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  1. Bad Example, but also a good one. NO the 5 wide might be a stretch, but these offenses are designed to out quick and out run based on hard lined cuts and misdirection thru speed. All of these offenses are spread and speed option teams. Ever ran on a frozen field and tried to cutt back hard or slash? Slip and fall. Ball in the air is much more like a rock than an aired up piece of pigskin in the winter. Just saying, power run teams who can play defense and control the game win more often than not. Speed option, spread teams aren't consistent enough when the games get slowed down and when they are physically getting overpowered for a whole game.
  2. SEC- has won the last several NC titles with power run games and defense. The sexy offenses haven't. Playing in the midwest near the Great lakes regions I don't think the 5 wideouts and spread offense would ever fly for a whole season. We need to win the Big Ten title before we ever get any where close to playing for a National title.
  3. Hey everyone, Alabama, Auburn, LSU have won the past few NC's, not these sexy high scoring teams with no defense and no really evidence of playing a smash mouth game in the trenches. Football games are still won by being the more physical team who can run the ball. The other teams sell tickets and score in bunches, but don't win titles yet or in my opinion will ever. November in this region isn't meant for spread offense and 5 wide outs running pass patterns. Got to win the Big 10 title before we ever consider winning a NC again. That means putting teams on the field who can go to Ohio, Michigan or Rutgers when its in the sub 40's and just above Freezing.
  4. With Urban Meyer in Ohio, Tressels won't get any one with 4 or 5 star ability. The ones who don't go Buckeyes, will go Sparty or Badger or Nittany Lion. Honestly, people, Tressel won't recruit well anywhere back East. He might break some barriers in Texas and continue to get some Sunny California kids, but not Ohio kids. Briles has done well, but Texas and OU are not the dominant teams they were once either. The next coach at Texas, and with A@M getting back, lets see if Briles can continue his success. I don't think so. He is recruiting Houston players, and getting some steals in state, other wise he has no proven track record in recruiting nationally. Think about that. Texas and OU aren't blowing away teams in the Big 12, and showing some signs of falling into mediocre ville. Once they get revived once again, will Baylor keep getting those players?
  5. As I have stated, PJ hasn't coached with money and facilities to lure in better talent across the board. MegaTron did play for him but overall in a state and area (SEC)why would you go to Ga Tech if you could play in the SEC which has won the last 6 or 7 BCS titles? ACC is a basketball conference, not a football conference. Navy won games, and Ga Tech has won games with average talent. I think PJ has proven what he can do with minimal talent. The question would be what he could do with facilities and a brand name of relevance.
  6. Mike Leach- Al Golden-Butch Lewis-Bobby Petrino-Charlie Strong-Terry Bowden List of proven coaches that have done well in first year of becoming head coach. Bobby Petrino has baggage, but in a couple of seasons at Arkansas he had that program competing nationally. He can recruit talent from all levels at all positions. Mike Leach has an awesome offensive mind, just looking for a school with national prestige in order to prove his brand. Sample of coaches that would come here in a moments notice with proven stats. If Nebraska wants to get back, then hire someone with proven ability and take the risks involved. Proven winners have all walked some on the gray side of the rules in order to build programs and won.
  7. Scott Frost is coaching on the West coast where the weather is mostly always warmer. Tressel, though sounds like a great catch, doesn't have the state of Ohio now in his backyard to recruit from so I don't see him doing anything better than what we have already. Need some one who has rebuilt, or has been through a rebuild and can handle big time media and fan bases. Yes, those two guys have been there somewhat, but neither have had to find talent and actually rebuild a program. Yes, who ever takes this job will have to do some rebuilding. Rebuild tradition among former players, rebuild image nationally and repair the damage that has incurred over the last 10 seasons that has never been repaired even though Bo has had modest success.
  8. First I have a comment then I will answer who I like to see as the next Coach. Why in the world would we or the team want to make it too the Big Ten title game? Does anyone actually think we could stay within 50 of the Buckeyes? Honestly it would get very ugly, very fast since the Buckeyes would need to prove a point in order to get any consideration in the polls if still undefeated. Who wants another embarrassment! Paul Johnson at Georgia Tech is a name that no one ever mentions. I think given the athletic budget in place and the Nebraska brand name he could bring in elite talent at running back and elite level dual threat QB. Georgia Tech upsets someone every year and usually are highly competitive. You can't compare apples to apples here, Tech doesn't have elite level status anymore.
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