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  1. Spoken like someone who hasn't experienced this virus. It is most certainly not a crock of sh*t. But, you keep on doing you. I think there are families of about 225k people who would agree with me and millions others that survived who would as well. If he truly has it, he needs to quarantine, period. If he doesn't, he doesn't game on. But, remember he is a kid with a promising future at the moment in football. But, he's still just a kid.
  2. This is that attitude I like to see! I agree 100%. Thank you.
  3. Slow down folks. The rapid test SUCKS. See, e.g. Nick Saban and the Indianapolis Colts. Sacrifice speed for accuracy. That said, I hope Mertz doesn't actually have Covid. I hope that for all athletes who are playing so we can watch, even those at Iowa/Ohio State.Michigan. All of them. We knew this was the season going in...no margin for error, no bye weeks, if games can't be played they are a "no contest." Lets wait for the PCR results and see what happens with the rest of their team. (and Illinois' defense, for that matter). It's bad. It's bad for Mertz, it's bad for the Badgers an
  4. I for one am willing to completely overlook your posts that I might not agree with because of the Location you have listed. With ND-WF postponed due to the virus, it is such a simple sentiment and one thing everyone can do that may, just may actually help us get to a season. For that, I thank you.
  5. Wisconsin also won the Leaders Division twice in those three years. I feel like maybe they played the schedule in front of them. One of those years, they knocked us silly hanging 70 points on us.
  6. OMG. Is this a troll account? Parody? You cannot be serious with this? The COP/C actually bears responsibility to protect the ENTIRE university community because the University really is bigger than just the football team. They are concerned with the students, faculty, staff, administrators, employees, the entire community! Have you happened to notice that some NFL teams are playing with limited fans in attendance and others are playing to an empty stadium? Do you have the faintest idea why that is? These decisions had to be among the most difficult the COP/C ever made because of the i
  7. I, for one, have not spoken to anyone I know from fellow B1G schools who have had any respect for us. Most, however, want us to compete and acknowledge a decent Husker team would be great for the conference. But, nobody cares about playing us. Nobody that I know anyway.
  8. Is does and it is. The conference, acting in the interests of its member institutions and the Student-Athletes postponed the season initially and seems to have come up with a plan that maximizes revenue from the outlets it has (to date) deemed safe to pursue. Mainly TV dollars, which as far as I know fund members athletic departments across the board. Now we get football. But everyone should do their part to slow the spread so that we make it to late October. Letting one member go rogue is absolutely detrimental to the rest of the conference. It is selfish and, frankly, stupid
  9. Are you saying that the conference specifically picked on Nebraska when they canceled the leaguewide non-conference games? That is insanity to even suggest. Notre Dame was going to head to Lambeau to play Wisconsin. PSU had the Hokies on the schedule, OSU had Oregon. Just those three games alone would have been marquee matchups for the TV Networks...but if losing out on Central Michigan, Cincinnati and South Dakota are that troubling to you...
  10. Wisconsin has played OSU 8X since we joined the conference and has 4 more scheduled through 2025. Granted a few of those games were Championship games. But it doesn't seem fair to describe us as a victim. The conference scheduling operates the same for all teams.
  11. Competing outside the conference is the dumbest thing ever discussed. It won't happen, and shouldn't happen.
  12. Sure, there is a chance they have improved, but same goes for the competition. I am assuming the team is in disarray as in the past 4-5 seasons, and more. They need to prove otherwise in my book. For now, I have 2-3 wins as likely, 4 on the far extreme of potential. Any more and they overachieved. The question becomes why? Was it improvement or something else (prevailing conditions)? I will wait and see and the next month of waiting is gonna suck! I'm ready
  13. We could compete in the AAC I bet. In the B1G, we have to play a B1G schedule. We start 0-4 unless we catch all the breaks and face opponents with a Covid-based advantage. I expect 2 wins the rest of the way, maybe 3. Another 5th place West Division season, assuming we make it through a season. The good news is that we have hope and unlike any year before, the one certainty is that this entire fall is uncertain. Look at Houston, Baylor, etc. Games will be "postponed" (really canceled with the conference schedule not allowing any margin for error) and teams will battle injury and illness
  14. I see 2-3 wins, 4 if we overachieve
  15. Not that home field matters much, but they flipped the Wisconsin game from road to home. I guess when you sue the people who set the schedule, you really should expect them to be upset. I think it is that simple. We can't always be afraid to play tough teams. We used to strap up and play anyone without fear. That is who we need to become again.
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