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  1. as would 2018 Ohio State, but sure...he walks on water
  2. LOL, fair point. But, I doubt either of us really know whether hookers are off limits. My point is I don't think he achieves success here. 8, 10, 13...I think if he takes the job, he does it solely for the money (buyout) and mails in the rest. He's a jacka$$. I work because I get paid a salary, sure. But my effort reflects completely on my employer and my reputation is all I have to attract new business. I just don't believe he has the character to be invested. I believe he negotiates a golden parachute and works harder to jump out of the plane. Like Frost. He had to know that he was in WAY over his head. But he got the last laugh
  3. Kansas is up 28-14 over Houston. On the road after a major weather delay. It's possible to turn the suck around with the right personnel and support. We have the support...
  4. Going to be a long wait. But thank you for the compliment. I disagree with you. Completely. it's that simple. But seriously, get out your checkbook and write a check to NU Athletics, put in the memo it's for Urban's "hookers and blow" fund. Whatever it takes. He's wrong for the program. That's my opinion. Why do you get opinions but I don't? I stand by my opinion that he absolutely does not bring Nebraska back to relevance. Happy to be proven wrong though. But I won't be. He's not the guy. Great fantasy tho
  5. again, this is solid thinking. Not the knee-jerk "if we get Urban, we'll be relevant" nonsense. No, this is factual, well-reasoned and high-level analysis.
  6. in a nutshell, this lays out the problems we face
  7. I said I want more than 7-8 wins/year. But feel free to misinterpret my words to fit your narrative. Doesn't bother me. We need a coach who fits who we are. With a system that fits who we are. Back to basics. Strength and conditioning, team first, walk-ons...everybody working toward a common goal. We should compete for what is the big ten west every year (didn't say win, but we should be in the hunt every year until realignment happens again and I will reevaluate), we should be competitive in the conference championship game when we win the West. 2012 was unacceptable. If we win the conference championship, then we set our sights on a couple more games in an expanded playoff. But first, the division. PLay in a decent bowl game, not some garbage 4th tier game in Detroit. But we need to become eligible to play in a bowl game first. It is all possible. I just disagree that Urban Meyer is the guy to do it - why is that so hard for you to understand? It's my opinion as you have yours. I sincerely hope Urban signs a longterm contract after talking to Trev, and look forward you sending me these messages in a few years and saying "I told you so" I just don't think that will ever happen.
  8. This is solid logic. Top to bottom, good points and a solid choice
  9. I related what Urban did in college in the past with our fanbase's weird obsession with where we were in the 1970s/1980s. Apples and oranges. Florida/tOSU are not Nebraska. End of story. But get him, give him a billion dollars, makes no difference to me. I'll still watch and I'll still be frustrated when we lose.
  10. My objection is related to so much more. Baggage is a significant part of it. My 7-8 wins comment wasn't related to him but many people here who have professed to want that many. He isn't going to come to Lincoln and magically produce a new culture, he's toxic. But, if that's what everyone wants, fine. I am on record. Urban is only going to sign a coaching contract if he has a HUGE financial stake, win or lose. He simply doesn't have to do otherwise. I don't think we need to sell out the future (again) because of something he did in the past (sound familiar? it should). Again, feel free to want him. He's toxic. But please continue. I know what I believe and I doubt I'm wrong. Let's offer him the entire TV contract money! That should get him here.
  11. maybe put down the bottle. What makes YOU think that Urban Meyer is going to come to Lincoln, recruit players and coaches and magically win?
  12. Ha! I was never a scott Frost fan. He was a mediocre QB in a great system who didn't need to throw a lot. Wasn't sold on him at UCf. How about an up-and-comer coordinator, say a Jim Leonard at Wisconsin or similar? But feel free to tell me why this job is the same as Columbus or even Saban's deal in Tuscaloosa because it isn't. We need someone fairly obscure in my opinion, someone with everything to prove.
  13. Oh yeah. I'm sure hiring him magically results in a ton of wins in Lincoln. My bad. He's bad for the program. I'll keep saying it because it's true.
  14. OK. You kool-aid drinkers win. Hire Urban. But never, ever complain when he takes the money, doesn't produce the results you want and leaves. 7-8 wins a season is not my benchmark. It's higher. We had Bo. We ran him out of town. At this point, we don't deserve nice things. But sure, Urban is the savior. For my part, I am hoping for an up-and-comer who is willing to take a few calculated risks to build a program with a cohesive vision and plan and make a name for himself.
  15. I thought we had a great transfer portal (into the program) class??? For years, I've been reading all about how we have the talent... Maybe we don't? Total rebuild. Frame off restoration for me. Even the footballs. Start over from scratch.
  16. His legacy for me will always be buying fake National Champ t-shirts at UCF.
  17. We fired Bo because he was not "nice enough" - this isn't me talking, it's the collective "program" - the "Nebraska Nice" image and all
  18. short summary: tons of players arrested, fake heart attack, toxic locker room, left before the Gator implosion, cheating, scandal...I'll pass. He has nothing to gain and everything to lose. If he comes to Lincoln, it is simply a money grab and he won't care about the team.
  19. The portal part of this seems like it needs it's own thread to me. I didn't know that.
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