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  1. I think the election will be close. Biden will probably be leading by +6 nationally, which means that Trump will be within polling margin of errors in key swing states. Add in limited in person voting and Republican states fighting mail-in-voting as much as possible, this election will be an absolute dog fight.
  2. Exactly. Regarding Frost's comments, it does seem there has not been much of a plan on what to do once an outbreak hits a football team, which is discouraging.
  3. Responding to a narrative complete with numerous links showing their worldview is out of whack in 2020? Bold.
  4. According to this tweet, Washington is missing. I hope everything is okay with this young man.
  5. I thought the purpose of a message board was to express my opinion with other football fans. My opinion is that Nebraska football will not be served well by getting into a battle of development with Wisconsin and Iowa. My hope is that the class finishes like last years, which is possible but hopefully doesn't come down to signing day.
  6. Has a good set of offers but a low 247 rating. Hopefully he turns into the player his offer list suggests. Nebraska's recruiting has been adding solid developmental pieces but needs to start adding more high end talent.
  7. I think the Ds screwed him over in 2016, I don't think that was the case in 2020. The Sanders campaign developed a "us against them" strategy that worked really well when the field was large. They banked on Klobochar and Pete to stay in the race despite not polling well. Once the field inevitably shrunk, the Sanders campaign fell apart.
  8. One thing I personally grapple with is that I really hope Democrats start playing dirty like this. On one hand, it would only increase the political division in this country. On the other hand, Democrats won't gain any points for doing things the "normal way". Republicans have so many built-in electoral advantages, Democrats need to start playing dirty as well.
  9. The dumbest part about people like you is that you're convinced that the decision only affects you. If you're fine with dying, so be it. It's about the people you infect around you. They have husbands, wives, and children too. Your poor decision making can kill others. Back to the topic, it's going to be interesting. I want to see college football, but it seems really difficult to pull off right now.
  10. One thing to remember, and this is not directed at anybody in particular, if the kid goes somewhere else don't bash on them. Don't follow recruiting if you can't handle decommits.
  11. This is a good take. I think the staff has brought in some good size at positions and has identified developmental talent. But they have to start bringing in higher talent players.
  12. Absolutely. I also wonder if the staff will opt to always keep a scholarship or two open for the walk-on program that they (presumably) will continue to expand.
  13. A "small" class must mean 21 or so? With the addition of the punter for last class and Isaac Gifford rumored to be put on scholarship, I can see how the numbers drop. With 14 seniors and scholarships sitting at 82 (accounting for the punter and Gifford), that puts you at 17. Add 3 to over sign and other transfers, I can see how they end up with 20 or 21.
  14. You and I finally agree on something. Regarding the next two seasons, I agree we're looking at year 5 before a real chance at making some noise. It's not so much losing the next two seasons, but how they lose. Will they get embarrassed by teams routinely or show some fight?
  15. Did they just look at the schedule and pick home games as wins and away games as losses? Memorial Stadium isn't exactly a difficult place to play.
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