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  1. Xmas32

    Fall Camp Notes

    My logic makes zero sense but I view McCaffery has either the #1 (if 2AM) gets hurt or the #3 assuming zero injury. Please don't ask me to explain it...I can't lol.
  2. Echoing earlier posters on "The Boys" on Amazon. Really enjoyable thus far. I'm halfway through.
  3. This list is fine although #1 is always the uniforms that get pulled out for Army/Navy. Those things are always absolutely dynamite.
  4. Did you catch They Shall Not Grow Old when it was theaters? Similar setup except it's based on WW1. It's remarkable.
  5. Xmas32

    2019 Pundit Predictions

    My goodness I forgot all about this play. This is the stuff of nightmares...
  6. Xmas32

    One Player from the Riley Disaster

    Yeah it looks like Gebbia is going head to head with Jake Luton, OSU's super duper senior. Given Luton's injury history, you gotta think Gebbia will get ample opportunity to play.
  7. Xmas32

    Which type I-back do you prefer?

    On a personal level as a fan I prefer a speed back because I wasn't blessed with great foot speed so to see a fellow human being moving at a high rate of speed is frankly breath taking. If I were a player I'd probably prefer the more bruising guy as you can watch the other team slowly crumble away as you impose your will on the other team.
  8. Xmas32

    Tate Martell

    Tate Martell apparently destroyed his locker at Miami (FL). Ties in with him not practicing on Monday. Speculation is that he's going to quit the team and transfer...again.
  9. Xmas32

    Fall Camp Notes

  10. Xmas32

    Tate Martell

    I'm thinking UNLV per Twitter/Snapchat it looks like ol Tate has moved on...
  11. Xmas32

    Most Interesting Opposing Player

    Fun topic! It looks like most of the voters are all on the Fields train (myself included). I want to see what the hype is all about. I'm most interested in Tyler Johnson. I watch very little Minnesota and Johnson is getting some big time buzz. He's clearly extremely talented, just want to see some more. Chase Young on defense for me. He's an absolute animal. Good to see Winfield back, if he can tackle remotely as well as his dad he's gonna be a tough out.
  12. Xmas32

    CSU Zach Schlager to Transfer to NU

    Kid was a wrecking ball and total gamer at McCook. IIRC his brother or other relative went out to CSU and was a pretty good player for them. The above linked Coloradoan article mentioned that he had some offers for Ivy League schools so he's obviously a pretty bright kid.
  13. Xmas32

    2 QBs on the field?

    I get what your saying in wanting the players to exude toughness at the same time I want Martinez taking as few hits as possible and to pick his spots. No reason to let defenders tee off on you and get a free hit. If McCaffery wins the backup job over Vedral then fantastic. In a perfect world, I'd imagine Frost would prefer that McCaffery gets 4 games in and redshirts to save a year of eligibility and put a gap between he and 2AM.
  14. Xmas32

    One Player from the Riley Disaster

    Surprised no one has said Ozigbo. Another year in Frost's system and I think he could match Royce Freeman's SR year numbers (1500 yards, 16 TDs). If it's someone who didn't play for Frost either DPE or Gates would be really interesting. For defense I'm going to go off the beaten path and say either Dedrick Young or Michael Rose-Ivey.
  15. Xmas32

    Fall Camp Notes

    Let's shoot for the stars here gang. Eleven, yes you heard me 11 QBs.