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  1. I'm not familiar with high speed rail, but I think it would work well in some areas but not others. It should be looked at but I'm not sure it's worth spending much on. Things like bridges, EV charging networks, internet access and renewable energy must be a huge portion of it.
  2. I guess we agree that the Tea Party wave in 2010 to 2012 was a bunch of nonsense. Unless you're just pulling some standard conservative "completely forget history" stuff and totally forgot how the GOP rode that wave into taking the House and Senate. Also, what McConnell does in the Senate was for him and the party. He does not care about Trump and never has. He used Trump and disposed of him as soon as it was convenient.
  3. Notice the fall in spending in 2012? And the rise in 2016? It's almost like Senate Republicans killed spending as soon as they could and stopped caring as soon as they could! But I do agree, Obama and the Democrats should've pushed for higher spending even though they were record defecits at the time. Luckily Biden has learned valuable lessons. EDIT: Apologies for the image. The source is a white border with easy to read numbers. Dang mobile websites.
  4. Stop acting like Senate Republicans acted in good faith regarding government spending. They intentionally withheld spending hoping an ailing economy would get them elected, and it worked. They got a tea party wave elected (despite losing the House by a million votes, go figure). Biden this time learned his lesson. Its why his spending is in the trillions, while Obama's recovery was fueled by much smaller amounts. The GOP hates America. That much sit well with you, but it doesn't with me.
  5. For you personally, sure. For the country as a whole, had Republicans not carpet bombed federal spending, it would've been even faster. Fortunately Biden has learned the lesson.
  6. I would argue that Obama needed to spend more and run higher deficits. The recovery would've been far more robust. It was otherwise good, but could've been better... It's worth noting that Senate Republicans torpedoed that spending for electoral benefits at the expense of America.
  7. I'm not sure a single draft pick is going to make recruits think that coming to Nebraska is their ticket to the NFL. It certainly is a start though, and hopefully Nebraska can send more in the future to build that NFL pipeline.
  8. We have to prove to kids that we can develop them and put them in a position to make it to the NFL. That has been difficult for Frost so far, at least on offense.
  9. Important note, even if DC and PR become states, the GOP advantage when it comes to elections will still persist. Yes, the GOP hates America. There is no easy way to combat them in the Senate.
  10. We all want the same thing: a team that wins and does so with integrity.
  11. The 2009 team was an extremely conservative offense. If you want to cherry pick numbers to exclude Virginia Tech, be my guest. But that 2009 team tried to get out of its own way on offense, happily punting the ball so Suh and Co. could take the field. I guess I'm blind to the development of our runningbacks recruited out of High School. Or the WRs that can't seem to find the field. Or the wins and losses. Or that Minnesota was down to 50 scholarship players. Or that Illinois did not blow us out at home and did not fire their head coach. Yes, I'm making it all up to
  12. 2009 Nebraska Offense - 25.1 PPG 2020 Nebraska Offense - 23.1 PPG This is not rocket science. I would also point out that the 2009 offense notoriously took little to no risks and Pelini was completely fine punting and putting his defense on the field. Stop acting like Frost is a serviceable head coach. News flash: it doesn't take into year 4 for a single RB recruit out of high school to develop. Or for a center to snap the ball. Or for any of your 15 WR recruits to see the field. Or for a Quarterback to throw the ball more than 10 yards downfield. Or
  13. What? Last year our offense was worse than 2009 and we lost to the backups of a bad Minnesota team. Our starting 3rd year Center is still learning to snap the ball. We have no development from our runningbacks or receivers. Frost is a garbage coach. Accept it, stop defending the guy, and hope the next hire is the right guy.
  14. People on this board want so badly to believe Frost is a better coach than Riley. He isn't. He's equally as bad but, in my opinion, his excuses are bizarre and make his failures worse. This board would've had a meltdown if Riley blamed media timeouts or clapping on his teams complete ineptitude.
  15. Those 74 million people accepted and enabled the behavior of a guy who routinely stated that he wouldn't commit to a peaceful transfer of power. This was an unsurprising end. Nobody was particularly surprised by what transpired, only saddened. I'll give you and 74 million other people some advice: the next time some idiot rides down an escalator and calls an entire group of people "rapists and murderers", try not to make them the leader of your party. This might be difficult. They might even have a big "R" next to their name on a ballot. Sure, you and your party might
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