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  1. Sobering is a great word to describe the loss of Farmer and Foster. It's been a real eye opener to see the offensive line without those two guys plugged in. Cam looked pretty good snap wise on Saturday if I remember correctly.
  2. Man I still remember watching that game, I was 10 or 11 and we watched the game at a family friends house. Nebraska got their doors blown off. Little did we know that we were watching the best team GT ever had. While I don't remember the specifics, I remember GT had a really good QB who was pretty elusive and had a great arm and I remember Nebraska not being able to run, at all.
  3. I'm at a 9 because as you said, if not Frost...then who? If it doesn't work under Frost, Nebraska essentially becomes Illinois.
  4. Hey, Nebraska is a 7.5 point underdog so you might as well throw some money on the Nebraska moneyline. Think about it, it's a win/win either way. If Nebraska wins you'll get about 2.5/1 on your money and if they lose you won't have to worry about those pesky EMTs fishing through your wallet when they drag you of the river!
  5. Xmas32


    Thank goodness for these upcoming bye weeks (although it doesn't help against Minny). I think NU is going to go score 31+ in the bolded games to pull out those Ws. Pennix at IU is starting to put stuff together and they run enough zone read stuff with some decent WRs that NU always seems to struggle against. Minnesota might have the best collection of skill position talent outside of Ohio State and they fact that Fleck is their HC will make me 10x sicker if Nebraska can't pull it out. Maryland seems to be a lot like NU in that their offense seems to be entirely predicated on big plays and they are wholly incapable of stringing together drives but they have some stud skill folks. Purdue...who knows...all predicated on Sindelar and Moore being healthy. They looked completely lost against Penn State on Saturday. Wisconsin/Iowa are in totally different leagues and I'd rather kinda wait and see how the next few games go. Coaches are going to be earning their paychecks especially on defense if the offense is banged up over the next month.
  6. I see your Big Ten refs and raise you the Pac 12 refs. I've seen some things man...things I can't unsee.
  7. My 2 week comment was based on how the schedules fall for Nebraska and Wisconsin. I agree that Wisconsin will be a really tall order to prepare for and I think Nebraska will be hard pressed to pull out a W and in re-reading my comment I'm not really sure why you think I inferred that Nebraska could beat Wisconsin. I'm simply stating that if you're going to have to play Wisconsin, after a bye week and with Wisconsin having to play Ohio State and Iowa in back to back weeks is about the best you can hope for (assuming Nebraska is healthy of course.)
  8. I learned that I just watched maybe the best Ohio State team I've seen in 15 years. Their offensive line and defensive lines are even better than the 2015 group which was unholy. Frost was still able to scheme openings and potential big plays but 2AM wasn't able to execute. It appears that Vegas has Nebraska pegged perfectly with a preseason win total of 7.5. Next 4 games are completely winnable NW--absolute dumpster fire on offense Minnesota--fun matchup, should be high scoring. Minnesota can't run the ball...at all. Strange given their stable of backs and giant O-Line. Stud WRs tho Indiana has a couple nice pieces but their skill guys seem like poor man's versions of NUs with the exception of Stevie Scott who is a thumper. Purdue--Appear to be an absolute MASH unit--Sindelar/Moore are gonna be done for a while, they lost their best defender earlier this year and Washington, their guard appears to be hurt too. A 4-0 run puts NU at 7-2 with 2 weeks to prepare for Wisconsin who will be going through a tough run of 4 (well 3, Illinois stinks) with Michigan State, at Ohio State and then Iowa
  9. Nebraska *should* be able to cover this as Northwestern is a complete and utter dumpster fire at QB. You thought Martinez struggled? I invite you to watch the duo of trash NW is rolling out.
  10. I think it has less to do with the blocking and the team afraid of making plays much more on the new rule that you get to start at the 25. Those extra yards of field position make a big difference on the occasions when you're getting stuffed at 15. Plus, there is the safety element too.
  11. Damn. That's a tough one. Prayers up for Christian and his family.
  12. Oh snap, yes, yes he is. I really need to start watching that show.
  13. I want to say he's from Omaha as I think I remember reading an article about him in the OWH that said he went to Millard North maybe? He's gotten really popular over the past few years. I know him from a Comedy Central show called Workaholics (which is hilarious) and a couple other movies Pitch Perfect, The Intern. Totally depends on what type of entertainment you consume, I can easily see someone not knowing who he is.
  14. I'm not saying I'm not drunk.....
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