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  1. A message board without sock puppet and rumorville is the equivalent of having shawn Eichorst as an Ad. Bring the the sprinkles back. We need sprinkles.
  2. Kindof seems the opposite approach of what we expect out of our offense/team where its going to take 7 years to be competitive
  3. I get why he left though, wasnt hired for the sprinkles crowd
  4. No one was worse then us at it for a year and a half. Sometimes it felt like once a drive. And the ravens qb got hurt cause of it today.
  5. Im sure a lot of coeds at the u would agree
  6. If his snapping is fixed, which it seems it is, we absolutely do. Not to many centers that can move and pull like he does.
  7. If he can take snaps hes currently better then what we have
  8. He did say 50/50 use in offense and being home. And with sipple saying today mills probaly isn't coming back, next year is going to hurt.
  9. Probaly not as a poweback would be a start. Or having a qb that can get him the ball. Where he transfers will say alot.
  10. That ive given up trying to have a discussion with you. Good luck
  11. College coaches have done the same thing.
  12. Im at working so trying to type way to fast. I agree he went for two at the wrong moment,but at the end he had no choice.
  13. Who cares if you win and it doesnt feel like you won? That would of felt like cheating the sport.
  14. I kindof agree with you here. We just need a different coach. Great coaches change things almost immediately. Browns and redskins are a great example.
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