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  1. All that is great, but the point isn't whether or not that's a good idea. The point is if you can get elected with that on your platform. If you want to lose the Electoral College by record margins, then run on an "Abolish ICE" message.
  2. Nothing encapsulates the choice Americans have quite like the current situation. Democrats just passed legislation to combat climate change, lower drug costs for seniors, and reduce the deficit while literally at the exact same time as that vote Republicans were scrambling to explain why Trump unlawfully possessed documents pertaining to nuclear weapons.
  3. I'm of the unpopular opinion, at least for a liberal person, that he should be allowed to run and possibly win.
  4. Her main campaign pitch is "Abolish ICE", which alone makes her massively unelectable.
  5. Believe it or not, I did have "Violates Espionage Act" on my Trump Bingo card. That's because the guy is a moron and anybody could see this coming from miles away. Can't wait until he's the nominee and Republicans - so far gone that can't be saved - vote for him anyway.
  6. As you should, she'd lose by an unimaginable margin. I fully agree, I don't think there's an alternative that could win. If they go through a primary process, I have no idea which moderate candidates could get out. I simply don't see which moderate candidate could emerge and be competitive with DeSantis/Trump.
  7. The problem is you can't win a primary without pandering to extremes. For Democrats, they'd have to nominate Kamala Harris who isn't a great candidate, she's terrible in debates, and struggles in interviews. Those things don't matter on the Republican side, but for a Democrat it's unlikely they win since they're at a massive systemic disadvantage as it is. Buttigeg is their best, most charismatic candidate but he wouldn't win a primary since he's extremely unpopular within the Black community. Remember, it doesn't matter what most Americans want: the electoral college skews what Democrats need to win and rewards Republicans for nominating insane candidates.
  8. Ha! People in the MAGA-verse have convinced themselves that Trump is still secretly President, therefore all those legislative victories belong to him.
  9. The incumbency bonus is less than it was previously, however, Joe Biden would stand the best chance of beating Trump or DeSantis. A non Biden candidate would be a heavy underdog against either one. I was a Buttigieg fan in the primaries, but frankly, Democrats don't have many good candidates since most of them tripped over themselves to win the Sanders wing of the party, which is unelectable.
  10. You mean the guy who signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, PACT Act for Vets after Senate Republicans did everything they could to look like morons, signed Bipartisan Gun Legislation, signed Legislation to actually reduce the deficit, and lowered drug costs for seniors? Yeah, I totally miss the former President who recommended injecting bleach. He was a real winner!
  11. Woah, cult members?! They simply love the greatest American, saving us from decline (from brown people), who's ever walked the earth. Do you think Trump, in all his patriotic glory, is just some self-serving grifter who's spent his entire life lying, cheating (especially on his wives), and bullying others with the sole goal of enriching himself?! No sir! He's a great American who genuinely believes in his America First policies. He's not some self-serving asshat who's greatest business success is abusing bankruptcy law and being born wealthy! How dare you!
  12. Other Red states can join them, provided they pay back decades of subsidies they've received from the federal government since they've been leeching. Once they do, they can name Trump President for life, clean up after their own climate disasters, defund services like Medicare, Social Security, Education, etc. and name women as property. It'll be a place conservative dreams are made of.
  13. Bingo. Dining options at Cracker Barrel enrage the Trump base. Concerning ourselves about what enrages a political group motivated entirely by rage isn't something we need to concern ourselves with.
  14. I somewhat disagree. Democrats protect Republican voters from themselves often enough as it is. Let Republicans themselves figure it out. America needs them to get it together because Democrats can't just keep pulling them forward kicking and screaming anymore.
  15. The funny thing about all this is that Republicans were warned, by Lindsay Graham himself, how this would all end, as you previously posted. Anybody who cared to look could see that his Presidency would end in disgrace, in front of a landscaping service and a sex shop, and that the fallout would be toxicity that griped the entire party. Republicans knew this, they warned voters, then they decided to latch on - because otherwise you lose your political career like Liz Cheney - and now they have to pretend that this was a hit job. I do not feel sorry for Republicans for bringing this on themselves. They hitched their wagon to an individual with the intelligence of a 7th grader who's spent his entire life looking out for only himself. Republicans are getting what they deserve.
  16. Our boi Dark Brandon got on that a few months ago. https://www.npr.org/2022/03/08/1085315491/congress-passes-bill-to-shore-up-the-postal-service-without-cutting-back-on-deli
  17. The answer to these questions makes Conservatives uncomfortable, and therefore they must rationalize their support of Cheeto Man by rejecting this reality. A Trump appointed, registered Republican, federalist society member going after the most obvious criminal who makes no attempts to hide his crimes shatters their worldview. It MUST be the left who forced this Trump appointed, career Republican, federalist society member into doing this. It HAS to be true that this is a politically motivated hit job from said Trump appointed, career Republican, federalist society member who's working with the far Left-autocratic Democrats. Because if that's not true, it means I support and voted for a career criminal. It means I've been grifted for years. It means that the election wasn't stolen, and that my political preferences might actually be dangerous. That cannot be true, or else I might have to vote differently or come to uncomfortable realizations about the political party I've constructed my identity around, which is simply unfathomable.
  18. Yeah, turns out that kneecapping a federal agency for decades so rich people can cheat their taxes takes a lot of manpower to get on their feet. In truth, the number of agents will be far less than that. They need to modernize equipment, they're mandated to provide a direct tax filing, they need analysts to keep up with every changing tax codes, etc.
  19. Yes, the left. The party that tried to undermine democracy by telling the Georgia Secretary of State to find votes to help their candidate. They notoriously tried to stop the electoral college count on January 6th and have been on a noble crusade of finding illegitimate votes all across the country. At a certain point, it's hard to take you guys seriously. That point was somewhere back in the 1970s, but you guys are straight out of an SNL skit at this point. It's simultaneously hilarious and sad.
  20. Let Florida and other red states form their own country, the Trumps' can lead them for life. We can use those 87k IRS agents to recoup all the tax revenue we've subsidized red states with for the last few decades.
  21. You voted for this, twice, despite being told how terrible of a choice it was both times. You wanted this, don't act surprised now.
  22. The GOP loves this guy. Their hatred of America, servicemen, or American values knows no bounds.
  23. Republican voters get what they deserve. If they want to be voluntarily grifted - while those liberals on their high horses yell into the void that is a bad idea - let them.
  24. The amendment - *gasp* - needed 60 votes to pass, as many as a stand alone bill needs. The proposed stand alone bill was identical to what was included in the IRA. Republicans didn't vote for it because they didn't want Democrats to add another win in the bill.
  25. This is what the the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs thinks of Trump. I want to add, for my America-hating Trump voters, that this is not a surprise. It was obvious to anybody back in 2015 that Trump was this way. You didn't exactly need to be a member of Mensa to see it.
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