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  1. Haven't gotten a chance to watch the semis though I followed the results. As it stands, you have to think Nebraska has an excellent chance at qualifying 9 with Cronin looking like a near lock for an at-large bid and Licking going against a guy who medically forfeited his match in the previous round. Seems like a stretch to think Smojerling (sp?) at 133 is able to get a bid. Overall, pretty great showing with Nebraska getting 3 in the finals.
  2. Brackets for those interested: https://bigten.org/documents/2021/3/5//2021_Big_Ten_Wrestling_Championship_Brackets_3_5_21.pdf?id=6974
  3. Woof, that was tough. Unfortunately, it appears yesterday was an 8 on the Francon scale.
  4. Man, today would be a great day to knock off from work early and go catch an early season NU baseball game.  Saw a tweet from Sam McKewon that essentially echo'd the same thing.  They'd get a sneaky big crowd with state basketball going on.

  5. If you aren't watching Snowfall on FX, you're missing out. Season 4 just started up and the first 3 seasons are on Hulu. It is superb. Set in 1980s LA and talks about the rise of the crack epidemic. John Singleton (Boyz N The Hood) created it. It's gritty, dark, depressing and really freaking good.
  6. Man, I just keep coming back to 2015 Illinois. It was still early enough in Riley's tenure that I was still had my Oregon State blinders on. After that game, the shackles fell from my eyes.
  7. I like where your head is at. I think it's gotta be either Amigos or Runza ranch though. Dorothy Lynch would also probably do in a pinch.
  8. Overall a pretty solid day for Nebraska. 125--Nice job by Cronin to finally get off the schneid and beat that kid who beat Cronin 3 times last year. 133--Sjomeling put up a game effort, fun match to watch. 141--Woof, hard not to feel that Duncan got a little jobbed there. Perfect timing on the brick toss by Manning to get Red a fresh start. That being said, that roll through reversal and picking up the 2 NF by Red was an NWO approved TOOO SWEEET 149--Lots of action but Lovett just wrecked shop on that kid. Will be interesting to see who gets the nod at 149 betwe
  9. Man, I'm not sure what was wrong with Venz prior but he looked incredible yesterday. Braunagel from Illinois is pretty tough and Venz just came out and pole-axed him. Maybe he just needed some time away to clear his head.
  10. Ahhhh gotcha. That makes total sense given all the talk about electricity conservation.
  11. I'm not sure if this was weather related but all the traffic lights around 72nd and Pacific were just....off this morning during my morning commute. No flashing yellows or reds just nonexistent traffic lights. Surprisingly, everyone seemed to handle it well and treated everything like a four way stop.
  12. I totally get what you're saying but the fact this is a local kid means you have to put the full court press on him. Plus, if Fidone is as good as we all hope he is, he's gone in 3 years to the NFL. Gotta keep reloading.
  13. This is nearly impossible and will take me an hour to decide. Going to be hard for me to leave Groce off with his versatility. If not for Johnny Rodgers, he'd go down as the best punt returner in the history of the program.
  14. Found this from an old HB post, it's a bit dated but has some good info in there:
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