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  1. methodical

    Trump Foreign Policy

    Just goes to show how absolutely moronic he thinks his followers are. "Rogue killers" INSIDE a Saudi consulate, flown in in the middle of the night on a charter'd flight, and leaving the same day. You know your typical tourists.
  2. methodical

    Responsibility vs Blame

    It's been a dumpster fire since Callahan. That's 14 years at this point. We'll see if Frost gets them back where he wants to, but frankly if he doesn't, the Huskers aren't going back to the top ever. With the overreaction and lack of patience people have here, my money's on never. There's a lot to be said about consistency when you're talking about building a team from school kids. Every week I see more and more clicking. The losses suck, of course, for them most of all but at least the team looks like they want to actually try and play football and to get better. They don't look like they just want to go through the motions every play and get home asap. They have an almost comical ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory but that isn't new. They've done that for years in big games. They get all jittery, make mistakes and then throw in the towel. The throw in the towel part is really what made it unbearable to watch for me, and thankfully that's a lot better. People calling for heads and looking for anyone they can to place blame, well, that's what got Nebraska here in the first place. That and having AD's and President's stupid enough to listen. It's down to the last hope here, IMO. The university's tried the "throw money" approach, we ended up with Callahan. They tried the "lets just fix the defense approach" we ended up with a few good years under Pelini and then attrition, they tried the "lets get someone with a similar public temperament to TO" and we ended up with Riley. This team was awful last year and had a lot of attrition. People predicting 9 wins or even 6+ wins were obviously nuts. It's time for a new approach: The sit back, support the team and let the coach sort it out on his own approach. If it doesn't work out, we're down to the "make it 1997 again through science or magic" and begging TO not to retire approach.
  3. methodical

    The Angry Violent Left

    Idk, these rules are hard to understand since they keep changing. It's like 90s cell phone contract fine print. "Your minutes are only good on the 3rd friday of the month after 11pm until 2am."
  4. methodical

    The Angry Violent Left

    Idk it was at a hotel though right, not technically a restaurant.
  5. methodical

    The Angry Violent Left

    Check out this guy, apparently has never heard of JFK.
  6. methodical

    The Angry Violent Left

    They need to stop calling them "impressionable" and start using the non PC terms for them, since that's all they'll understand. Gullible Idiots. That's what they are, that will cherry pick whatever their propaganda machine serves them up and get outraged about it. EVERYONE, on both sides, unless they are a nut-ball are outraged about most of the list. But personally, I find it hard to care if any representative (R or D) can't go out to dinner with the public if they spend their days s#!tting on them and policies they depend on, they absolutely need to know how the things they do affects the citizens of the country and most of them insulate themselves from the public so they can live in their own little bubble and pretend everyone agrees with them on everything.
  7. methodical

    Well hello there Justice Kavanaugh

    I hope you're prepared to go toe to toe on bird law!
  8. methodical

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    If he's all those things, then there was absolutely no reason for republicans to restrict who the FBI could contact or what they could look at in a follow up investigation to clear his name. He might've been falsely accused, but we'll never know, and republicans doing that made sure that he'll forever have an asterisk by his name and half the country will view him as a drunk frat boy, attempted rapist, liar, and partisan political operative. At best only one of those things *might* not be true.
  9. methodical

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    Gloat all you want, but that isn't something to be proud of, tomorrow they'll delegitimized the court in over half the country's eyes. That was the last part of the government that people still had a reasonable amount of faith in. It'll be a bad day for this country on balance. Congrats on sticking it to us though.
  10. methodical

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    Probably as seriously as any decent person would take senators in a hearing in front of a separate and equal branch of the government that he's basically interviewing for a job with. To be clear though none of them outright accused him of anything during questioning, and even before the questions had started he came out directing rage at them and blaming "the Clintons." Which everyone seems to now be an agent of the Clintons if they don't bend the knees for the Donald or want to see an actual process that isn't influenced by people in the senate and whitehouse holding their thumbs on the scales wile pushing for the confirmation as fast as possible so nobody looks behind the curtain.
  11. methodical

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    I watched it, he testified at length by dodging the democratic senator's questions as he raged at them like a teenager caught in a lie inbetween republican senators disingenuously decrying the process that was a farce because of their own "investigation," long before that day, and then fellatiating him instead of asking questions. LOL, parroting Ric? we've been over that many times before.
  12. methodical

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    There's been several republican senate run that were obviously a formality designed to look at nothing and push their man through. Then there's been the FBI "investigation" that was limited in scope to a few people surrounding two of the 3 accusers, without any questioning of Kavanaugh or Ford, or other accusers or people happy to detail his lying to the senate. These were investigations in the same way a banana republic would investigate, "Ohh we looked almost nowhere, and we found nothing. Big surprise, now shut up peasant and move along." The US is as corrupt as any third world country at this point, lead by people that don't even care to hide it anymore, because they know they have 1/3rd of the electorate that will blindly support them and only seem to get more energized the worse they show themselves to be.
  13. methodical

    The Top Fifth

    It's fine we can't agree. I'm curious what happens after generations of assets like real-estate get passed down from one family member to another in perpetuity? what about when you include the gains and any other purchases? America's been around for 250 years round about and we've had single families that have been passed down wealth equivalent to something like 4x Bill Gates's wealth. What does the end result become when they aren't families that have a gilded age sense of class based social responsibility or aren't private about their influence, do we now live with the koch's and soros's buying influence and steering the debate from beyond the grave for the rest of the countries existence? I'd agree with you that for things like active non-purely investment vehicle tax dodging companies a succession plan that isn't a huge penalty would be reasonable, but the reasonable thing to me if we got rid of the estate tax would be to make up for it by actually taxing the wealthy before death... and that's a non-starter to many if not most republicans also. So while not ideal, this tax allows the wealthy to grow their wealth much more during a lifetime, for a tax burden on that potentially larger amount later. Like most things tax wise it's a trade off, one more that we're slowly eroding away with no thought as to why it was put in place in the first place.
  14. methodical

    Trump's Money

    Well its exempt, up to like 5.5 million now before it's even touched, and the rate used to be as high as 77%. Personally I have no problem with it, even at the higher rate, but I doubt it was ever not "dodged" by the ultra-wealthy through trusts and whatever else. I don't like the idea of American royalty though.
  15. methodical

    Medicaid expansion on Nebraska ballot

    So nice someone is finally calling out those huge corporations!