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  1. Disney/ABC/ESPN haven't helped. They quite clearly have told us, only the CFP matter. Try to listen to the announcers for the Mayo Bowl or whatever...they fired every single good announcer they had. The broadcasts are s#!t. Bowl Games were always exhibition games. Always. Sure, in the Big Ten, the Rose Bowl mattered and I think it still does, personally. The turf is magical. The atmosphere...all of it. But, for the teams, any bowl matters the same, it is exposure (sort of), recruiting, extra practice time, a trip (maybe) to someplace warm with a fun experience...that's all any game has ever been. If i was looking at the draft, I wouldn't risk injury over an exhibition game. NIL is going to ruin college football in my opinion. Free education should be enough.
  2. LOL. The last thing I will ever do is pretend I know more about player development than he does!
  3. I have a close source who is someone in a position to know, Nobody is focused on players who aren't at the combine and go through the thorough scrutiny these days. Of course, teams will still try and find a hidden gem...but not in the first 4-5 rounds! They study these kids to an extreme these days. It's fascinating to talk to him. No I won't give up my source, but he knows. He is in the League, it's his job to know. Draft picks are too scarce to take a risk on an unknown. UNless someone gets in individual tryout, the chances are slim. Practice squad is more likely if no combine/tryout. Still a chance to earn a spot, but that's the route.
  4. I love the optimism. I really do. Consider me beaten down to the point that Frost has to win at least 8 games before I am capable of getting excited. And I am not talking about a soft non-con schedule. I mean at least 6 conference games, if not 7...at this point, I just don't think he has what it takes against a Big Ten schedule. Gotta win the games against good opponents. Period. Close is something. Close if you win some is more. Close and crapping the bed every time...nah.
  5. We haven't won against Wisconsin since 2017. What exactly did we expect with their super seniors? We played one heckuva match. neither team deserved to lose, but come on!
  6. So, NOW we acknowledge the pandemic? As a crutch or defense to s#!tty sportsmanship? We are Nebraska! We are the best sportsmans around...or so we say. We are hypocrites. That's the conclusion. That's the takeaway. Deal with it. We should have won in 4.
  7. You are entitled to your opinion, but our teams and fans are an embarrassment. We are NOT who we think we are
  8. Paul Sunderland really tried to help us, but what was up with the broadcast?
  9. I'm disgusted by our team's behavior. We should have stayed and honored Wisconsin. Cheered by the side of the road if you will. We ran out of the room.
  10. Texas' gym blows. Why on earth is the camera positioned opposite from R1? The camera angle should be behind R1 so we can see the calls! And Washington let everyone down. GBR
  11. I'm hearing he is looking at Kansas, to have a chance at beating Texas and be close to his girlfriend
  12. fan apathy is the first step to sustained irrelevance. By most objective standards, we are already there. When the donor's stop talking with their money, that's when sh*t gets super real. I have to think that is part of why we are where we are. It all comes down to money. Cost to get rid of Frost is simply too high. So we have to wait until next season. By then, the damage could be severe. Or we could find the next Barry Alvarez and find someone who rebuilds the program in 4 years, take us to the Rose Bowl and has many more years of success competing for the B1G, Does that mean we will compete for a national championship again...maybe, maybe not. But you got to start by winning our division, and playing for the conference. Without those steps, we can never and will never progress. We haven't done that since the horrific embarrassment in 2012. (70 points against us anyone?) we havent even come close. For a team with a championship tradition, we sure don't look like it.
  13. It's economics. Can't fire him because we gave him a stupid contract, when he was a virtual unknown (as a coach), he hung a banner and made National Champion t-shirts at UCF after playing a crap schedule and ending undefeated. We applauded that mentality because we are desperate for success. Truth is, he's terrible at the job, he has demonstrated that. Close is not good enough. Close means he failed 8 times. Close means we cannot compete against most of our conference. But, we don't want to pay him millions of dollars to do nothing. We'd rather wait until we can fire him for less and keep hoping that something changes. it won't be the officiating, it won't be the players. and if history is any indication, it wont' be the coaching. We bought one more year of not even mediocrity. We are officially awful. Hold onto the dream, because it seems more like a fever dream these days that an actual memory. We suck.
  14. Wow. Message board or not, this thread is an embarrassment to our fanbase. I'd give a lot to have Iowa's record, a chance at winning the West and a bowl game. Instead, we will ignore the bowls citing lots of reasons from Natural Light was on sale, to the lesser bowls don't matter, or bowls are meaningless unless its the CFP, but the fact is, they matter a lot to the program, the players. It's practice, a trip somewhere (usually) warm and fun, some swag, and one more chance for the Seniors to compete with the guys...but we are once again going to stay home. Bet it matters to the players...if it doesn't that is indicative of a bigger problem.
  15. I learned that if Frost was a man, his post game press conference after this commercial break would be him saying, he is resigning for the good of the program and waiving his buyout clause. He wants the program to return to it's former glory and clearly he isn't the one to lead the team there. Take responsibility, show some class. That's what I want to hear. Not some BS about a close game, the refs...none of it. Just contrition, acceptance and admit he is in way over his head. He just isn't capable of effectively coaching at this level.
  16. Does Northwestern even count as a win this season?
  17. You're wrong. I'll keep saying it. You. are. wrong. Dead wrong. Sorry, but the refs aren't why we suck. A penalty is NOT bad because it goes against the Huskers. They called a terrible targeting call earlier and corrected it on replay. We got some make-up calls...it goes both ways. Good teams do not constantly complain about the officiating. they simply don't. It's trash talk. Please stop. We finished 3-9. We haven't beaten a ranked opponent in forever. We haven't competed for a conference title in forever. We can't even win the West Division...and that isn't because the refs don't want us to...it's because we aren't good enough to compete against the weaker division in our conference.
  18. Give Uncle Frank a shot! Can't get any worse. Maybe he's the spark this team needs...who's to say he isn't?
  19. This is patently false. The refs aren't perfect, but they don't play. They call what they see. We have poor coaching, poor execution and poor play when it counts. That's why we keep losing.
  20. In other news, we are playing for a share of the conference title in volleyball after the game...
  21. Yeah, that's why we are headed for 3-9, the Refs...got it.
  22. If this is a catch, Iowa had a touchdown earlier...
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