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    ***Official Akron Look-A-Like Thread***

    Cameron Lyons Dax Shepard
  2. DelawareHuskerFan

    ***Official Akron Look-A-Like Thread***

    Kory Gribbin (Asst Coach) Justin Theroux
  3. DelawareHuskerFan

    ***Official Akron Look-A-Like Thread***

    Jerry Fitschen Jim Courier
  4. New to board. lifelong hukser fan. planning 1st visit to Lincoln and 1st Husker home game 9/6. Any recommendations for getting ticket, places to eat, etc? Thanks!

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    2. KingBlank


      95husker is exactly correct this is extra ticket unload area with few scalpers bought there for 4 years before my seasons

    3. Hoosker
    4. DelawareHuskerFan


      Thanks All for your suggestions. From NJ/DE area, but Dad was from NE and always been a fan. Looking forward to seeing stadium, fans, team. Have enjoyed following Huskerboard for several years. GBR.