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  1. To me this tips the hand that Adrian will be back next year. No way this kid doesn't at least give it a go on his last home game on senior day for some "clicking in the shoulder." Whatever you want to say about AM, he is pretty damn tough and has played with pain/injury before. He not an NFL guy so this would be it. Sounds more like they are shutting him down because we have nothing to gain from this game and start the healing process before next year.
  2. That would be a huge get. I hear that guy can call a heck of a game.
  3. He ain't wrong. I don't really like Cowherd and he usually bashes Nebraska (well deserved) but he usually calls it how he sees it and its nice to hear he's giving props. We probably made the right call even though it's unpopular to some and obviously the assistants are key; let's hope we don't Husker it up.
  4. Whoever it is, I'm sure I will have to Google it bc I am preparing to be underwhelmed.
  5. Not mad, just More of an insult to injury type thing. It conveys the fact we are incapable of functioning as a stable, winning organization and are wasting money due to incompetence of the coach, or the leadership above. We spent a bunch of money and we still suck. The cheap man always ends up paying for the same thing twice; in our case 3 or 4 times instead of just going out and buying the real deal and settling on a budget model. What if we used that $ for an actual elite Coach and assistants?
  6. Trev said in his introduction presser (or early on after he came in) he wasn't looking at wins and losses, but incremental improvements. I'm wondering if he is using this year as a baseline and not really considering what occurred before he stepped in at AD or if he thinks things have improved from last year. We'll see I guess
  7. I see Scott getting at least 1 more year. Maybe with the stipulation he make some changes to the program in the coaching ranks and maybe with some performance benchmarks. We really should part ways with Adrian. It would be best for all parties involved. A more likely scenario in my mind would be if Scott resigned vs Trev dropping the axe.
  8. Im not, just making an observation that this is going to be expensive. And if there is that much money in banana sales I may have to switch occupations.
  9. Frost's contract runs through 2026. If Nebraska parts ways with the head coach at the end of the 2021 season, it will owe him $15 million in buyout money. That buyout drops to $10 million after the 2022 season. It goes down $2.5 million every season after that Plus the 3 mil we paid UCF....that's a steep price tag
  10. So if we pull the trigger we are a distant 3rd on the pecking order of vacant jobs for any available coaches or anyone that may be persuaded to leave their current gig. We have the same expectations as those other schools but less resources and recruiting potential, plus we won't reach too deep into the wallet. I am preparing to be underwhelmed with whoever we drag in. Thank God for rye whiskey
  11. A litany of problems which would more than likely be solved or get significantly better if we get better/dominant line play...aka, better running game and better pass protection that would result in more time to find open recievers, sustain drives, make better decisions and let routes develop. We have skill players that are more than adequate and Adrian has shown flashes of greatness.
  12. I hear ya. I'm all about inovation and evolution IF it's at least comparable, if not better than the established way of doing things. He did make mention that most of the top rushing teams in college and the pros run zone blocking (Wisconsin, Iowa, Minn in our own League). I'm not an O line play aficionado so I'm just taking him at his word. Scott also talked about lack of nastiness in the presser. Who knows, maybe we if we taught our guys to maul the guy in front of you and steal his soul on every play, they would be more, well...nasty I guess.
  13. All Austin is doing is teaching the Scott frost blocking scheme. His coaching career is pretty solid from what I can tell. When you don't block O line with the intent to completely destroy the man in front of you and your looking to open up seams, this is what you get. If your not listening to the husker doc talk podcast, you should check it out. Rob really breaks it down; the guy knows a thing or 2 about O line play. it makes sense. Ive said in the past Austin should be shown the door because it's ultimately his job to get the results out of the system but Scott needs to realize zone blocking is the way to go.
  14. God I miss Bo... especially the early days.
  15. Who do we hire? No one. Scott should be retained. Unless we get a slam dunk, grand slam coach, we are just repeating the cycle by hiring another bum. We put in way too much time with Scott to get OTJ training here to figure it out to just cut him loose after he starts getting traction. We just went toe to toe with #3 and #20 on the road and could/should be undefeated. This isn't our year obviously, BUT with a legit ST coach and if Scott can humble himself and Install a zone blocking scheme vs whatever the hell he is running now we will win these types of games. Austin probably isn't the problem since he is being asked to coach Scotts O line blocking scheme vs blowing guys off the ball with zone.
  16. Everyone wants Scott to turn it around. At a minimum there needs to be a change at the ST and O line coaching level. Who knows if he has the contacts or desire to bring in legit position coaches. Scott looks beat down and miserable pretty much all the time and it doesn't look like he has the will to continue much longer. As far as the O-line being young, as Rob Zatiscka pointed out on his podcast, most of those guys got playing time under their belts (some significant time) and in his estimation are not blocking to blow the other guy off the line, but more to open seams which may be what they are being asked to do vs not having the ability or talent.
  17. Exactly this. We need upgrades at ST and O-line at the very least which is a coaching move that will not happen this year but hopefully will next season. I've said it before, I'll say it again. Unless we hire an elite Coach/staff, best plan on 5-10 years on a rebuild.
  18. KYLE VANTREASE, QB for buffalo. He was awfully efficient last week and we have a tendency to make average QBs all look like Patrick mahomes around here.
  19. I think your missing the point of the post, but yes, you are correct; 18-19 and 19-19 are better than 12-21. I can see I won't be beating you in a Battle of wits any time soon LoL
  20. "After his opening three years in the Pac-12 in which the program went 18-19 overall and 9-18 in conference play, the Utes have been one of the best teams in the Pac-12. They've won nine games and finished better than .500 in conference play in six of the past seven seasons." So, he walked in to a good situation by taking over a team established by Urban Myer, jumped from a Jr conference to a power 5 and sucked or was painfully mediocre for a few years, the program stuck with him, he figured it out and now he's one of the best coaches in the country? Pretty much sounds like the exact situation we find ourselves in now, less knowing what the future will hold and having bare cupboards at the outset, not to mention a COVID year. IDK, when you actually look at it, it's not really that impressive.
  21. I have never seen Scott coaching players up on the sidelines that I can ever think of. He just stands there with his arms folded with no expression on his face.
  22. 6-6...we need to sign this guy ASAP!
  23. Bo Pelini (9 wins a year was nice) Bob stoops Neither of the above will happen so we will end up with some Bum or a coordinator that is making the jump up to head coach. Let's all just hope Scott gets his s#!t together because the alternatives ain't good. Trev says he wants to see incremental improvements and the bar is pretty low. I am guessing Scott stays this year and next.
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