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  1. With the part I bolded I think that is the double edged sword with Frost being NU's head coach. Us as fans and the ex-players love Frost as the HC because he both 'gets it' as a former successful player and a native son. I do wonder if there is too much 'back in my day' coming from Frost when he's talking with the players about the glory years for NU. As other posters have pointed out, I don't think that majority of today's players (outside of Nebraska kids/outliers) really cares about that stuff much, if at all.
  2. Iowa is going to and I quote, "Beat our a$$ with a bag of hammers." Hat tip for the line from Steven Godfrey.
  3. Dang, Kent absolutely nailed it. I've been struggling for a way to describe what I'm feeling as it pertains to NU and in particular HCSF and Kent put it perfectly. I have no doubts all this losing/lack of discipline/*waves hands at everything* is absolutely killing Frost. That article was a good read. I laughed quite a bit at the "I'm in an abusive relationship with Nebraska and I don't know how to get out." Same James, same.
  4. At least with Tommy, he'd launch his YOLO bombs and try a make a huge play. I never thought I'd say this, but after watching Luke, I'd kill for some YOLO bombs! Chuck it up and see if Betts or one of NU's mountains of TEs can make a play.
  5. Bah Gosh! Is that Joe Bauserman's music!!!??
  6. My first blush guess is camp exposure and measurables? Plus Dickerson plays a more..glamorous(?) position. I ended up watching about a quarter of the game last night, Westside is a really, really, really good team.
  7. Hard to speculate IMO until he goes through the combine style testing. With him being a tweener, you'd need to project a bit for the next level. Could he retain his athleticism at the next level if he had to bulk into a OLB? I'm just not sure. JoJo's been putting out some good tape thus far so he's definitely going to get a look or two at the next level.
  8. Ugh that stinks. Extremely painful. He's gonna be dealing with that all year long. Prolly set the line on games he plays this year at 2.5.
  9. Lol I was thinking the same thing. This guy better grow a tremendous and I mean tremendous mustache. I have included a picture for reference for what I'm looking for:
  10. Very excited for all the Met fans here at HB. You guys were so screwed for so many years under the bumbling Wilpons that getting a clean slate not only with a new owner, but a new owner with the deepest pockets around and who is a life long Mets fan? Pretty, pretty, pretty good.
  11. I was vurry excited to see that Face the Music is coming out on Redbox. Looking forward to firing it up this weekend.
  12. I think we need to fire up the Oklahoma drill!
  13. I had that game going on one of the TVs. Quite a wild 4Q.
  14. Seeing Mike Sautter getting let go from the OWH is quite the head scratcher.  Makes absolutely zero sense and I hope Mike is able to land on his feet.  He did a tremendous job covering the prep scene.

    1. knapplc


      That does suck. He's a good journalist. 



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