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  1. Agreed. You hate to lose a guy like Honas but of all the positions to lose a potential starter at, ILB is a spot with the least amount of drop off I'd imagine.
  2. Looks like AJ Duffy officially committed to FSU yesterday. Would imagine this bodes well for NU?
  3. For OP: Honestly, too many to mention. Simpsons X-Men NARC Golden Axe Final Fight Street Fighter
  4. I love a good game of shuffle. Couple of good spots in Omaha that have tables.
  5. Rutgers is going to be a giant PITA going forward as I think Schiano is doing some really good things. He's making some serious hay on the recruiting trail. As for the original thread. I think those are all good names. Agree with another poster that I'd probably slot in Will Nixon in the 5 slot over Black.
  6. I went and reflexedly washed my hands for 10 minutes after reading the ESPN article. So gross.
  7. I'm currently at Gatorade Zero Sugar. Thought about buying some KoolAid at the store today though...Might have to go Capri Sun first before KoolAid.
  8. On the Ms front. Me no likely. Was super pumped for Paxton's return after he looked great in ST. Promptly gets hurt in his first start. *Price Is Right Losing Horn*.
  9. In honor of Rustin Dodd's hilarious Athletic article.
  10. He's definitely the first receiver I can remember in a while that has suited up for Nebraska where I think, "Damn, he looks an Ohio State guy." Could be really, really special. I don't mean for this statement to be any shade at all at Stanley who was an absolute stud for NU. This Betts kid tho....
  11. Geebus the boys stopped at Ace Hardware before the weekend and bought out all the RAKES.
  12. Could be fun, does UNM still run the option?
  13. Overall NCAA thoughts... Hard to not chalk up NCAAs as anything less than a tremendous disappointment, especially given how well NU wrestled at Big Tens. Will be interesting to see who comes back and how things shake out with guys like Bubba Wilson and the incoming freshman. Iowa may have won the NCAA title but PSU was the story. Damn Cael gets those guys to peak at the right time. Extremely impressive performance. 125--I still think Cronin got jobbed in his consis match but would've been hard pressed for me to think he goes further than one extra round. 141--M
  14. Maybe he'll help get a decent HWT to Nebraska. Man it's been a long time.
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