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  1. Interesting to see him leaving TT as he looked pretty good in relief of Thompson when he got dinged up. Must be some writing on the wall there.
  2. Of course a guy like that ends up at tOSU.
  3. I'm really glad I held off on watching some of the highly acclaimed TV shows of the last 5-10 years as I'm working through a big back log. -Mad Men -Narcos -Always Sunny -Peaky Blinders -Arrested Development and Schitts Creek -West Wing
  4. I actually looked up Kinetico water systems out of curiosity because of all the advertising they do on NU stuff.
  5. That Ohio State line looks 5 points too low.
  6. It's an interesting thought for sure. If nothing else, I'm sure the coaches/players are enjoying the fact they are getting a little bit of a reprieve from the usual fishbowl treatment.
  7. Yup, definitely agreed there.
  8. Just brought myself to look at the NCAA brackets. Dang...our boys got some pretty good draws with the exception of Labs who would've had to go against Skatzka again. Schultz in particular got a terrific draw.
  9. Per an OWH article from 3/13: https://www.omaha.com/sports/college/huskers/teams/football/husker-spring-football-on-hiatus-as-big-ten-cancels-all/article_71d88e03-db0c-5dd3-b9c7-05b8def0d6b8.html According to an NU spokesman, Nebraska will leave its facilities open to staff and student-athletes, including the weight room, where voluntary workouts conducted in small groups can still be held. Moos will next talk publicly at 6 p.m. Monday on his monthly radio hour with the Husker Sports Network.
  10. 2007/2008 Stock Market recession 9/11 was a good answer earlier in the thread One of my grade school teachers was a Desert Storm vet so that definitely stood out to me Osama Bin Laden being killed Rise of Netflix Apple introducing the IPod and IPhone How much computers have evolved in my lifetime. I remember my family's first computer being a Commodore 64 and my cousin having an Apple 2E and being blown away. Then the 286/386/486 computers came along (man I played a ton of Space Quest/Quest For Glory/Police Quest as a kid)
  11. This is the best answer in the thread, we can go ahead and lock this one up lol.
  12. I think that's a reasonable take @SODAKSKERSFAN20. I think Robb/Lovett/Purinton are all going to make the blood round and after that it's all based on matchups. I guess I worry more about the young guys because they really need to get the 1st TD (especially Robb) otherwise they seem to really be behind the 8 Ball. I think Lovett is going to special down the road if he can get his offense on his feet going on top because he's so tough on top. With Venz I honestly have no idea. Anywhere from 1st to 6th is within his range of outcomes and he needs to stay away from Caffey of course. I think Labs can go deep if he can stay away from the Lydy/Skatzka as he just has a block when it comes to those guys (he's obviously a ways away from Hall/Kemerer although I'd give him a punchers chance against Kemerer). I'd love to see Jensen get to the podium as he's really turned it on in the 2nd half of the year and is really peaking nicely.
  13. What a day by the Skers! Top 4 definitely within reach at the NCAAs!
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