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  1. I'm with you, I think Democrats need to quickly decide to either back Biden OR make a switch. They must be all in the same page. But look, Joe Biden realistically can't be in a worse electoral position. Just by being the Democratic nominee his chances of winning are decently high. He's at the floor of his support, it can't get worse. Simultaneously, he isn't going to improve his position because no amount of public appearances are going to make his issue if age go away. In fact, they've only bolstered his opposition because even in those he has bad moments. So the choice is to stick with the candidate at the floor and hope that's enough or they switch to candidate that at least has the ability to go above it.
  2. Yeah, this might come as a surprise, but the vast majority of Trump voters will be registered Republicans knowingly voting for an adjudicated Rapist. The rest of his votes will come from low information voters are are unaware that he's a convicted felon, adjudicated rapist, and twice impeached moron. At least they have the excuse that they just don't know any better. Weird, but here we are.
  3. I profoundly disagree. You can't say that a candidate that 70% of his own party wants to be replaced is an auto-loss if they go with an alternative candidate. The reason why Democrats want him replaced is because his electoral position had rapidly deteriorated. Biden is a sinking ship that risks pulling the House and multiple Senate seats down with him. He's a house fire. People who want him to stay are just hoping the fire isn't as bad as their eyes are telling them and they're assuming that fire is going to be contained in the bedroom. It won't.
  4. The RNC is absolutely hilarious. Both of Savannah Chrisley's parents are in prison for tax fraud. Don't forget to tune into Peter Navarro who will speak at the RNC who literally got out of prison a few hours ago. Now I know that MAGA's don't know what irony is - but c'mon, you can't write this kind of comedy. People you actually know are going to vote for this. Real life people! It's amazing.
  5. I'd agree with you. I think it's a spicy take to put Adrian over Tommy, but I also think that Adrian was the only talented player Nebraska had on offense for a lot of his tenure here - until Toure showed up to help ease the pressure on him. Adrian was in charge of an inept offense - he was the teams best QB and best RB - and was being coached by a staff that was out of its depth. Tommy was a really good player but had a much better team around him. It's very close and it's hard to tell if the teams get better or worse if you switch Adrian and Tommy around on their respective teams.
  6. You have to admit, it's completely on brand for a Republican gun nut to shoot at a Republican moronic candidate with a gun Republicans wear as a lapel pin that Democrats try to ban citizens from using is pretty funny. The entire Republican Party is a constant SNL skit. The grifting and stupidity is out in the open. They have no fear of losing support because their voters are to far gone to even notice.
  7. The interesting part about the border is that the issues there don't magically go away. This is wild, but stay with me. In order to address the issues, the United States needs to spend what's called "money". Using "money", you hire staff, invest in infrastructure, and all kinds of things. By withholding "money", it makes it difficult to adequately address the issues at the border. In fact, Republicans have withheld "money" multiple times over the last few years because it's a lot better to anger farm MAGA rural voters than it is to actually fix the problem they profess to care about. Now, I guess the Republican response to border security is similar to when guns spray the brains of children onto school walls: do absolutely nothing to address it and pray it all away.
  8. I agree. Biden has navigated a difficult time and America has emerged as by far the wealthiest and most prosperous country in the world by a considerable margin. But he's also going to suffer a massive defeat. We can acknowledge that he's done a good job, but doing a good job is a bad thing in politics. Voters don't reward you for doing things, it makes him massively unpopular. If Joe isn't replaced, he's going to get obliterated in November. And that sucks, but it's not to late to change candidates who would still be an underdog, but stand a better chance of beating Trump than Biden currently does.
  9. You know what it means when I say "intentionally kneecapped the agency" right? It means that Republicans in Congress intentionally set it up to fail because they know it motivates MAGA to vote. Don't get me wrong, I personally hope that when Trump wins they actually do institute draconian immigration policies. They need to raid, round up, and deport every undocumented immigrant they possibly can. I'm talking all 15 million or so of them. They need to close the border and harshly limit legal immigration. This way, rural MAGA voters can finally suffer the massive stupidity of their vote. Food prices would skyrocket, huge swaths of the agricultural supply chain would grind to a halt. The construction industry would suffer immensely. Rural Americans deserve this. Now, I think it's unfortunate that the Trump administration is grifting those voters once again and won't actually do it, but I genuinely hope that he does.
