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  1. Xmas32

    Tim Miles Officially Fired

    https://www.insidethehall.com/2019/05/22/potb-278-tim-miles/ Indiana basketball themed podcast... Podcast on the Brink is back for a new episode with hosts Jerod Morris of The Assembly Call and Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall. The show is available weekly. After a week hiatus, Morris and Bozich are back with former Nebraska coach Tim Miles to discuss a variety of topics, including his time at Nebraska, his sideline battle with Tom Crean back in 2014, his thoughts on IU under Archie Miller and much more. Among the topics discussed: • What it was like coaching in the Big Ten the last seven years • His 3-2 record against the Hoosiers at Assembly Hall during his tenure in Lincoln • What he’s been doing in the months since being let go at Nebraska • What the media and those on the outside don’t understand about coaching at the highest level of college basketball • Is recruiting fun? • The sideline kerfuffle with Crean in 2014 in Lincoln • When will Archie get it rolling in Bloomington? • Plans for next season and whether he may stop for a visit at IU • Tim’s first visit to Assembly Hall and how he broke the law to enter the building
  2. Xmas32

    Fighting Erstads at the B1G Tournament - Iowa

    FIFY C'mon man, that 'a' on Omaha is way more pronounced in the song!
  3. I am all for the Mariners embracing a slow pitch softball style approach where all games will be 10-9.
  4. Arya v. Brienne trial by combat juan time!
  5. Xmas32

    2019 B1G Tournament

    I hope the weather doesn't completely mess stuff up. Looks like it's gonna be a heckuva day on Wednesday tho...75 and sunny? Sign me up for that.
  6. Xmas32

    2019 NCAA Division 1 Baseball Tournament

    To build on what @hskrfan4life has put together.. https://d1baseball.com/college-baseball-conference-tournament-central/
  7. Xmas32

    Mohamed Barry

    Hard to believe he's a senior already. His career has gone by in a flash.
  8. I did not realize Minnesota was as good as they are. Absolute pounding on the Ms with the exception of Sunday. As for the Mets....yikes.
  9. Xmas32


    Just the sound of that punch landing....damn.
  10. Xmas32

    Fox moving top game to 11am slot

    I absolutely love 11a games with the exception of the one time a year that I go down to a game in Lincoln. On that day, I hate 11a games. I agree with the other posters earlier ITT that this is a smart move by Fox to carve out a niche and I'm all for quality football matchups at all the time slots.
  11. Yeah I would imagine it's gotta be at least $5mm/year...he was making close to $4mm under his new deal. I kinda get it from Beilein's side...he's getting a crack at the NBA with a really young team so his college style will translate decently well. Plus Mike Gansey is Cleveland's Asst GM who played for Beilein at WVU so he's got the familiar face. He can always go back to college one last time if he gets clipped early. Or, he can take this one last nice pay bump and treat it public sector employees do when they pension spike.
  12. Hmm, talk about amateur hour. I own some land in Namibia and I took my PJ over there to watch that episode against the backdrop of the darkest skies in the world.
  13. I really liked how the writers were able to bring Dany's vision from Season 2 into fruition. We all thought winter was coming for King's Landing...turns out it was ash. If I remember correctly, Dany goes to touch the throne and although its a brief glance, you can tell there is snow on the throne, to me that means Jon Snow. Dany goes to touch the throne, but ends up hearing her dragons and turns away choosing to go to her children versus going to the throne. Ultimately, I think Dany ends up dying to fulfill the prophecy the witch gave her and she gets reunited with Khal Drogo.
  14. Xmas32

    The Running Back Room

    It's really hard for me to watch Johnson's tape and not picture him as the Adrian Killins-ish type in the offense. Sure, you have to adjust a bit because the talent is better in the Big Ten vs. the AAC but...damn...dude can just fly.