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  1. That first down was huge, now lets get another one, and another!
  2. Our O-line really can't do much..........We just need 4 yards a run and this game is over......
  3. Look at this D..........they get the game ball as of right now. Now Whip has to run the clock, run the damn ball time
  4. I might be frustrated with the game tonight, but our kids have not given up or thrown in the towel like last years would have.......Mickey and Busch are doing something right............
  5. Now, can our D keep up its play? I think it can, Rutgers really is worse than us, on Offense!
  6. Whipps has called an awful game, but that call was NFL quality. Go for the big one!
  7. Best play call of the night for WHipple!
  8. thank god there QB play is worse than ours
  9. I guess face the facts, we just don't have a good part to this team we can depend on. NO offense, NO special teams, and our defense is holding us together for now.........for now!
  10. Worst punt of the year, at the worst possible time, imagine that!
  11. I am not impressed with Casey tonight either. We brought in Chubba now two games in a row near the goaline, but don't really give him a chance to do anything. I think with a mobile QB this game would have been over two possessions ago.
  12. Whipple has complicated this game from the start tonight. Keep running and throwing those short passes. Can't help himself from downfield passing.
  13. I agree. 4th and 1 run the ball either Yant or Grant. This game is going to cost Mickey any chance he might have had to be the man. Mickey knows better than to allow a pass on 4th and short............A head coach takes control in that situation.
  14. With the Wisky job coming open, this plays a bigger part in our coach search. Will they stick with Leanard or will they go get Aranda? How many more jobs are coming open soon? Texas A@M? n I think we have a narrower window with those supposed Power 5 level coaches when more P-5 jobs keep coming open. That Texas A@M gig would make most coaches salivate having the #1 recruiting class and others. I am not knocking Nebraska's job, but saying that I think Wisky is on even grounds, and I think that A@M is above. How many other jobs will come open that are even to us and that are above us is the question going forward.
  15. Don't want to rain on the parade, but wasn't Indiana missing like the best two weapons on offense last night? They don't have an explosive offense anyway, but missing two key receivers will make a huge difference in how this game was played. We won, kudos to Mickey for getting some things figured out that were pretty darn simple. Like lining up right......tackling......taking what the defense is giving us on O............ My biggest concern going forward is our O-line, followed by our D line. WE looked so much better last night, but Indiana is hardly a juggernaut on offense. They are fast paced, and average like 4 yards per play. With that being said, other than Ohio ST, I think the Big 10 is very weak and i think most games will be winable from here out.
  16. I really wish this team didnt play next Friday at Rutgers. This will be a short week, but a really good week for the program for a change.. If we win on Friday in Rutgers, we will have some momentum!
  17. In other news, Big Ten football this season is a mess. If not for Michigan, Ohio St and Penn ST, this conference would be a joke right now. Wisky is the next job opening...........
  18. All Whipple is doing is auditioning for another job next season some where else. That is all this is about.
  19. Whipple is not calling a very smart game. Now it appears the Casey is hurt because Whipple can not stop himself from chucking the ball all over the field. Terrible play calling. Run the damn ball at let your D rest for a few seconds at least!
  20. The offense lets down this team as much as the defense does.
  21. I will ask ths " If Frost would have made a bowl game (6-6) would he have been retained? I think the same question could be asked of Mickey, Maybe? I would like to assume that with a bowl game, Mickey would at least have serious consideration. But it also depends on how that looks. Is that 5 wins against Purdue, Indiana, Illinois, and Rutgers? Or is that wins against Wisky, Iowa, Minny and Michigan and one of the others? I can see a scenario where we keep getting better but don't win games against worse team early on, and beat the heavy hitters on our back end of the schedule. I guess if your a Mickey fan your wanting us to beat Iowa and Wisky for sure and winning against the weaker competition along the way. I don't know what teams are good and which are truly awful at this point........I thought Wisky was better than what they have shown, I thought Rutgers was better.....Now I think that the west will come down to Iowa and MInny
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