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  1. That was exactly the deal, gsg
  2. There's a higher than normal chance of a coaching change right now. It would be swell if we could bring back rumorville for this. It's been the most fun part about a coaching search which can be an otherwise crummy time.
  3. The jokes on you! Enjoy your Tim Beck offense!
  4. I think I need to get filled in on this weather thing.Proximity to talent is the one advantage they do have (though they are not closer to Texas or Ohio, etc) and the same is true of programs from Utah to Wyoming to Fresno. Boulder, CO is a beautiful place and the school practically sits on the Rockies. I believe it's stated the connection comes from Eichorst's time at Wisconsin with Alvarez, when Riley was held in high regard (he turned down Badger interest at one point also, not sure if it coincides) as well as his time in South Carolina, when Riley was a candidate but they ended up going after Spurrier. I could be wrong, but isn't the Pacific northwest pretty much a Mediterranean climate? They don't have the stretches of below zero winters and 100degree with 90 percent humidity summers that we have here. And Shawn worked for Wisconsin, after the hire there is some debate as to whether he is still on their payroll. Oregonian here. Our climate is NOT Mediterranean. You'd need to get into Norcal for that. Northern Oregon is gorgeous (Portland, Eugene). Corvallis is NOT NICE. Lived in Lincoln for years. I LOVE living in Oregon, but you couldn't pay me to live in Corvallis. The mountains, ocean, etc., are quite a way from there. It's no Portland. Hell, it's not even a Lincoln.
  5. Yeah, I'm talking other programs here. I wasn't clear about that.
  6. I hear a lot of talk about who do we want, but maybe there is som other program out there that wants our guy? It would seem like that would make things MUCH easier on us for getting the right coaching staff. Is this a possibility? EDITED FOR CLARITY
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