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  1. Crazy bump! This dude has been a really solid player for Vandy.
  2. Xmas32

    Obligatory "Is Iowa a Rival" Thread

    This is well said. Iowa to me is like what Kansas State was in the Big 8/Big 12 days after they got over the hump in 1998 and beat Nebraska for the first time in ages. It's a heightened level of disgust.
  3. Xmas32

    Brohm gone?

  4. Xmas32

    Brohm gone?

    Agree with @VectorVictor. Purdue was paying Brohm ~$4mm/year. You can get yourself a darn good coach for that level of money. There are some really good Group of 5 coaches out there right now. Off the top of my head here are probably going to be the P5 jobs that will come open (in no particular order). Colorado USC Kansas Purdue Rutgers UNC K State Maryland You figure CU will go with a guy like Jim Leavitt or Eric Bieniemy. Neal Brown is gonna get snatched up for sure (would love/hate to see Purdue or Maryland hire him). A guy like Seth Littrell at UNT makes sense for a school like Kansas. Although, it's Kansas so they'll screw it up and hire Les Miles. I'd like to see K State hire BB as I loathe K State and BB so the two of them together would essentially make them a Bond villain. BB is a heckuva coach and his physical style of play matches up with what Snyder tries to do. Candle from Toledo is gonna get a call from someone. If I were him, I'd take the UNC gig but not sure I'd want any part of the Rutgers job. Man...that job is hard. As for USC...man I don't know. I hope USC really tries to go out of the box again like they did with Carroll but I fear they'll end up hiring Jeff Fisher/Jack Del Rio which to me are 'meh' hires. USC totally screwed the pooch because they could've had Chris Peterson but decided not to hire him because they thought Sarkisian (!!!) was the better play. As a closet UW fan, I'm eternally grateful. I'm also curious where Matt Wells from Utah State ends up.
  5. I don't think you can't count out Fleck. Dude is a crazy person and still looks like he's in pretty good shape. IIRC Fleck got a cup of coffee in the NFL as an undersized slot receiver so he's gotta be a tough sonofagun. That being said, no way I'm voting for him because I'm pretty sure he's going to turn into a cult leader down the road. Good call on the Fitzy in his prime guys. Haha this a fun topic!
  6. Xmas32

    Brohm gone?

    That would be an interesting power play by Papa John that I hadn't considered. +1 to you sir. Louisville is probably going to owe a truckload of cash to Pitino as well. I don't think Pitino gets the full $37mm he's owed, but he's gonna get something. The Brohm situation is fascinating as Louisville is a hard job to win at given you have the giants in Clemson and FSU there so you're fighting an uphill battle until Dabo leaves Clemson for Alabama and even still, Clemson will probably keep chugging along. At the same time, Brohm to Louisville is what Frost is for NU and he'll be given as long of a runway as he needs to get things cooking. He'd be a fan base unifying hire and would help get the Petrino stink off the program. I think if Brohm wants to win a MNC he should hold out for USC which I think comes open this year or he can stick at Purdue and perhaps FSU opens up if Taggert bombs again next year. That being said, he'll be under the microscope at those two jobs whereas at UL, he'll be under whatever the least amount of pressure a coach can have while still making $4.5+mm/yr.
  7. Xmas32

    Nebraska v Michigan State: 11 am on FOX

    This has to be a near record for 11a games right? I personally love the 11a starts although I totally get that a 230p or later start is much better for recruiting purposes. I'm sure the bars don't love the early start either. NU is catching MSU at a near perfect time. While their defense is still extremely salty their offense is awful. If NU can jump on them early, a 14+ point victory is not out of the picture. I'm hoping to be able to get NU as a less than FG favorite.
  8. Xmas32

    *** Official Illinois Game Thread ***

    Ooof, Stille falling on you directly in general would stink. When the turf is concrete? A polite no thank you from me.
  9. Xmas32

    *** Official Illinois Game Thread ***

    I think it's a little sloppy at times and Illinois will make a handful of plays, that being said, Illinois' defense is absolutely dreadful. There is a non zero chance NU doesn't punt today. NU wins 59-28 and rushes for over 400 yards.
  10. Xmas32

    Offensive Efficiency

    You have a fair point about the efficiency aspect. Currently, Nebraska is 72nd in points per play. That being said, they're 26th in their last 3 which is a nice positive sign and syncs up with what the coaching staff said about things starting to jell after the Purdue game. https://www.teamrankings.com/college-football/stat/points-per-play On a side note, the rates that OU and Bama are scoring are simply jaw dropping. Averaging almost a point per play is like...6 man football level scoring.
  11. I've always had good experiences at Tina's for breakfast before the game. Have to get there early though and it's the size of a closet. Those cinnamon rolls tho....
  12. Xmas32

    Former Players Jealous of Current Players

    Oooh...do you have some juicy gossip to share? I have a slow work load today so I'm all for some inside info!
  13. This is pretty much how I feel as well. Seasons 1 & 2 are excellent. Season 3 for me was kinda so-so. While Season 4/5 had some good moments (the election, all the Tom Hammerschmidt stuff---he's excellent) it eventually got to a point where none of the characters had any redeeming qualities after the show severed ties with the last few characters that showed Frank had some decency, namely Freddie, Tim Corbett and Meechum. And while Robin Wright is excellent as Claire, there is such a cold hearted blackness to her that I'm just like, "Damn, this woman is dead inside." The frightening thing is, I have zero doubt that there are people in Washington (and really all places) that are exactly like Claire, completely self serving without having an ounce of empathy for anyone.
  14. Xmas32

    Nebraska Wrestling

    I'm really excited to see what the team looks like this year. 157-197 should be absolute nails. Will be great to see NU with a top flight 125 again and I'm super curious to see who emerges at HWT. Guessing Lance has the inside track based on wrestle-offs and winning another H2H at the Daktronics. Emmerson looks pretty good, could use a redshirt year to bulk up.
  15. Will do. I know I'll need to finish it because I invested so much time watching the first 5 episodes. Watching the last 6 episodes is essentially a sunk cost for me haha.