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  1. Xmas32

    Terence Crawford

    Khan should put up a game effort but he makes too many mistakes that an elite level fighter like Crawford is going to tag him and probably put him to sleep.
  2. Oh my...well done Los Angeles Chargers social media team!  This is pretty darn funny.


    Oh man, it gets better!


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    2. CheeseHusker


      Doing the Chefs joke twice..... lol

    3. Xmas32


      Ok this might top it.  Carolina's....this is awesome and makes me wax poetic as I played almost all these games.



    4. CheeseHusker
  3. Current live look at Ms season. Will be patiently waiting for ridiculous upswing soon.
  4. Xmas32

    Potential Transfers

    If NU can somehow nab Blackshear. Oh mamma. Decent chance he probably follows Buzz to A&M although you never know.
  5. Xmas32

    OLB Quandarrius Robinson

    Would be a huge pull. Dudes like him seem to never get out of the state/region. It certainly is nice that Smothers is from the same state and can help on that front and NU is making some nice inroads into the SE. I can certainly see a guy like Caleb Tannor helping out (is another rangy OLB from the deep south who was getting heavily courted by SEC powers).
  6. Xmas32

    OT Turner Corcoran [Nebraska Commit]

    You don't deserve Bartolo but you gonna git Bartolo...
  7. Ms now a respectable 13-2 on the year after brooming the Royals. Sure, they're essentially a slow pitch softball team that is trotting out a lineup of 4 DHs but hey! They also steal bases too! I'm all for a world where Dan Vogelbach has a 410 wRC+
  8. Xmas32

    Hoiberg Assistants

    I can see the sleazy part with Mullin wanting to hire Rice. That dude is/was a scumbag.
  9. Xmas32

    Fighting Erstads vs Purdue Games 30-32

    The rare two games on TV. I'll take that!
  10. Xmas32

    DT Nash Hutmacher

    This is true unfortunately, the money in wrestling is pretty pathetic compared to football. I believe Burroughs said he won $250k for winning a gold medal in London and $50k for each world gold medal. He's certainly making a comfortable living compared to us working stiffs but he's on the bottom rung of the ladder when it comes to professional athlete money.
  11. Xmas32

    DT Nash Hutmacher

    I think the challenge with wrestling is he would need to cut to 285 to compete and I would imagine he'll be in the 310+ range for the duration of his career so trying to do both sports would be really difficult as opposed to say the Davis twins with track. You do make an interesting point about Farmer that is pretty interesting.
  12. Xmas32

    Post your workout

    Good for you! Stairs and hills are a great (and free) way to workout. If you wanted to integrate some air squats, that would probably be a-ok.
  13. I'm ok with a team striking out a ton if they have high end power to offset it. Nebraska definitely lacks pop (I think they have what 6 HRs on the year?) so I'm definitely worried about the number of strikeouts.
  14. 7-1!!! Go Ms!!
  15. Mariners still on pace for 162-0. Chris Sale confirmed terrible pitcher. The Mets/Nats game was a lot of fun to watch yesterday. Great pitching matchup and the game moved at a pretty good clip.