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  1. So when it says Banned does that mean permanently or temporarily? 

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    2. Guy Chamberlin

      Guy Chamberlin

      So we're agreed about overthrowing the Moderators and demanding our freedom? 


    3. Hedley Lamarr

      Hedley Lamarr

      No one is giving you +1s Guy because the MODs can see who does it. Big brother is watching lol 

    4. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      I gave him a +1. Come at me bro mods :lol:


      *smiley faced to give illusion of joking*

  2. This is why we weren’t sad when Bush left. happy for mick and then sad in injury.
  3. Seriously Wilbon, thanks for being a Husker, but goodness.
  4. Would you take Martinez over Haskins? I would. Mason had Haskins as best QB in conference is why I asked.
  5. Let’s all agree, thank god we haven’t faced many dual threat QB’s this year.
  6. A little frustrated with ball carriers carrying the ball in the wrong hand. Noticed it quite a bit a couple weeks ago too.
  7. I know you’re not around anymore @Monique8 but I’m so happy for you and your son. Also very proud he’s a husker.
  8. Bush looks pretty good, but there just has to be something about his ball that makes it hard for receivers to catch. This is horrible by his receivers.
  9. Seriously, poor Caleb Lightbourne..... all it took was completely taking him out of the gameplan for our ST to stand out.
  10. Oh boy. You sound like you might be an outsider.
  11. Yup. I’ve enjoyed plenty of the alternates. To me, the deciding factor is honestly whether I can read the numbers/names lol. #ducttape
  12. They definitely look weird, but they don’t look bad at all IMO.
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