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  1. I've dabble a little in NFTs. I did well with NBA Top Shots on purely dumb luck by getting in a few months earlier than everyone else did and that was only because I have a friend who has consistently been ahead of the curve with digital assets basically called me a moron for 4 months straight for not getting in on them. I quasi get the appeal on Crypto Punks due to them being the OG NFT and the scarcity of it. All the other deviations like Ape Yacht Club and stuff like that make zero sense to me. Some of the digital art I've seen out there is pretty sweet tho.
  2. Looks like Will Hubert from Papio is walking on at Iowa. Led the state in sacks last year.
  3. There was a comment earlier in the thread about the merits on retaining Dawson because of his failure as a ST coach. I don't think Nebraska should fire Dawson or Ruud fwiw, but if you made me choose between Dawson or Ruud in order to get a ST coach, I'd say let Ruud go. Yeah in my original comment one page back I said that this would only be viable if Frost made the mistake of not making any changes on the offensive side of the ball.
  4. I disagree on this but it's cool. I just think that coaching OLBs is inherently a little more difficult in what Nebraska wants to do as the players are asked to do more. This is by no means a shot at Ruud, just a discussion on if you absolutely made me choose someone between Ruud and Dawson to go in order to hire a S/T coach, I'd go with Ruud. And I say that knowing how full well unpopular that would be amongst Husker fans.
  5. Uhh yeah, that's why I added my last sentence. My comment was more from an earlier discussion where other posters were discussing the merits on keeping Dawson. Yup, I'd be 100% totally fine with this.
  6. If we're choosing between LB coaches, I'd lean towards keeping Dawson, firing Ruud and using Ruud's spot for a ST coach. Chinander coached LB's when he was at Oregon and I'm assuming he could pick up any slack. This (and I pray I'm wrong) assumes that Frost doesn't make any offensive staff changes.
  7. I mean...sure I guess? I think it's more of a case of the players quit on O'Leary versus lack of talent seeing as O'Leary led UCF to a 12-1 finish and a Fiesta Bowl win 2 years prior to the 0-12 and a 9-4 finish the year prior. It was definitely a perfect storm that Frost walked into and to his credit, he capitalized on it, no doubt about it.
  8. In all seriousness and I think I saw his name once or twice, is Dave Clawson who is currently undefeated at Wake Forest. The dude has won everywhere. Fordham, Bowling Green, Richmond and now WF. I think the thing with Clawson is he got such a bad rap when he was fired at Tennessee back in the late 2000s after 1 or 2 years that it was almost like he got black balled. I think he was there when they pushed out Fullmer and he got tainted by association.
  9. Those guys all won national titles. I don't think I'm going out on a limb by saying Frost will never and I mean NEVER win a National Championship as a HC. I think Frost is much more likely to end up like Clay Helton. Had one good year which hoodwinked everyone into thinking he's a good HC turns out, he's not.
  10. Purdue getting 3 from Wisconsin is an utterly bizarro line. Makes absolutely zero sense. I'm liking a little 2 team teaser-oni with Purdue +9 and Cal -3
  11. It would be Bieniemy swallowing his pride to come here. Not the other way around.
  12. We're in agreement here, just disagreeing on the minutiae. If Gabriel doesn't get hurt against Louisville, I'm guessing they beat Navy pretty handily is all.
  13. Your points are well taken although I do need to point out that UCF was rolling out their backup QB (who is not very good) after their stud starter got hurt at the tail end of the previous game. It was a perfect storm for Navy in that game.
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