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  1. Tough result last night. I thought when Purinton got the pin at 149 that Nebraska would've been able to pull it out and offset the two MDs that Penn State got at 133 and 141. 125--Nice win for Thomsen, did a nice job fighting off Meredith's shot in the 3rd. 133--Overall I thought Lovett wrestled pretty well. RBY got him into a couple scrambles and just kinda out athleted him because well..RBY is a GD wizard. If/when Lovett gets more refined on his feet he's going to be a really tough out due to him being a hammer on top. I saw Burroughs had a tweet where this is the 3rd Top 10 guy Lovett has wrestled and none of them have chosen bottom. Really gross spot at the end to give up the MD. 141--Man...Red is so Jekyll and Hyde. As good as he looked against Murin, he looked equally bad against Lee. Hats off to Lee, that was honestly awesome. He broke Red. 149--Nice work to get the pin. Veerkleeren had a pretty unathletic looking attempt to defend and ended up getting stuck. Hey we'll take it! 157--Robb obviously too big for Piper and does a nice job riding him for 3+ minutes. Still...Robb had a great shot for a TD right from the jump. I would've liked to see Robb maybe cut Pipher early in the match and try for more TDs. Still, the flow of the match was close enough that I can't fault Robb for holding on. 165--I can't beat up on Isaiah too much because he's wrestled the top 2 dudes in the country in his last 2 matches but man...he's on the struggle bus trying to get off the bottom. While looked like he zero desire to be out there tonight after Joseph stonewalled his first couple shot attempts. Bummer. 174--Mark Hall is really, really, really good. Textbook Nolf move at the end going for the cradle on a tired opponent after cutting him. 184--Total role reversal of his last match against the Iowa kid. Venz looked great out there. Awesome pancake to get his first TD. Overall terrific effort by both guys. Easily the match of the night. 197--Every time I see Schutlz wrestle, I start to like him more and more. Obviously very strong, keeps really good position. He really outmuscled Rasheed last night. Really good tests for him coming up with Moore of Ohio State and Brunner of Purdue. 285--Actually pretty good action for the big fellas. Lance had a nice shot in the 3rd period but it looked like he just didn't quite have the juice to finish it. Don't think it really would've mattered as Nevills looked like the better guy out there. Hard to believe he's a true frosh. He's going to be really, really good when it's all said and done.
  2. Well, to Tyrin's credit he probably needed to go see a house or meet with a contractor to talk about sink options in a kitchen.
  3. Yeah I can't say I'm entirely surprised by the score was hoping for maybe one more Husker W. Overall, I think Nebraska can walk away with the perfect result from a dual like this which is that they wrestled pretty well as a team and they have some things to work on. The only guy who I was a little disappointed in was Venz at 184. It would've been interesting if White could've gotten an escape to make it 3-0 in the 2nd period but at the same time, Marinelli is a tough SOB and it would've been tough to get the W. 125--Nothing you can do, Lee is an animal 133--Overall pretty good. Really nice job in the 3rd riding DeSanto and he came close to a turn. 141--Terrific job. Red is a really bad matchup for Murin and Red outclassed him. Excellent work. 149--Pretty straightforward. 4-1 Lugo..felt like 8-1. Purrington with a game effort, Lugo just better. 157--Great match and Robb has a really bright future. Needs to get to the next level to win matches against top 5 guys. He'll get there. 165--Pretty much the exact Isaiah White match we always get when he wrestles a top 5 guy. He looked like he gassed a bit. Capable of beating anyone if he can get his leg attacks going. 174--Great match, razor close to getting a couple TDs. If he gets the right draw away from Hall, he can make the finals. 184--Wrestled flat. Will bounce back. 197--Terrific match, wrestled smart and didn't let Warner bully him physically. 285--Not too much you can do. Cassioppi is a tough sonofagun.
  4. Tough matchup with Iowa today. Dual will be televised at 8pm CDT on BTN for those interested.
  5. Xmas32

    Kudos to SF

    Was it this one? This is an article talking about the Mizzou defensive analyst and what he can and can't do. Really informative as I didn't exactly know what the rules were. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/mizzou/what-s-an-analyst-do-on-a-college-football-staff/article_8641f742-c227-5c57-9d0e-22514a089ad3.html
  6. Xmas32


    There had been a little smoke over the past couple years that Peterson was starting to get burnt out and he was vocal after UW's Rose Bowl loss to Ohio State that he was pretty unhappy. While hardly the straw that broke the camel's back, the transfer portal was the bane of Peterson's existence. He hated it. I just think he was ready to be done. He's made tens of millions, he's in his mid 50s. It was time for him to get out. I do think he'll coach again as either a position coach or maybe a HS coach but I'd be surprised if he ever was a HC for a major college program/NFL again. The only thing that would make me take it back is if the Seahawks came calling. To stay on topic, I'm extremely surprised that Lubick is joining the staff as I figured he'd stay put in Fort Collins. He'll be a good addition to the staff and knows HCSF's schemes inside and out.
  7. This would be a tremendous hire even in an analyst capacity. K State has been consistently elite under Snyder's watch at ST.
  8. Banner Society wrote a fun article (per usual) about this https://www.bannersociety.com/2020/1/14/21065005/2019-lsu-best-college-football-team-ever
  9. I'm a little disappointed you didn't include #respectmydecision #nointerviews
  10. Listen, it's bad enough with @Roundball Shaman drunken ramblings so we can't have two of you in here clogging up the threads. There can only be one. So, let's fire up a Roundball Shaman v. Thurston contest in the Shed and we'll vote on a winner. Call it a loser leaves town thread if you will. If you two fail to do this, you both get banned.
  11. Joe Brady confirmed new OC of the Carolina Panthers. Hard to imagine Joseph going anywhere now.
  12. Have to imagine Ernie Davis, Jim Brown, Archie Griffin, Bo Jackson, Herschel Walker and Barry Sanders are all locks for Top 25.
  13. I'd be really surprised if Lubick coaches again. He left a plum job with Washington to move back home to Fort Collins and now works for a credit union in a university relations job with Colorado State. I was bummed to see him leave UW because he did a heckuva job when he was there. https://www.coloradoan.com/story/sports/csu/football/2019/01/08/matt-lubick-leaves-coaching-oversee-canvas-partnership-colorado-state-university/2513081002/
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