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  1. This. OL needs to improve for sure, but AM does not help them.
  2. We’ve played two games against bad teams and your throwing on the term facts? You make me laugh. Send me some of what your on. This fact is only one piece of my entire statement regarding AMs inflated stats, but thanks for your contributions with your great FACTS!
  3. Do yourself a favor and look back at that statistic over the last 3-5 years. I’ll do you a favor and give you a hint: this tweet exists because of how mediocre it’s been. It’s also not “encouraging”. We have played a FCS team and a team that literally got manhandled by UTSA. Why shouldn’t this stat on its own be good? If get warm fuzzys with our play, good for you. I want Nebraska to succeed so if this stat looks this way at the end of season, and we haven’t imploded through other means, it’ll mean good things have happened.
  4. AM will always statistically look good. We have made an art of being able to put up stats but still not score. Combo of turnover, penalties, and poor red zone O. Hard to learn much from the dam game, but UTSA rolled over Illinois. QB carved them up. AM was dreadful in the first half vs. Illinois. He got better as the game went on, but he missed on a bunch of throws. 50% completion percentage isn’t going to get it done (OL can help here but AM does them no favors with his holds and missed throws). Hope we see more consistency going forward.
  5. ULM. He’ll do well but Levis may get him killed before this season is over. Not an upgrade over AM imo.
  6. My own numbers? 7 games is what Nebraska played in. Look at the splits and you’ll see a different story (#2 didn’t accumulate a ton of stats in 2 games because he didn’t start because of turnover issues). Are you in capable of looking past 2020 as well? 2020 game log splits tell the same story but I keep referencing his entire body of work and you keep going back. If you don’t believe he or Nebraska itself, has a turnover issue, that’s perfect. Glad for you. One thing we can agree on, at least I hope, is that we both want #2 to succeed and have his best season this year.
  7. I’m very surprised folks are focusing on the context and trying to excuse things. I picked that game for two reasons: 1) last game played, 2) it’s Rutgers People want to point to our players not getting separation, skill issues, etc. Not in play vs. Rutgers. Make all the excuses you want. The guy averages a turnover per game. High utilization or not; that is unacceptable.
  8. Didn’t play much in a few of the games so these are a bit skewed but the number don’t lie.
  9. What stats are looking at to define that as an “extreme outlier”? Does he always have 3 fumbles and two picks? I’d agree he does not if that is your extreme definition. Why are you making excuses for fumbles? What does cold weather have to do with it? Does Nebraska not get cold? Last I checked he is a 3 year starter. I’d hope he knows how to play in that weather? Stats tell me we have a turnover problem, for essentially the entire time #2 has been Nebraska starting QB. He was also benched for another turnover machine in #7 to drive accountability for said issues. I guess if that means I’m being disingenuous, so be it the .
  10. I think it’s fair to look at it like this but how do you reconcile the last game Martinez played in 2020? Yes, he ran for 157 yards. Yes, his completion % was good. Let’s not forget he threw two picks and had 3 fumbles. That game in a nutshell is what we have seen for 2 years now. It’s also why he was benched mid season. That game is also a good example of why Nebraska keeps coming up short. You don’t normally turn the ball over 4 times and win, but Nebraska makes a habit of making every game hard due to our propensity to try and beat two teams every game (ourselves and the other team). Really hope these statistics change but nothing, even his last game, has shown me it will. Going to be another bumpy season if it doesn’t.
  11. Your first paragraph would apply to about 99% of D1 QBs based on analysis from armchair QBs. No one is going to constantly make the perfect reads. Does it happen more to AM than others? Debatable. If you look at our QB utilization the last 3 years; our QBs have had more on their shoulders as it relates to running the football. Last year AM was completing 70% of his throws so the stats say he was hitting the open guy or running. Issue is he was running, and fumbling, quite a bit. Hopefully we have some trust in our RB to make the QB run trend go down, but I’m not sure that would serve us well. QB run is a big piece of the way frost calls his games.
  12. A lot of this is true, but anyone who doesn’t recognize that Adrian has a turnover problem is simply turning a blind eye. I’m not talking throwing picks here, which happen to every non-Justin fields player, but just careless fumbles. Quick check on 2020 stats: A.Mart top 10 with most of those teams playing more games than Nebraska. For his career he averages 1 fumble per game. The offense has been good enough to win more games. Same with the defense. If we can somehow not be one of the worst FBS football programs in turnover margin, we will win more games. That starts and generally ends with #2.
  13. Haven’t seen this mentioned but AAC and/or the Mountain West would welcome this news. AAC would seem to have the most to gain to get that vacated seat at the table. Got some good regional fits between the remaining Texas schools, okie lite and WVU.
  14. Over estimating the impact.... You don’t think this changes recruiting? It won’t change it for the 5* kids but it will be harder to have 4* depth like the tier 1 schools have. This will or should level the playing field. Teams like Nebraska SHOULD benefit.
  15. No one leaves that type of money on the table unless there is either a health issue or he was forced out. I’ll be curious to see if we see a lump payment made to Moos next week. If Danny White ends up in Lincoln I wouldn’t be surprised.
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