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  1. Good luck to you good sir if you choose Herm Edwards on his last strain of sanity as your coach. Herm: Devils Digest huh! Where you located my man... OK OK Im catholic now Im a christian... watch out for them devils. Just sayin just sayin! Im not going to take it personal." Reporter: " I think you are going to see devils all over". Its the mascot sir. THE MASCOT OF THE TEAM IN WHICH YOU ARE THE HEAD COACH.
  2. F*** Herbstreit. Always and forever.
  3. Scott Frost chews big red gum. If you dont chew big red...
  4. I read somewhere on another board his wife was heard stating she was on board with going wherever they needed to.
  5. Lol have you listened to our press conferences? Don't have to wander far to find similar quality reporters
  6. I'm officially over mike riley now. He chews orbit. If you don't chew big red then f@&$ you. Hahaha
  7. He clarified in an additional tweet that it was per year that he was talking about.
  8. Everyone getting on other peoples case in this dumpster fire of a thread... that is comical. Isn't there a new thread that keeps out us general folk with our wild speculation, terrible sources and general lack of knowledge? Leave all that real stuff to the true insiders...
  9. I cant embed tweets to save my life... but take a gander at darren heitners twitter right now. Posted some interesting things regarding the frost chip saga.
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