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  1. Cause I’m a nerd and like stats. Why would so many care to watch a virtual game?
  2. Has anyone seen a box score for the game. I’ve looked around but since it wasn’t anything official I haven’t been able to find it.
  3. And I’m not bashing on Frost. I think he’s the right guy and is going to get us turned around. But I’d sure like to see him more involved in all phases of the game. He is the head coach after all and getting paid a lot of money to not lose games like this.
  4. Something that I find concerning when you compare Frost to other head coaches is the lack of communication he has with the team during the game. Now obviously tv doesn’t show everything but you never see him communicating with the o-line or the defense period. The quarterback often comes off the field and goes straight to the bench and puts on the head set. To me this just shows Frost unwillingness to change the game plan or the scheme mid game. And you also don’t see him talking with other coaches on the sidelines. If the coaching staff is as close of family as they want us all to think then
  5. Hilarious the amount of post wanting to see macaffery. He didn’t even make the trip lol.
  6. Les miles fires his offensive coordinator mid season and there has been clear improvement. We are just horrible on defense. Nobody around the ball and my god we can’t tackle to save our lives.
  7. With 4 games remaining I think we will see a lot of new faces. Freshman who can play the 4 games and still redshirt will be thrown into the mix. Why not. Result won’t be any worse.
  8. I would love for somebody to ask how we week in week out make very average quarterbacks look like all Americans. We do nothing at all to confuse the opposing offense and they pick us apart.
  9. At least the stadium isn’t 1/2 full of husker fans to see this debacle
  10. Seriously how bad are we at center that we have to watch these poor snaps week after week. I don’t care how much potential they think this kid has it’s messing up the whole offense.
  11. With Urban Meyer leaving I bet Haskins declares as well.
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