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  1. Been meaning to post this up for a while, for the resident Mets fans here on HB here's a few books about the magical 1969 Mets and their seasons. This was taken from the WSJ Summer Books preview article (free to read). https://www.wsj.com/articles/summer-books-2019-baseball-11558703588
  2. Of course the Mariners would trade for a guy who was once part of their system. Thank goodness for Campbell from Arkansas providing a nice distraction yesterday. He looked really sharp yesterday shutting down a FSU offense that had been raking pretty good as of late.
  3. Xmas32

    WR Matthias Algarin

    40" vert? Dang, them some hops.
  4. Xmas32

    Baseball Coach Search

    Per D1baseball (behind a paywall so can't post) lots of smoke around Bolt who is supposed to interview this week. Also mutual interest in Rick Heller.
  5. Xmas32

    Baseball Coach Search

    Spend money, hire someone that knows how to coach and recruit to a cold weather state.
  6. Xmas32

    Baseball Coach Search

    Yeah I'm struggling a little bit with the 'why' as well. I get the obvious born in Omaha went to Creighton chance to come back angles. And baseball coaches, while they're certainly well compensated aren't making what their football and basketball counterparts are so that few extra hundred thousand I think makes a difference. At the same time, I don't get the impression that UVA fans are clamoring for his head versus some of the shots that Childress is taking at A&M.
  7. Xmas32

    Baseball Coach Search

    He's had 4 CWS appearances in the 16 years he's been at the helm plus a couple other super regionals and as @Lil' Red mentioned, he's been to regionals every year except the last 2. I understand where you're coming from with the recent downturn but these last couple years seem much more blip versus trend. Excellent point. Makes a ton of sense.
  8. Xmas32

    Baseball Coach Search

    O'Connor should be welcomed like Parisians welcoming the Allies when they liberated Paris if he comes to Nebraska. 4 CWS trips, one title plus another title game appearance. If anyone grumbles that O'Connor being a Creighton guy is a detriment they should be loaded into a cannon and shot into space. I'd be tickled with either Childress or O'Connor but if given the choice in this mythical scenario, I'd take O'Connor every day and twice on Sunday. I get that even mentioning Heller's name with him being at Iowa is a pretty hot take. Still, what he's done at Iowa with a fraction of the resources versus what's available at Nebraska is pretty impressive. The guys at D1 baseball saw fit to include him as a possible choice so that's good enough for me. I think it's highly unlikely for several reasons but I think he's as good if not better of a coach than Erstad.
  9. Xmas32

    Baseball Coach Search

    This is just me spitballing but I wonder if there is any way that they can snag O'Connor from UVA? UVA has kinda spiraled down a bit since winning the title in 2015....missing regionals the past 2 years. It looks like he's making about $700k/year which is honestly probably underpaying him quite a bit. I wonder what happens if Nebraska plops down a mil ball+ in front of him...Would be an absolute coup to snag him.
  10. Xmas32

    Baseball Coach Search

    Ah, gotcha. Yes, I posted this up in another thread a few days ago when it initially came out. This is behind a paywall so can't post the full details but here is a quick snapshot of the candidates D1baseball put together. D1 has big writeups on all the candidates I listed. Rick Heller Childress Bolt Seely Nate Yeskie-Oregon State asst coach Ed Servais--ain't happenin but interesting thought Dan Heefner--Dallas Baptist--would be an awesome hire he's built DBU into an absolute powerhouse. He's gonna be really expensive as both OU and Baylor took runs at him but couldn't get him to sign due to assistant coach pay. Money wouldn't an issue for NU obviously. Matt Deggs--Sam Houston State--Coached under DVH at Arkansas and was also the hitting coach and crootin coordinator for Childress at A&M Nate Thompson--current hitting coach at Arkansas
  11. Xmas32

    Baseball Coach Search

    I have one. Where are you seeing the update at? I was just on the website and didn't see anything. If you could post a link. I'll give it a read and post some generalities.
  12. Xmas32

    2019 NCAA Division 1 Baseball Tournament

    That game was so weird. It seemed like nobody wanted to win for a while.
  13. Xmas32

    2019 NCAA Division 1 Baseball Tournament

    Rocker was absurd last night. Devastating two pitch combo and the Duke kids had no chance. It was a really good pitchers duel as the Duke kid, Jarvis really battled after scuffling for a couple innings. I naturally watched most of the game on mute because the Vandy whistler is quite possibly the worst human on earth.