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  1. Was hoping NU could pull this off despite this kid being from GA. He better hope UGA changes up their offensive philosophy because they look lost since Cheney left.
  2. Terrific team showing to ship the CKLV! Way to go Nebraska! https://huskers.com/news/2019/12/7/wrestling-cliff-keen-day-2.aspx
  3. C'mon can Nebraska please lock this up? I've got like 6 or 7 Omar from The Wire gifs all fired up and I'd like to use them. Please and thank you.
  4. @Mavric what's your take on this Wilpon selling the team business? Great news right?
  5. Can someone hack all the OU coaches' phones and get this kid's number blocked/deleted? Please and thank you.
  6. I guess where I come down is yes, there should be an open competition in 2020 for QB because I believe there should always be open competition for everything. Competition keeps you sharp and complacency is a killer. Do I wish 2AM played better this year? Absolutely. Do I think we should cast him aside and turn the reigns over to McCaffery? Nope. I'd love to see a pie chart or statistical breakdown to see how much the following factors affected 2AM this year: -Sophomore slump--It's real and it happens. When you're looking at data points, there are going to be stretches of data where you experience regression, it's a fact. Does that mean 2AM is now terrible? Not at all, he could just be going through a rough patch. Teams now have another year of tape on Martinez and have thrown some curveballs at him and forced him to adjust. It's on him and the coaching staff to adjust accordingly. -Lack of playmakers--Since the Iowa game is fresh in our minds do you know who did the majority of the damage against Iowa? If you guessed Mo Washington give yourself a gold star. Mo went for 7/102/1 last year. He torched Iowa. Obviously Robinson being out hurt as he was taking over the Washington role. Still, Washington has a top end that is really, really rare. Also, there is no more Stanley. -Injury/Weight--I think Martinez was pretty banged up this year, moreso than last year. He was noticeably bulkier this year but shoot, that's also just him becoming a man and growing. He definitely seemed to lack a little bit of explosiveness but again, could just be some injury stuff. -Shakier O-Line--Now, I do think the O-Line made some really nice strides at the end of the year but they were also just brutal for large parts of the season.
  7. I don't think JD spoke to the media at all this year so I won't be surprised if he doesn't say anything at all.
  8. Jeebus, the non conference slate is really tough. No cupcakes there and that Cincy game would be a point spread of 3 or less. Better scoop the wins and get to 6 after playing Rutgers.
  9. It's because if Frost brings Nebraska back to glory he loses his spot atop Nebraska QB mountain. There's never been much need for nuance with Tommie, it's the Tommie show 100% of the time.
  10. Both are definite possibilities. Verduzzco has noticeably escaped criticism. Is it because he looks like Hannibal Smith from the A-Team?
  11. Not a chance in hell I dedicate another minute to watching Nebraska football this year. Feel free to post up the screenshot though and I'll take a look.
  12. He had to wait for Warner to clear the official.
  13. Something is seriously wrong with Martinez. I won't be surprised if it comes out in the following week that he was playing on a torn ACL or some other really serious injury. Excellent post by @chamrocck On a lighter note, I learned the HB board AI is getting way smarter. I saw several ads for Pepto Bismol as the game ended. Get out of my head Skynet!
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