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  1. No cash prize, and I don't intend on buying any votes from you. As a Husker fan I would expect you to support another Husker fan, the same way I would for any of you. If you expect me to buy your vote, you're sadly mistaken.
  2. No I'm not Tyler Labine, but nice try haha. Also I was wearing black for the b******* against Miami. I just want as much support from Husker Nation as possible and for everyone to keep spreading the word! Because Nebraska deserves to represent the B1G for having the best fans, not Iowa...
  3. Husker Nation, I need your help! I am currently leading in the race for B1G Fan of the Year, but there are a few Iowa fans who want to change that... Please help by voting for me EACH DAY between now and November 17th! Share with your friends and vote every day! Go Big Red, WE CAN'T LET IOWA WIN!!! Share this with everyone you know and please let's put this competition to rest, considering Husker fans are the greatest in all of college sports! Go Big Red!!! http://bit.ly/1w6Y5bu
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