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  1. Would be interested to see you expand on this because I see the opposite mostly because I believe Day is ahead of Urbs in terms of where the college game is going. My first blush was to agree with you whole heartedly but then I noticed that for all of Urb's success, he 'only' won a single national title. I realize Day hasn't delivered (yet) but he's gotten them to one CFP title game and it took some squirrely calls against Clemson to deny him a 2nd shot. Now, I fully get the point that Day took over and inherited Meyer's players so there's something to be said there. That being said, the way that Ohio State now attacks down the field with deep shots is something Meyer never really did. Anywho, it's a fun discussion and your point was thought provoking. No malice on my end at all.
  2. Man, this is a really bad loss. Is having Bragg throw 60+ pitches really the best idea there? I can't believe they rolled him out there again in the 12th. We might be looking at a penthouse to outhouse situation here gang.
  3. Auburn is in total disarray as the boosters essentially staged a coup to try and get the HC fired, would be a hard pass for me. I was a bit surprised to not see him go to USC but I suppose if all things were equal, might as well play for your old DL coach, especially if you liked him. I wouldn't be stunned if Oregon ended up with a better record than USC.
  4. I'd be surprised to see Sip head over to On3. I thought On3 was supposed to have more of a recruiting focus and I can't really see Sip wanting to grind in that way. I hope he's able to get one of those cushy corporate communications jobs that seem to get snatched up by former media members. Either that, or he could always go sell used cars. My impression of Sip (completely my opinion) is he was a buffet at a strip club kinda guy. Good guy to have a few pops with. So....pretty much Champ from Anchorman lol.
  5. Man Creighton is gonna be freaking loaded next year with this kid (if he sticks).
  6. Well, when you consider 3 of those losses are to Penn State/Iowa and Michigan who finished 1-2-3 at NCAAs the record makes a bit more sense although to be honest, dual records are pretty meaningless. It pretty much all boils down to how you do at the Big Ten conference tourney although certainly, a good record during the year can help out for an at-large bid.
  8. Plenty of good seats available on the wrestling team bandwagon! Finished 5th at the NCAAs last season. Join us!
  9. Uh, Anderson and Matthews are sophomores right? Didn't realize they were supposed to be the senior leaders on the team. Anderson hit .260ish in his first 10 games so not sure what you're getting at and why there is so much vitriol in your post.
  10. The baseball must be the size of a beach ball right now for Mad Max, he is freaking destroying everything. He's stepping up to the plate right telling pitchers...
  11. For just today, I gotta go with the alum. Let's go Mavs! State Champs!
  12. Are there any other nature-themed types of bolts? Lighting bolts didn't work, thunderin bolts also hasn't done much.
  13. Don't blame Wildeman for hanging it up. He's got his degree and has been hurt all 4 years. At some point you tell yourself that the juice just ain't worth the squeeze anymore. I wish him well in his future endeavors.
  14. That would make perfect sense as to why he's looking around. He only has a little bit of time left to play CFB, might as well go somewhere you feel you're wanted (and hey, maybe win some games too). I'd be taking my pale behind over to USC. Excellent business school too if he wants to pursue a MBA.
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