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  1. I just kept hearing the Curb your Enthusiasm theme song in my head when I saw the news.
  2. The Gate?! Oh nice! That movie gave me some crazy nightmares when I was a kid.
  3. 43. I've got some gaps on the LOTR movies and I've missed a few of the Disney movies.
  4. Base hit down the 3rd base line will score 2 and that will end the ballgame.
  5. Put me in the excited to snag this kid camp. As much as we make fun of Iowa they churn out O-Lineman and TEs like nobody's business. If this kid was the top OL recruit for them a couple years ago and there isn't anything physically wrong with him, that's good enough for me. He's essentially a lotto ticket. Almost zero risk, huge upside.
  7. Thanks for posting this @Roxy15.
  8. Michter's 10 Single Barrel Review for the crew especially @Calvin, my apologies again for the delay. Just used a regular rocks glass as I haven't quite sprung for any Glencarin glasses yet. I poured and let it sit for 10 minutes neat to see if it would open up. My first crack at a review didn't go too well because I ended up getting absolutely hammered. I'll probably do one more glass tonight with a single ice cube to see how that changes the complexity. Drinking it neat straight out of the bottle was pretty harsh if I remember correctly. Nose is a mix of caramel, some charred oak, little bit of citrus peel and baking spices. Initially it's really subtle and then it opens up really nicely. Lingering oak spice on the tail end, definitely some dark cherry, citrus peel. Very little alcohol burn on the back end which is nice for a 94 proof. Finish-Similar as above, caramel, almost a little cinnamony? a little bit of chocolate and tobacco and some earthy spice on the end. Bottom line is it worth the $250+ you'll have to spend? This is hard for me, I absolutely love Michter's (especially their rye). I bought this in a 4 pack as a special treat for myself. I'm personally a little more partial to ryes but this stuff is absolutely phenomenal. It officially retails at $150 but obviously good luck if you can find it at that. I'd be a buyer at $250 or lower, anything higher than that seems like overkill. Definitely a special occasion bourbon for me although I'd love to live in a world where I could afford to make it my regular drinker! My next one to try and track down without going broke is some Weller 12. As much as I love Pappy I equally hate it because it help blow up the bourbon market and now a decent bottle is impossible to find without getting price gouged to kingdom come.
  9. Uh, so, one of these things is not like the other. If Omar Manning is the #1 pick in the draft he is going to absolutely dominate this year.
  10. Definitely agree with you here. Those G5 schools really need those OOC games for the money. They will fight tooth and nail to keep them because I don't see a scenario where the P5 schools are willing to pay them a cancellation fee unless it's an insulting low dollar amount.
  11. I imagine the staff would love nothing more than for Benhart to turn into the next Jaimes. Just plug him in as a frosh starter and forget about him for 4 years. I think we see a massive and I mean massive leap with Jurgens. The dude is only a RS Soph and switched positions essentially on the fly. When he puts it all together he's going to be really freaking good because his athleticism is pretty rare for an O-Lineman, especially at C.
  12. Much obliged for posting this! I get a hankering for Cane's sauce about 4-5 times a year and this is perfect.
  13. I'd definitely be more inclined to side with you if schools weren't almost always looking to recruit over a guy. Rightly or wrongly, this is the way the recruiting game is played now. You need to lock up a spot because when the music stops in this bizarro game of musical chairs, you don't want to be left without a spot or worse yet, have to go to Iowa.
  14. My read is similar to yours. If I grew up a lifelong SEC fan and finally got that SEC offer despite being committed to another school, I'm going to be pretty excited. If nothing else, it tells me that 'I've made it'..at least from a recruiting perspective. Tennessee has a ton of momentum recruiting wise right now so I'd probably get swept up in it a little bit if I were Paul Jr.
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