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  1. This has strong "it's been so long it has to happen eventually, right?" vibes.
  2. I agree, but the B1G revenue is so high that it's difficult to turn down. It's all about money.
  3. It's possible! We have a pretty small senior class. I wonder if they can afford to keep up the extreme roster turnover. Not that this staff is good at player development - they're absolutely terrible at it - but it makes that job even harder.
  4. Considering NIL, this class is extremely lackluster. After setting up collectives, soliciting donations to prop up recruiting and overhauling the staff, our recruiting class is slightly worse than our average over the last decade and consists of mostly low-to-mid 3* local recruits. To salvage the class, which probably tops out at 16 total players, every commit here on out needs to be a consensus 4* player on 247, something that just isn't going to happen.
  5. And also if he believed in the peaceful transition of power. Honestly this is all hilarious, Republicans are going to win elections because of worldwide inflation because voters don't care about Democracy. I say let it die, it had a good run. Hopefully the authoritarian model can improve poverty and tackle the world's problems.
  6. Read any @Archy1221 post and then dramatically lower your expectations for voters and what motivates them. He has an R next to his name. Nothing else matters.
  7. I'm shocked they were concerned about crimes. Have they had more than a 10 second conversation with their voters? Even they underestimated the already low-bar Republican represent. Their hatred of America descends to a new low everyday. They aren't even close to the floor.
  8. This has more than 3 words on it and has therefore been lost on Republican voters.
  9. I'd be shocked if it has a meaningful impact on the midterms. I can see it costing Republicans a House seat or two, but overall they're still going to win 35-40 House seats and 3-5 Seante seats.
  10. I'm sure Republicans would totally vote to end gerrymandering and institute Ranked-Choice voting. This isn't a shot at you, just pointing out the undemocratic nature of one major political party.
  11. The youth most certainly are liberal, but they always have been. They're also the least likely to vote. Furthermore, after graduating college they're moving to cities, increasing the urban rural divide. By 2040, 70% of Senators will be elected by 30% of the population. I'm not sure what this means, but it's not good for America.
  12. Worldwide inflation > Attempted subduing of Democracy.
  13. I've explained this a few times in other posts, but basically getting more votes does not win you the Presidency. Yes, Trump is likely to perform the same or slightly worse relative to 2020. But frankly, he doesn't have to do any better. In fact, he can perform worse nationally by 1% or more and still win. This is because the PVI (Partisan Voting Index) is trending towards Republicans rapidly, because the electoral college rewards geography over raw votes. In 2016, to win Democrats needed to win the popular vote by 2.2%. They won by 2.1% and lost. By 2020, the PVI increased such that a Democrat had to win the popular vote by 4.3% (an increase of 2.1% over 2016). They won by 4.4% and won. By 2024, it's likely this trend continues. The Democratic candidate probably needs to win the popular vote by 5-5.5%, a nearly impossible margin, in order to win. This trend is worse in the Senate - which Democrats are unlikely to win back for two decades - and is something that will get worse in the electoral college until Texas turns blue in the 2032 or 2036 election cycle.
  14. This is probably incorrect: Joe vs Trump - Trump favored (55% chance or so) Joe vs DeSantis - 50/50 race Any other Democrat would perform worse than Joe Biden against all other candidates. Incumbency advantages play a role and people over estimate their personal feelings towards politicians and assume they're shared by everybody. Which is why you and others think Joe would perform worse than another D candidate. Decades of political science research tells us that isn't true.
  15. He's basically saying it should be left to the states. Now, because of aggressive erosion of Democracy (see the State of Wisconsin), it's borderline impossible for the people to effect legislation in states anyway. I hope the bloated Cheeto was worth it. Also, don't forget, blame Biden for inflation effecting the entire world. Vote for Rs in November.
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