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  1. It's because... What's Davison going to do? Actually go out and get a job?
  2. Xmas32

    MLB 2022

    Appreciate the kind words @Mavric. It's been a really long time coming. Glglgl to both the Ms and the Mets this postseason. I hope both clubs go deep!
  3. Mickey starts talking around the 11 minute mark.
  4. Martinez is killing TTU on the ground. That 1-2 punch with he and Deuce is lethal.
  5. Get one last giant bag of money after duping the Auburn boosters into thinking he seriously wants to coach again and getting fired inside of 3 years. FIFY! I do think Urban to Auburn is at least plausible. Those boosters have unholy amounts of money to spend and if someone rolls up to Urb's house and says, "Hey, here's a blank check, just fill in the zeros" I would believe you. What if they pay Urbs like...$10mm/year?
  6. Probably for the best. Memorial Stadium needs to reduce seating anyway...
  7. It's actually 6 years of solid work as a DC but hey, feel free to twist the stats to suit your narrative. You mean except for winning the Big XII and the Sugar Bowl last year right? I mean do you actually think before you type this stuff?
  8. I'm surprised you have such a blind spot towards Aranda. He was the DC at Wisconsin from 2013-2015 when they were pretty good (minus getting boatraced by Ohio State that won the National Title) and then he DC'd at LSU in 2019 when they were arguably the best CFB team of all time. No kidding his numbers weren't great in 2019, they were hanging 60 on everyone and the starters were only playing half the games. They completely smothered Georgia/OU/Clemson in the last 3 games of the year.
  9. https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2022/new-webb-image-captures-clearest-view-of-neptune-s-rings-in-decades
  10. He's got some serious juice and looked great in limited action. I, too, hope he sticks around.
  11. I understand Taylor's points on a lot of things except this one. Granted, this is a bad look for Frost but with the new coach I don't think I'm out of bounds when I say that....I don't really care about the input of players from 30+ years ago and I hope the new coach isn't forced to talk with them outside of an offseason golf thing (if that). Look, I get the argument that it's important to have the old guys tell about how things used to be to set the standard but guess what, that horse has left the barn, the barn has burned down and on the land where the barn stood, it's now a Whole Foods.
  12. I saw this posted earlier either in this thread or another..I also might've read it elsewhere that Frost's dad passing away really did a number on him which is 100% understandable. From all accounts SF was really, really tight with his dad.
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