  10. He grew up around people in need of help. And his entire life he saw that they really do face difficult challenges in life, and accurately saw that Trump was a threat to them and his rhetoric is not helpful. But then he realized these voters are stupid beyond your wildest imagination and you can exploit them for political power.
  11. Honestly it's pretty funny they complain about this guy considering his agency is intentionally kneecapped and the bipartisan immigration bill to help with this problem was killed for Trump. The Conservative immunity to irony is truly inspiring. These people need to be studied, their brains analyzed. We need to write books on how the cognitive dissonance in their brains turns off and on seemingly instantaneously.
  12. I think he's trying to point out the difference between "reported" and "confirmed". Either way, I feel it's probably more relevant to take a look at his political affiliation when he registered to vote when he was 18. At the end of the day he's another disaffected young man who was given access to a gun no citizen has any business owning.
  13. These are jokes, I apologize. I thought that was obvious. Like I said, a joke. I thought it was obvious. There's a running joke in the beltway that his girlfriend is fake and he's gay.
  14. And to think that Tim Scott pretended not to be gay for this. Sad.
  15. You see, it's a lot more difficult to carve out policy that helps the white working class where JD Vance grew up and winning elections based off of that. That's why you abandon all principles, become a historic embarrassment, engage in a made up culture war battle and accomplish nothing in the pursuit of power. All things Trump admires. I called this months ago. Politics isn't that complicated because voters aren't complicated guys.
  16. While true, I think Vance's transition from "Trump is America's Hitler" to graveling at his feet is so pathetically obvious that I'm surprised Trump voters fell for it. Now, I have dramatically low expectations for these people, because getting grifted is second nature to them. But c'mon, it's like a snake oil salesman showing up to your door in a snake costume and selling "It's Totally Not a Grift: Elixir of Eternal Life" bottled water you saw people filling up down the street with garden hoses. It's so easy to see coming that you'd think anybody with a few functioning neurons could spot.
  17. It was just announced, it's JD Vance. I thought this was easy to predict because Trumpism isn't exactly a complicated political ideology. It's made up culture war grievance, and Trump rewards those who show loyalty, particularly loyalty given at the cost of personal embarrassment. Now, Trump supporters are going to trip over themselves to explain the honest remarks Vance made about Trump years ago. It's pretty funny, honestly.
  18. It's obvious it's been JD "Trump is America's Hitler" Vance for sometime. By throwing all forms of dignity out the window in a show of Trump loyalty, he's been given the nod. From an electoral standpoint, it's somewhat of a weak selection since Vance represents voters already solidly in the Trump base. But he's such an overwhelming favorite to win in November that weakness probably won't matter.
  19. While true, the primary difference is that in America voters can punish this behavior at the ballot box. Now, Republicans feel like they're in an existential culture war battle against the Left. Weaponizing the Judiciary is just another front to wage this war. As such, this brazen corruption will go unpunished by these people. They're voting for corruption because they want it; no different than how they're voting to erode Democracy because they want it.
  20. So do we call Trump's anti-democratic criminal activity "road bumps" or what? You're the one who supported the guy in face of overwhelming evidence that he would do exactly what he did, so tell us the playbook on how Democrats can address his authoritarian and anti-democratic crimes.
  21. All of the above is correct. Trump is probably going to name JD Vance his VP, mainly because he's taken the necessary step of being a Trump loyalist: which is to publicly debase yourself, become a historic embarrassment, stand for nothing politically and grift the base of Republican voters in pursuit of power. All of the things Trump desires in a running mate and all of the things his political base loves.
  22. I'm fairly certain I saw it reported that the person who donated to ActBlue was a different person, at a different address, that shared the same name. Look, I get that you're really trying to rationalize your two time vote for an adjudicated rapist, convicted felon, and anti-democratic President who orchestrated a scheme to stay in power after losing a fair election. You have to reconcile that. But you can stop the "holier than thou" schtick considering the Republican rhetoric who's campaign slogan is literally predicated around "take our country back".
  23. The primary difference being that Biden co-operated with the government to give those documents back. And Trump actively orchestrated a campaign to conceal the documents, repeatedly refused to give them back - leading to obstruction of Justice charges. I hope that helps clear the air.
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