing the rebuilding. Your hiring Callahan all over again. Callahan led the Oakland Raiders to the Super Bowl with Jon Gruden players and same offensive scheme. The true guy in that equation was Gruden. I understand the hype for Aranda, but he has not proven to me to be a guy who can rebuild a program or shape one into what he wants. He has taken a good product and not let it slide downhill yet. West Virginia just beat them, so I don't know what his value is right now. Its much easier to take over and manage a product that is already selling well. Can Aranda come here and build this into a power? Does he want to come here and do that hard work? Many don't, and many haven't if recent years should tell us something.
  23. Lets stop with using the 2019 LSU TIgers in any coach speak. Joe Brady? Dave Aranda? Come on. These guys all road the coattails of one of the best college teams(offensively) ever. Who wouldn't have success with that team on either side of the ball. They were also a one hit wonder.
  24. Illinois has sucked at football for along time. That why Chicago kids chose to leave the state. When you start winning some games, you get some of those players to stay and play for the in-state team. I am not saying that they will get all of those kids, but if they get 4 or 5 difference makers, its all they need. Again, I like Brett as a coach, I think he is tough and gets his kids to play above what they should. I don't think he leaves that job for us right now. If he leaves for any other BIg 10 job, its going to be Iowa, his alma mater.
  25. I learned that I am not a huge Whipple fan. We run routes with our WR's that take forever for them to get open. Sure, Palmer had some great plays tonight on go routes, but most of the time we are running deep crosses and just can't get the time for those plays to develop. Purdue has slow Wr's and just keep busting us with slants all night. One on one plays. I think we give up on Grant and Yant way to easy. I don't think that Casey does a good job of running the zone read. Tonight he actually kept the ball and gained 6 easy yards. That is there alot of the time. He doesn't have to keep it often, just keep the D honest from time to time. I think our Defense has moments where they look better, but right now we are a mash unit. I learned once again that our talent level across the board is not up to the level of most Big 10 schools. We have some really nice pieces, and good enough talent to compete, but not enough difference makers across the board on both sides of the ball. I liked Hill returning kicks, he looks natural at that. No more Martin on punt returns, put in Hill.
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