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  1. 100+ people traveling from state to state to college campuses that will probably still be mostly closed during a pandemic, except for "essential" staff for a sporting event and the TV crews/Network Talent to broadcast it. I can't think of a better demonstration that there's nothing amateur about the athletes at football schools. I think it's highly unlikely that there's any football this fall. People have already pointed out the potential liability of it from the student athlete point of view. What about the other people? people driving buses or press? God forbid having 200+ pe
  2. Its 160ish there about in 5 years, so yes its a matter of time, and approximately 5 years from now or so I'll be able to post there again. I lurk more than post, and I'll happily continue to do so. I just happen to disagree with the policy change that I got caught in and said so. I envy those of you that have the time to rack up 90+ posts a day and consider it a slow day, but I won't be joining those ranks, I don't have that much to say.
  3. I think you're making a leap there, personally. The fact that I don't contribute nearly as much to the football forum doesn't mean it isn't my main interest here and why I joined the board originally. I read it to stay current on what is going on and what I would add, would there be anything I felt compelled to, has usually already been said. Where as P&R was interesting discussions with less of the same views as me.
  4. While I am under no delusion that anyone will miss me in there or notice I am gone. Nor do I want to just go echo what everyone has already said a dozen times before I read threads in the football forum just to up a counter. So just let me say it seems a bit arbitrary, the 250 post count, so you earned yourself an eye-roll Enhance, as I'm not above shooting the messenger(a passive aggressive emote that is).
  5. His success was getting the biggest rich shyster idiot in the country elected. If Trump had brain one he would have taken office and said "we need to secure our elections from foreign interference" and "I certainly believe in our intelligence and intelligence professionals and we need to let law enforcement investigate and come up with recommendations to protect the integrity of our elections from electronic espionage and influence campaigns" then let the FBI run with it. Then it ends there. Instead he tried to bury all his staff's contacts with Russians, fired Comey for the "Russ
  6. 1) yes, although I don't know enough about every aspect of it, but support the idea in general. 2) Yes, because the court doesn't reflect the country when you stack it one way or the other. It should be balanced, and attempts to skew it either way are wrong. Actually historically we've had both more and fewer judges on the court. Nowhere is 9 set in law AFAIK. 3) yes, the electoral college is just a plain old dumb Idea. My vote should count the same in Nebraska or New York. Edit: I mixed up looking at the poll and the post below it with the voting age th
  7. I disagree, years ago it was pretty obvious that the "news" part of fox news exists to give them a "credibility" they can point to when people point out their propaganda from all their other shows. Now we're finding out that they were doing things like killing stories they didn't want to come out prior to the election too. They are a news organization only so far as it gives them something to shield themselves with and point to in an attempt to prove legitimacy. So they are at least as bad on the news side, assuming all their news employees are duped and stupid into believing they are legit
  8. Removing him from office or worse impeaching without removal and then no longer having that looming threat to at least partially keep him in check would be a big defeat for her. Pence would walk strait in to the oval after that and pardon Trump, if they even could convict. I'd personally prefer if he lost the election, SDNY and whoever else charged him the next day and he and his idiotic offspring were actually held accountable for their tax dodging and other crimes. Her mistake was answering that question in the first place, in any way that wasn't "We'll have to wait and see wha
  9. 1). Yes, it's a duh for the country, it'll save money in the long run, and it's long overdue. The lives and welfare of fellow citizens shouldn't be held hostage based on how much they earn and getting sick shouldn't ever result in financial ruin. 2). Yes, for public research institutions. A Degree is a requirement anymore for even some of the s#!ttiest of entry level jobs, but having a well educated population benefits almost everyone. Long gone are the days where you can walk into somewhere and slap your resume down, hope they like you and get training on the job. That has bee
  10. Monetary and fear based mainly. "Your care isn't going to be as good," "government death panels," "You're going to lose your doctor," "The governments going to tell you X," "Where are we going to magically get all this money," "Doctors are going to leave the country in droves," "you'll be standing in the soup line for medical care," "you'll have wait-lists" etc... Then there's the ones targeted at people without empathy or full of hate, "Do you want your money to cover <Insert Stereotype here>" and you can go ahead and insert any marginalized group into that or any populatio
  11. He sort of explained it briefly on a MSNBC or CNN clip I saw last night. These were people that have either already given info or testimony and therefore will have a very tough time going back and claiming executive privilege and added that this wasn't a final list, this was the beginning and that its possible she would be asked for things in the future.
  12. They have along with you know the audio recordings that came out from Cohen and Trump himself discussing the McDougal payoff through AMI.
  13. https://www.newyorker.com/books/second-read/ivanka-trumps-terrible-book-helps-explain-the-trump-family-ethos They totally understand the common man, they had no advantages, they simply know how to make the best of bad situations.
  14. I don't see where he gets money for it, it seemed like he was playing for sympathy and more face time in front of a camera. I didn't follow this much, because I don't care about celebrity crap and don't watch TV often, but it really felt like he was really playing it up for sympathy and publicity. The problem is crazy people like him with schemes like this not only take police resources from actual victims but also make people more likely to disbelieve real victims of hate crimes. He'll be lumped in with the left because he tried to make it political with the MAGA crap, which gives people s
  15. I'm pretty liberal when it comes to tax stuff, but I disagree with this too, you absolutely should be able to carry losses forward like that unless the entity goes bankrupt (shouldn't be transferable). Once they are whole then taxes would kick in, otherwise it's a penalty, but capital is needed up front to do almost anything. That sort of buffer could also help a company stay in business if they had a few rough years. Basically what the market needs for jobs and growth is stability and kicking people when they are down or trying to create something doesn't help that.
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