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  1. I don't understand how Nebraska should win the first 7. Purdue beat Nebraska for the last two years. Northwestern has always been a competitive game. Cincinnati is well coached and likely better than Nebraska at this point. Worst case scenario is starting 4-3. 5-2 seems likely.
  2. I think the team could be good, but against that schedule? We're playing 2 regular playoff teams in Oklahoma and Ohio State. Add in Michigan, Michigan State as the other cross division games. Not to mention Iowa and Wisconsin. If I were a betting man, I'd guess we see a decade between victories against Wisconsin. After that season, things might change.
  3. Who knows, they've done a good job recruiting. I think they should redshirt as many players as possible and hope they win a lot of games in 2022.
  4. I hope Nebraska fans are patient. 2020 and 2021 are going to be difficult. I don't see a bowl game either year, with several likely blowouts. I think that there's a chance at bowl games and B1G West competitiveness by the middle of the decade.
  5. I think going by position group. Overall, I'd give this class a B+. I went lower than others because Nebraska went in heavily on JUCOs. Offense overall: A-, addressed needs at WR and brought in talent at most positions. QB - B+, got a great 4* QB. WR - A+, not sure if Nebraska could've realistically done a better job. Brought in talent and numbers here. OL - B, headlined by an amazing OT. Low numbers for this years take keeps the grade lower. RB - B+, got two really good backs. TE - N/A, did not take a recruit this year. Defense: B, Nebraska brought in a few very talented players, but several others will take time to develop. Also went heavily into JUCOs to fill holes. DL - B-, took some good DTs but they will have to redshirt. DE - C+, Nebraska uses DEs differently than other teams since we're in a 3-4. Didn't find high end talent here. LBs - B+, Nebraska took a lot of numbers here. But went heavy on JUCOs. Along with WR, this was a position of emphasis. Hopefully any of them can rush a QB. S - A, took two very highly touted players here. CB - D+, Nebraska's two lowest rated players this class. They will both likely redshirt and will need time to develop.
  6. Good point. What is he supposed to say about Miami? Anything remotely negative and the kid gets blasted on Twitter. They were almost baiting him so they could write a story to generate clicks.
  7. I switched my pick between NU and Miami 5 times in the last 40 minutes. I don't even remember what I picked. Gbr
  8. Serial rapists. If there's one positive it's that the OTL report gave the other women confidence to come forward. Knapp said it well previously, the filth needs to go.
  9. Yeah, at this time it seems that the coaches took action to suspend the players as soon as they had knowledge of the August incident. Which is how it should be handled. Right now, I'm hoping that Nebraska handled this as well as reasonably possible. Luckily, this seems to be the case. If it becomes apparent that there was knowledge of other incidents and no punishment was given, then fire them all or worse. Football isn't worth a single sexual assault.
  10. I could be misunderstanding, but I think the new reports have come in after the 8/25 incident went public. Not uncommon to have the confidence to come forward when you see others doing it as well. I believe these women and hope they get justice. I'm not implying that you thought otherwise, that's just my personal opinion on these matters.
  11. Well said. Our best hope is that the redshirted players will provide some immediate help. I don't know if there is enough in the cupboard for Nebraska to do better than 7-5 as a ceiling.
  12. I think the university responded well by suspending the men even if they have not been charged. This is how those situations should be handled.
  13. In defense of Texas A&M, the schedule they had was brutal. I think 7-5 is right about what they expected. They played Clemson, Auburn, Alabama, Georgia and LSU. The rest of your post is fair, winning is difficult. The question is if there is enough progress with the team to generate excitement, which we all expected but did not see this year.
  14. The mental fortitude of the team is a big reason. I'm going to predict an optimistic 5-7 record. Going into 2021, which will likely leave Nebraska with an 4-8 record, some serious questions will be asked.
  15. And have old people talk about running the ball and how we should recruit more Nebraska kids?
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