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    New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018

  2. Skerygood

    New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018

    Ecstacy of Gold—Ennio Morricone Give this at least one listen! Close the eyes and picture the doors opening when this crescendos. I can’t decide if I like it better with or without vocals but its kind of got a western feel while still pumping you up. And if you still want Sirius you could put this as the montage song before it and then APP could lead right in. You’ll know the song even if you don’t recognize the name.
  3. Skerygood

    Pelini Predictions

    I am not advocating this in any way, but can someone tell my why Jim Tressel's name gets thrown out there a handful of times? He's not coaching anywhere, he lead osu to three NCG in 9 years, great recruiter, his teams don't make mistakes. Just not sure what his avaibility is because of NCAA sanctions.
  4. Skerygood

    Pelini Predictions

    Then forget about other job offers! Your saying he's a good guy. Fine he's a good guy but it doesn't mean he can coach. I would hope we're all good guys that in that position of power at UNL would do the same. Can he coach defense? I believe he can but has also proved that just defense doesn't win championships. What does the guy bring to the table? Good guy (course no one would know cause he freaks out during games), players with good grades staying out of trouble, defense (sometimes but doesn't help when offense puts um right back on the field), 9 wins a year? Ask the new playoff committee if they care about that. Its not the wins its the loses and they're performance on the field. What I want and would hope we all want is to be competitive in all games win or lose.
  5. Skerygood

    Pelini Predictions

    So lets say they give Bo another year. Lets say his team in all three phases gets better. Lets say he gets us a conference championship. What we still have is a coach that looks like a jack a-- on the side line yelling at players and refs (which does more damage with recruits than a non AD vote of confedinence). And still as soon as he gets a decent coaching offer he is gone holding a middle finger up. He has said as much and it's the type of guy he is. Stop trying to be the greatest fans in college football by saying "no matter what coach we're behind you" if we don't hold the same standard of our coach.
  6. Skerygood

    Strength and conditioning

    I agree this topic does not get enough attention. Btw great win for our team in Ann Arbor yesterday! Wow what a roller coaster this year has been (as has most years under Bo). I do not think this program is too far off. I believe a few tweaks here and there are not only needed but are good for teams to do after every season successful or not. One tweak I believe this team needs is a different s&c PROGRAM. I'm not saying new s&c coaches but a new program and system needs to be installed. I remember hearing the past 2 years navy seals coming in for a few days to run the players through team building exercises. I think these exercises are a very good idea but I don't believe those navy seals only do these for a few days themselves and poof they are instantly a family or have good team chemistry. These exercises need to happen everyday in the off season workouts. I have recently watched a video on "the program" at Stanford and it is pretty impressive. That team passes the eye test with their size and intensity and up until last years class hasn't blown people away with top recruits. Programs like this develope football players and creates attitudes. Mental and phyical toughness is made in the offseason not during. Tweaks can be good. GBR!