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  1. Honestly, I feel like the team took the high road and opted out of a bowl to save the embarrassment of not being invited to play. Not a bad play, IMO. We made it OUR decision. The rest to me is just noise.
  2. Does he think that, or does he just not know?
  3. Well, the defense mitigated the damage, that's something I suppose
  4. Already with the "refs are against us" talk? Seems premature
  5. By your logic, we need to play bad teams in order to finish with a winning record. That gives me no comfort at all. Now, if we were to beat decent teams, playing at full strength (us and them) that is another discussion. I have seen little this season that gives me hope.
  6. I learned that Rutgers plays together for 60 minutes a game and it shows...Rutgers might beat us this season, glad we don't play them. I know that if we did, the game would be close.
  7. Rutgers lost, but they showed tremendous heart. I wish I saw a glimmer of heart on our sideline.
  8. Rutgers already beat Michigan State and is currently beating Michigan in 2d OT. Rutgers is improving on a steeper trajectory than the Huskers. That should be as unacceptable to everyone here as it is to me. I'm disgusted. UPDATE: Michigan is still fighting, but the fact that Rutgers forced their backs against a wall shows moxie
  9. Frost has or had the fan support, administration support, but doesn't seem to have really had the team support. Football is a team sport. everyone needs to execute and that isn't happening. Individual players have success because of the rest of the team. He's wrong for this job. Maybe the spotlight is too bright, maybe the pressure is to great...I don't know, maybe he was a good QB but just isn't a great HC. I'm just so frustrated.
  10. I learned that Illinois' social media account has a sense of humor. We brought that on ourselves. Laugh it off and move on.
  11. This has been happening for over 20 years. Nothing new here
  12. What happened then: Let us schedule somebody! What's happening now: whoa, we suck
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