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  1. This dude will go down as the answer to a good trivia question in 10 years. Also will definitely be in those 5 star bust articles that you see each off season.
  2. I specifically ran for student government at UNO and was on the traffic appeals department largely to overturn parking tickets for myself, friends and the occasional cute girl I was trying to impress. There were limits to my power though..for example I couldn't help my buddy who found out the chancellor was on vacation and parked in his spot every day for 2 weeks. I wasn't quite sure how he avoided getting a boot on his car but that was several years ago so who knows haha.
  3. Much obliged for posting @GSG, trailer looks very interesting. I'll definitely check this out.
  4. Completely agree with your take. Expecting a conference TV network to criticize said conference seems like not such a great idea. That being said, I was really impressed with Dave Revsine's interview with Kevin Warren, I was expecting a total fluff interview but Revsine asked him some tough questions.
  5. So I just found out about this Runza secret menu and my mind is just blown.  I can't believe I was too dumb not to ever order or ask about chili cheese fries.  I shall be correcting this over the weekend.

    1. knapplc


      And the fact that you can get all kinds of things added into your runza, just by asking.



    2. admo


      Hmmm.. Secret menu?







    3. Xmas32


      Yeah my mind starting running thinking about the different Runzas/burgers I could cook up.

  6. Would +10 if possible. Taggart absolutely stinks.
  7. Man, I really hope that snow helps out a ton with putting on that blaze.
  8. There is a small part of me that believes Roundball is drunk Dirk Chatelain taking vengeance on us for all the mean things we've said about him over the years.
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