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  1. By the skin of their teeth, about 40k votes in 2020. But the trends are not good for them. In 2016, for a Democrat to win the Presidency they needed to win the national popular vote by 2.5% or so. In 2020, it was 4.4%. In 2024, it's likely higher. They may need to win by 5%, maybe more, in order to win the Presidency. In a hyper-partisan environment, it's really difficult for one party to win by that many votes.. this trend is accelerating. The political reality for Democrats in the Senate are even worse. By extension, because the Senate controls the Judiciary, they will dominate there too. Democrats will eventually battle their way back in the house, but at the end of each decade they will control fewer state legislatures and as such less house districts to gerrymander.
  2. I think Trump would have a greater than 50% chance to win against Joe Biden and probably much, much higher (70%?) against a non-incumbant candidate. Your assessment isn't wrong, but in the context of the electoral college Democrats face a 4-5% disadvantage. It's possible that a Democrat wins the national popular vote by 4.8% (8 million or so votes) and still loses. In other words, despite Trump being the least popular person in politics, the structural advantages Republicans hold mean they may win the election no matter what. This is before we consider what state legislatures do in states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia, where they seem poised to subvert an election anyway. In the game of politics, to put it simply, Republicans have won. It's sort of over at this point.
  3. Recruit after this season? Have you seen how they're recruiting CURRENTLY? It's already fallen off a cliff.
  4. 8-4 simply is not possible, my ceiling for this team is 6-6 next year. I know fans want to believe that we're 'close' because of 1 score losses, but many of them are late TDs to turn 14 point losses into 7 point losses (Purdue and Minnesota come to mind). This program, the direction, the recruiting, it's all abysmal. They need to fire Frost now, next seasons recruiting class can't be sacrificed just to continue the Frost experiment any more.
  5. Even if they do make a home run hire, the amount that needs fixed is massive and the time to do it is short. I think Nebraska fields a worse team next season, the defense will take a step back, but the record may improve to 4-8.
  6. Couldn't agree more. The only reason Nebraska keeps games even close is because they have talent, especially at WR, TE and the secondary. It'll be scary to see what Frost does with a team without talent.
  7. According to any one of the recruiting services, any high school players worth a damn are taking your advice.
  8. I agree. Firing Frost makes sense right now, you lose nothing in recruiting, our class is small and terrible anyway. Why wait a year to sacrifice next year's recruiting class? Not to mention, Nebraska voluntarily signed up for another year of this. But this time the defense will be completely gutted. Jojo, Tanner, CTB, Stille, Dismuke, Williams and Deontre Thomas aren't walking through the door to save the day anymore.
  9. At least we lost with a Nebraska man in charge. That's pretty much all that matters around here.
  10. I don't disagree, but I think Offensive Coordinator options are extremely limited. The coordinators worth a lick are going to join the new staffs at USC/LSU/Florida. They'll have a job for at least a few seasons and recruiting is relatively easy. At Nebraska, they're going to be tasked with fixing an offense plagued with problems and a recruiting situation that is dire. They're essentially being asked to do the impossible in what is likely a 1 year job.
  11. Yeah, I think the goal is to vaccinate as many people as possible. So, with that goal in mind, requirements are extremely successful.
  12. Not entirely accurate, as many states and school districs have vaccination requirements. https://dhhs.ne.gov/Pages/School-Immunization.aspx "To attend school, children in Nebraska are required to be immunized against the following diseases: • Diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis • Polio • Measles, mumps, and rubella • Hepatitis B • Varicella (chicken pox)" This is just for Nebraska, I'm sure the requirement vary from state to state each with their own waivers and process to exempt students. I would guess that the vast majority get the required shots. So, @Archy1221, no I'm not wrong. It took 30 seconds to figure out that schools require vaccinations. Yes, @teachercd is correct that there waivers. Also, for those curious you can view the CDCs website to see what vaccinations are recommended or required for foreign travel: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/the-bahamas Vaccines are required for all kinds of things, this is normal and necessary for public health.
  13. My point is, the government shouldn't let inmates run the asylum. Just because idiots make up a sizeable portion of the population doesn't mean they get to dictate the rules. So, if OSHA wants to mandate it, it's no different than any other requirement for work. Which includes proper disposal of wastes, providing protections for workers, training, etc. We require children to be vaccinated to attend schools because it's in the interest of public health to do so. Requiring a COVID shot to attend work is no different than the requirements to work, attend school, or travel abroad.
  14. The OSHA's goal is to protect people on the job. If people want to quit because they don't want to wear a hard hat or whatever else, let them. The governments job isn't to take into consideration the idiots that think hard hats are a conspiracy, it's to protect workers from workplace accidents. This isn't different. If your employees or any other want to quit, they will. They will also find the other employers require vaccines as well - assuming it holds up in court.
  15. Do people quit their jobs if OSHA requires hard hats on a job site or if employees are required to have any other safety measures? If people want to be stupid and quit their jobs, let them.
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