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  1. Blackdeuce

    OL Jarrett Bell [ASU -Signed LOI]

    So, according to Genesfinder, every OL player on the current roster is better than Jarrett Bell, so he wouldn't get to play until they are all gone? Having other guys on hand doesn't mean that he couldn't compete and win the job. I know I'd make my decision based on what Genesfinder says. He seems to know everything. Just ask him.
  2. Blackdeuce

    New book about Ozigbo

    I thought Ozigbo looked good. Better than a tired Tre Bryant.
  3. Blackdeuce

    SIGNED - DT Damion Daniels

    This guy seems like a great person. Watched his signing video on ESPN. Very humble, and appreciative.
  4. Blackdeuce

    CB Elijah Blades [Oregon Commit]

    YES! Welcome aboard.
  5. Blackdeuce

    Keyshawn Sr certainly behind Riley and the Huskers

    I think it's cool to have the son of Keyshawn at Nebraska. It speaks highly of NU.
  6. Blackdeuce

    The Paranormal

    I haven't had any paranormal experiences, but I enjoy watching some of the shows on TV. Some of them are pretty convincing. Others are just entertaining. My parents live is a house that must be 100 years old. For many years, my mother would hear dancing upstairs when she played certain songs on her piano. Several of her friends also witnessed this. A number of years ago, it just stopped. My wife also had a strange experience in their home. We were visiting my parents and slept in an upstairs bedroom. During the night, I had gotten up and gone to the restroom. My wife was in bed with my infant son. She felt someone sit down on the bed next to them and assumed it was me (it was pitch dark in the room). A little later, I walked into the room. Pretty weird.
  7. Good choice. I wish I had my first car which was a 1970 Dodge Super Bee. I currently have a 2010 R/T Challenger with a Magnuson Supercharger. It's all the toy that I need.
  8. Blackdeuce

    Why Pelini will NOT be fired

    Lots of crystal balls weren't working.
  9. Blackdeuce

    Best Husker Performances at NFL Combine

    Burkhead is a stud. I remember Stewart Bradley doing 28 reps on the bench. Pretty impressive for a linebacker, I thought.
  10. Blackdeuce

    Charlton Warren leaving

    I enjoyed that. LOL.