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  1. 75% of the way through Punisher Season 2. Can confirm still awesome. Disclaimer, the show is graphically violent and not for the squeamish. They essentially found a female version of Micro which is hilarious as much like Micro, initially is extremely grating and unlikable. Straightforward action show, not too much deep thinking. If you like the Punisher and vigilante justice you'll like it, if that stuff isn't your cup of tea you should pass.
  2. Welcome to the HOF Edgar!  Great piece of news on a super crappy weather day.  The Double is easily the top Ms moment for me.  Damn those teams were good.



    1. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      So happy for him! It was long overdue for one of the best hitters in baseball. Such an iconic moment. I was in the leftcenter nosebleeds for game Game 3 and 5, my dad saw Junior round second and started yelling, “He’s gonna score! He’s gonna score!” Gives me chills at this very moment 

    2. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      And talk about OWNING his HOF classmates...



    3. Xmas32


      Oh man that would've been incredible. I lived in Seattle as a kid for a couple years in '91 and '92 so I just missed the run.  I saw a ton of Ms games in 1992 mostly because the Ms were awful that year and tickets were incredibly cheap.  Man the Kingdome was such a dive but damn that place was a launching pad.

  3. Xmas32

    Nebraska Wrestling

    Great test today against Penn State. Dual is available for free streaming here if you're interested.. https://gopsusports.com/watch/?Live=240&type=Live Nebraska has a puncher's chance at 125, 141, 165, 184, & 285 Realistically...hard to see much more than Ws at 125 and 184...and that by no means is a dig on Nebraska. PSU is freakin looooaded.
  4. Xmas32

    RB John Bivens

    Yeah this guy seems like the type of lotto ticket that you see MLB teams take late in the draft. Dudes with huge intangibles but a red flag of some type. If he gets back to where he was this dude is an absolute monster. If he can't get back to up to speed or can't get PT, he'll probably self select himself out. I don't mind taking another RB because there's no guarantee that Thompkins comes back (although I really hope he does).
  5. My opinion is this is a great thread for this...
  6. Xmas32


    La'Michael Pettway leaving Arkansas. Grad transfer. 'Led' Arkansas in receiving yards last year with 499. Woof. Arkansas was turrrrible last year. 6'2 so pretty good sized. Originally from Arkansas. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/25777606/lamichael-pettway-latest-leave-arkansas-razorbacks
  7. Xmas32

    Huskers in 2019....

    More of an oatmeal cream pie guy myself...
  8. Xmas32

    JUCO DT Tony Fair [UAB Commit]

    Best of luck to him at UAB. Bill Clark & Co have done a miraculous job turning that program not only around but into a CUSA contender.
  9. Xmas32

    Harrison Beck

  10. Xmas32

    Harrison Beck

    His podcast with Dirk is the stuff of legends. Talk about a full spectrum of emotions.
  11. Xmas32

    Miami Sucks - Who Can We Steal

    Would be an interesting piece to throw in the mix for sure.
  12. Xmas32


    I just saw something odd about the 2001 CU team. I wonder when was the last time a team played the top 3 ranked teams (at the time) in a row? Nebraska was #1 when CU beat them in Boulder, Texas was #3 when CU beat them in the Big XII title game and Oregon was #2 when CU got beat in the Fiesta Bowl. #offseason
  13. My cereal game has fallen off big time as I've gotten older, but when I was in my 20s my rotation was: 1) Oh's--Rock solid everyday player, big time sleeper. Does everything honey bunches of oats does except better. Great structural integrity. 2) CTC--Streaky scorer, when it's on...it's NBA Jam on fire levels of on. In rare instances it would be a little too sweet for my tastes. Also has a tendency to get soggy quickly. 3)Sugar Smacks/Honey Smacks--Highly underrated 4) Cinnamon Life--Sometimes you just need a cereal that's gonna clean you out. Nostalgia pick--Corn Pops. I would be very interested in trying out some Cinnamon Frosted Flakes.
  14. Xmas32

    Huskers Fighting Big Trend

    You could easily argue that Nebraska was one of those teams during the time period you've mentioned. In addition, there was wayyyyy less college football on TV compared to nowadays so teams like Nebraska got a big boost by simply being on TV. I do agree with you that things like Hudl, camps, etc have hurt teams that had above average scouting departments...but shoot, I remember reading Tom Lemming's prep football report back in the 90s so it's not like databases of players appeared overnight.
  15. Ehhh, Season 2 was pretty good too. I tried like heck to watch Season 6 and couldn't get past the first couple episodes. Also trying to avoid all spoilers for the new Black Mirror movie so staying away from YouTube. I feel like I need to mentally psyche myself up to watch and need a therapist to call after I get done with it.