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  1. "Don't believe your own eyes" is the entire GOP platform. And it's working. Being "not Democrats" is all they have to be.
  2. That's fair, and I do believe you. However, there needs to be millions more employers just like you. Sincerely, I think it's great that you're willing to train and help employees with little experience.
  3. The problem is that no matter what, there will always be low wage workers no matter their skill set. The idea I'm pushing back on is when you say that they should teach themselves a skill: it doesn't matter, the number of openings for higher wages is limited. And as such they are less likely to have health insurance, retirement, etc. There is no amount of bootstrapping that millions of people can do to better their situation. Society ends up paying for those costs anyway. We might as well try to structure employment so an employee can at least live.
  4. Almost every meta-analysis reveals that for every 'good' paying job, there are 3.4 low wage workers. If every service employee in the country learned a trade, took a computer coding class or attempted to start their own business, 70% of them would be stuck in their current job. It's great that your personal experience is different, but there are millions of Americans without option. This idea that you just have to pick yourself up by the 'ol bootstraps has to stop. It can only get you so far, and for millions of people that's low-wage service work.
  5. Would that stop dumb restaurant owners from complaining or does their entire business model rely on slave wages? Not to mention that the number of jobs paying higher wages are limited.
  6. Good points. Other things to consider: why would anybody work for $12 bucks an hour? With housing prices surging, the price of a house is rising faster than they can possibly make each month. How many years would it take a superstore employee/small business employee making ~$12 an hour to save for a down payment on a house? I don't think it's possible with their current expenses, but even if they tried the down payment number had increased more each month than can be saved. This is why there is a labor shortage. It's simply not worth being an indentured servant to a c
  7. Mass shootings are barely front page news. It's kind of crazy.
  8. I can't keep up with all the mass shootings, so here's this. It covers the dates of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  9. This is what finally made him realize this? This is stupid, but I'm not sure it makes the top 10 since 2016.
  10. https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/16/us/indianapolis-shooting-fedex-facility/index.html The star spangled banner played in the background as a good guy with a gun showed up with his concealed carry license and ended this.
  11. https://www.yahoo.com/news/7-dead-including-gunman-colorado-205634311.html God bless America and the 2nd Amendment.
  12. I'm angry because in Nebraska, we have to pay a higher fee for a long time because of the surge in Natural Gas prices. Those prices need to be passed solely on the people of Texas. If you don't want to be held responsible, vote for people who want to bring your power grid out of the third world. This ain't happen, of course, but the people of Texas made a choice and those choices have consequences.
  13. I'd be more in favor of statewide rank choice voting, no districts with delegations selected proportionally, for each state.
  14. Hopefully they move on to other core investigations the Republican constituency cares about: Jewish space lasers, the climate change hoax (from China), the basement of every pizza parlor in the country, the cabal of alien lizards installing a New World Order, chem-trails, etc. You know, the things that really drive the standard Republican voter.
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