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  1. I would agree that I don't think the team gave up today. They played hard, but there are a lot of holes on the roster.
  2. Recruits don't care much about 7 years vs 4 years, which is the standard. This is about showing support, which I understand. There probably trying to get out in front of the negativity which is likely to result from the "game" today. It's going to be completely non-competitive. The biggest question of this game is what quarter will Nebraska appear to give up?
  3. Was she somehow inaccurate when she quoted Jason Peter directly? Is the overall sentiment of the article not shared by most fans outside Nebraska and many inside? The gross thing is implying that a graduate from another university was mischaracterizing our situation. Which is ironic considering how much time Nebraska writers in general pumped up the team, without much reason, in the off season.
  4. Not every undersized LB is a David, a once in a decade player for Nebraska. Some are just undersized.
  5. With Nebraska seemingly offering any JUCO with a pulse and a chance to qualify, the staff really needs to land this one. They seem to realize that they're struggling recruiting LBs.
  6. The schedule is to difficult for Nebraska to handle for the next two years. You don't have to have a crystal ball to predict where this team is heading.
  7. The year is 2021. After being completely dismantled by Oklahoma, Ohio State, Michigan and a most recent loss to Iowa, Scott Frost in his Monday press conference says practice was good. He adds that things are tough but he knows where this thing is going.
  8. At our rate, Illinois could be a model for us. I'm really unsure how Nebraska makes it through the next two seasons. They're looking at a 4-8 season in 2020 and 3-9 in 2021. Not only that, multiple large blowouts will continue to happen.
  9. He's a genius. No other coach would save their final timeout to keep it in the bank for the next game. The guy doesn't put players in a position to win. I can't believe that at this point, Frost is currently the worst coach in several decades at Nebraska. This team is going to get pulverized two more times this season. They will struggle for the next two years because of the schedule. If the team is lucky, they will make one meaningless bowl game in his first 4 seasons.
  10. We just lost to Purdue's backups, after they limped into the game at 2-6. It's probably worse than we think.
  11. Frost seems to like running Wan'dale between the tackles. It's horrendously stupid, and a disservice to him. Considering the resources put into the program, only Tennessee compares to Nebraska in complete ineptitude, but they play in a much more difficult division. The schedule is difficult for at least the next two years. Best case scenario is 1 bowl game in Frost's first 4 seasons. It's a total joke. There are no excuses for this.
  12. Guys, listen. The issue isn't 'leadership' or 'accountability' or guys not 'stepping up'. That's just the same year in year out coach speak because coaches can't say what is simply true. The players on the team just aren't very good. So stop hoping "next years seniors will be better leaders" or whatever other common scapegoats are used.
  13. Not to derail the thread much, but I also want to point out the gap between certain recruiting rankings. For example, on paper the gap between Nebraska at #24 and #19 Washington might not seem like much. 5 spots. But they have more than double the number of 4-star players, 41 (and one 5-star) such players compared to our 20. Meanwhile the gap between #24 Nebraska and #34 Kentucky is five 4-star players. Talent is overwhelmingly concentrated amongst the top.
  14. I agree. If you watched this game and your big take away was "hOpE pEoPlE keEp taLkinG abOuT ouR bAcK uP QB", stop watching.
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