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  1. The boys are out in Las Vegas this week for the Cliff Keen tourney which is shaping up to be pretty salty. Will be lots of good competition out there. 184 in particular is loaded with 4 of the top 5 guys in the country there. Nebraska is projected to defend the title from last year. GBR! https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/11386425-2023-cliff-keen-las-vegas-wrestling-invitational-schedule https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/11545893-2023-cliff-keen-las-vegas-invitational-pre-seeds
  2. IIRC, he was a really late Oregon flip but Ohio State might've also been in the mix. There is weirdly some smoke on him going to Michigan State which I kinda get as I don't think MSU has a literal scholarship QB on their roster presently. In retrospect, he should've gone to Oregon, redshirted and spent a year under Bo Nix's tutelage but hey, he wanted to play from day 1. The talent is undeniable but man, his body language was terrible at UCLA. And he played like crap!
  3. I think Scalley is gonna be at Utah forever and plans on taking over for Witt once he moves on. I figured USC would snag Lynn from UCLA personally.
  4. That makes a lot of sense from SDSU's standpoint. They've been pretty defense-orientated for a while. I'm not surprised they'd go with an offense focused HC given the amount of skill position talent that is in their backyard. This was also the rumor on why CU demoted Sean Lewis from OC.
  5. The Penix/UW thing was a perfect fit since DeBoer was the OC at Indiana when Penix was there. Penix showed flashes at times but as @teachercd mentioned, he was always hurt. IIRC, he had 3 or 4 seasons end early due to injury. I was honestly pretty surprised he came back to UW because he made it through a season with no injury. He's looked a little off these past few games so I wouldn't be surprised if he's knicked up again.
  6. I know Utah was running vanilla schemes and was going with the 3 yards and cloud of dust but that Staub kid looked not too bad at QB on Saturday. He did a nice job of getting the ball out quickly.
  7. It's against board rules to leak premium content but on the latest Split Zone Duo pod they did an update on their 'eyes' board which is their coaching search stuff. A quick high level chat about what Tony White specifically is below: Mods, if this is too close to the line, please delete. They talked about the San Diego State, Boise State and Syracuse openings and Tony White's name didn't come up as a potential front runner. The SZD guys were pretty high on Jeff Monken and Ken Niumatalolo getting long looks at Syracuse and the MW openings (plus some other coaches, none of whom were Tony). They also talked about Sean Lewis the OC from Colorado maybe getting a long look at Cuse but they weren't sure if going up tempo Air Raid again is the best fit for Syracuse given their geography. The SZD guys seemed to think SDSU would go offense this time around with a HC to bring some juice to the program and take advantage again, of what they have geography-wise. Another X-factor with these MW openings is Gary Patterson wants to get back in the game so it'll be interesting to see if he lands one of these gigs.
  8. https://huskers.com/news/2023/11/16/huskers-travel-to-maryland-for-2023-navy-classic Links in the article for those who are interested in following the boys! GBR!
  9. That is a hottttt take. The Sinead O'Connor version of the Prince cover is basically perfect. I love and I mean love Otis Redding but the Aretha Franklin cover of "Respect" is just better. Also Jeff Buckley's version of "Hallelujah" is incredible
  10. If I'm recruiting a high end DL, Larry Johnson from Ohio State is one of the last people on the planet I want to be recruiting against. Buckle up Husker fans.
  11. 125--Caleb Smith very methodical, workmanlike performance 133-Van Dee looked terrific, aggressive all match, he didn't give Heil a chance to breathe at all. 141/149/157--Dominating performances against overmatched opponents 165--Taylor looked like he was shot out of a cannon in the first period and he came really close to getting a first round TF. It looked like a landed a bit awkwardly during a scramble in the 2p and was limping a bit. 3p he got a little gassy but credit to Baker who had a few really good shots during the match and made it a little more respectable at the end. 174--Thebeau looked great, wrecked his guy 184--Pinto got an early TD but then Hopkins controlled most of the rest of the match, Pinto struggled to get out from the bottom when Hopkins took him down. That being said, Pinto had a nice burst at the end with a couple attacks to get the TD and the W at the end. 197--Allred good solid performance HWT--Some early fireworks with Andrews putting Ghadiali on his back for an early 5 point move, after that Ghadiali really took over. Andrews looks like he maybe weighs 220 out there and he's going to get muscled around a lot. I'm guessing the staff has Andrews eating and working out as much as humanly possible. There is good technique there, he's just really undersized. On to the Navy Classic! GBR!
  12. Team looked pretty good. Brown Ton gassed pretty badly in his match at 174. I wonder if Wilson will move up and if Condomitti is able to come back. Andrews needs to start eating 10k calories/day stat haha. Man he's undersized at HWT.
  13. Took these from another forum, wrestle off notes from last week: 125 Caleb Smith 133 Vandee over Burwick 5-2ish score 141 Hardy no contest 149 Lovett looked very sharp 157 Probb, looked healthy, great to see! Won 20-1 165 Match of the day Antrell Taylor beats Bubba Wilson in double OT 174 Brown ton over Thebeau 184 Lenny Pinto over van tassel 197 Allred, looking even better than last year. Heavy weight no match, Rumor from the thread I read is that Pentz has gone back to ND and is no longer on the roster. Definitely a blow there. Big time YO result out of Taylor beating out Bubba Wilson. I'm assuming Taylor is wrestling up this year since he can't beat Robb at 157. Robb apparently looked very, very sharp which is just awesome to hear given the scary situation he went through.
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