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  1. You mean the claims still coming?
  2. And frost may have had it worse, thats for sure, but riley was left a pretty big mess and did little to fix the long term. But if gebbia works out this whole program is on a different trajectory. Riley was left a little better qb with tommie armsostrong. But neither one of them really had a competent qb on the roster. But riley not adjusting to Tommie was probaly his biggest blunder.
  3. I think its got to be Illinois in 2020. There are bigger, more marquee loses, but getting blown out by an Illinois that eventually fired their coach was pretty bad.
  4. I feel like this needs to be worst loss each year, because there really is a horrible loss each year
  5. And in rileys defense, he dealt with more crap then frost has. Eichorst, perlman, had diaco forced on him, and Pelini souring the well before he left.
  6. Oklahoma is also having problems winning more then 5 games in a year
  7. Even though all that is really debatable, ie herbert is from eugene and was going to oregon either way. But, whats more likely, Oregon attracted recruits and frost was there. Or frost recruited great qbs everywhere else and in 4 years cant at Nebraska? If its this one, how do you explain? Luck? Been said by some many times on this board that frost cant be blamed for his first recruiting class. If you cant be blamed, you cant receive credit either. Which means milton was sheer luck.
  8. Marriota was first scene by mark helfrich. Herbert is the same year as milton, frost cant get credit for both
  9. This actually needs to be in bold and caps.
  10. Yeah, its impossible to follow along when some of you guys just spit ball with random made up scenarios. My point stands either way, there is no proof that covid affected nebraska anymore then anyone else. Sticking your head in the sand and constantly saying something along the lines of liar liar pants of fire when you dont like what somewhen else says is delusional.
  11. You guys are making s#!t up at this point its getting embarrassing. there is no positive correlation here to prove your point. Between returning starters, record, etc. The only thing i think everyone would agree on is that having a new qb in a covid world would be the hardest thing to recover from. That said, of the 10 teams with 15 or less returning starting, Nebraska had the fourth worst record. 2 of those teams had new qbs. the only other, Michigan, only returned 11 starters. Bringing up all this makes frost look worse, remember, nebraska and ohio state were doing a bit more
  12. Thats right, i forgot no other teams in the big ten had new coaches, qbs, sophmores, or freshmans on their team. They also werent hoping for an impact of their young players. Just nebraska, and just frost.
  13. No one had fall or spring prep, thats a tired reason. Stregnth of schedule is incredibly important, but not as important as not being prepared to play and getting blown out by illinios, or losing at home to a Minnesota team missing a large chunk of its roster and hadnt playerd in three week.
  14. I know frost was handed a bad deck, but the way he played the cards has made it worse. Frost is also one more 5-7 season away from having a worse career coaching record percentage then Riley
  15. I thinks its a matter of if, not when. Lots of college programs have fallen of the cliff and barely been relevant again. A lot of things that made nebraska good, great, or dominant simply do not exist anymore.
  16. I completely agree. At best we are hoping for a qb that cant stay healthy, a rb transfer that cant stay healthy and a fcs transfer at wr. All with the hardest schedule we have had in years. Only thing that might save us is the amount of returning seniors we have on defense.
  17. I think alot of us, myself included, forget how Frost picked his first job. Ucf was a great spot at the time, anything was going to look like a major improvement.
  18. Depends if nebraska gets out of their own way. Sounds easy, but been a problem for a long while
  19. I know the games with Iowa have been close, but beating them requires us not beating ourselves, has very little to do with plays iowa makes. They play to see if we will beat ourselves, last few years we keep obliging, not sure if that changes.
  20. Im impressed with what you are still attempting to do here. Everyone else that has gone down this path before you had failed.
  21. I think this is the exact same thing we all saw on tv watching some of these games. But, you know, we will be better next year....
  22. Yeah, i dont get that either. They return a bunch of starters also. They have to retool their o line which should really benefit us, but that game is no gimme
  23. Its not iowa anymore. Just other teams liks Illinois. But 2-3 punts with ohio state is improvement
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