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  1. sho

    Weird Time for Christians

    I'm the same way, the only reason I *need* to go to the doctor, is so he can write me the script I already know I need. I still don't understand why I can't have a lifetime script of medicine that I'll need for the rest of my life instead of making me go in annually to say yep still have asthma, still get shortness of breath once in awhile, yep, I'll keep using this here inhaler as needed, thanks Doc.
  2. Kinda related to what @teachercdjust talked about, there's a new interview technique being done with engineers. I call it the 'dude/bro end' interview. The two doing the interview are a male and female. When the female asks the question, if the candidate directs his answer to the male only, he's automatically eliminated from consideration.
  3. sho

    Weird Time for Christians

    Thanks, and for me it's not believing every pastor. I'm not fan of Joel Osteen or Falwell or for that matter any of the mega-church pastors, I feel those are greed/snake oil salesman and move right on past what they have to say. It's the ones that I have a personal relationship with that I have built up trust with that person.
  4. sho

    Weird Time for Christians

    For me, that's more than a message board post answer. Short answer, I seek people/organizations with wisdom to give me information, so I can learn and form my own opinions. I hear what (s)he says, look at the source they are using, look to see what they are trying to accomplish, digest it, and come up with my own thoughts and opinions on a topic. I then start aligning myself with people/organizations that share a majority of same things I do. Once I have built the trust, I tend to care about and value their opinion over others that I did not find to be as useful to me. I have that relationship with this pastor, the way he explains things, the way he teaches about the bible, coupled with the first hand experiences I have had that lend me to trust his word and explanation. Do I disagree with him on somethings? Yes. But I tend to believe more than not and have had many blessings. That said, his voice is not the only voice I listen to and use for information. He is just another source, of what I consider trusted, providers that I can use to form my opinion. When we disagree, he doesn't say I'm wrong, doesn't try to brow beat me into believing lock, stock and barrel the same things he does. Lastly, this church, this pastor is all about what can I do to be better than I was yesterday, both morally and spiritually. How can I serve those that are in need? How can I help those that don't have the same blessings and opportunities I have had? What can I do to make the lives of those around me more enriched? That was the topic of immigration. They are here, for whatever personal reason of their choice, now what can I do to help make their life better for as long as I have interaction with them? The bible teaches, love him as your neighbor, how can I show that love that fits in my belief of the current immigration policy? And what more can I do? There was never talk about politics, there was never talk of this group/person believes this way help get him or her in or out. It was how can I enrich the life of a fellow human while I can?
  5. One instance that cracked me up, and I still reference today. This wasn't on the resume, but during the interview process. Q--This job goes through some stretches where it will be really busy, and some times where it will be relatively slow. Please tell us how you'll handle the slow times? Answer--I like to stretch my work to make it look like I'm constantly busy.
  6. sho


  7. sho

    Weird Time for Christians

    Wow, this thread took a life after the topic of the last sermon from our pastor. I had lunch with him yesterday, and we briefly talked about his sermon. His takeaway and why he talked about this, (and has plans for a sermon on marijuana and just recently had one on homosexuality) and why he is talking about these issues. Much to Blitz's dismay, it's not to sway me to vote one way or another, it's to inform the congregation. He said these are hot-button divisive topics and he wanted to cite the bible and tell us what the bible says about these things and use that information to guide us to make our own decision on what we think and use the Church as a place to gather information. In the public we hear the two parties bicker back and forth, giving us a lot of information and misinformation, his job as a pastor, is to give us the Church's viewpoint and help guide us to our answer. The immigration sermon had zero discussion about how we should vote or who we should vote for, it was telling us what the bible says about foreigners and how they should be treated and if we are so called, which organizations locally we can go and volunteer.
  8. sho

    Weird Time for Christians

    Went to Church this weekend, this week's sermon was about immigration and the Church's stance on it. The Pastor wanted to make sure it wasn't a political talk, and didn't want to sway anyone's opinions, but then led with this: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Leviticus+19%3A33-34&version=NIV Followed by 20 minutes sermon on how we need to do a better job with our treatment of immigrants and even if we 'stand' with the government, there are ways we can help and be involved. With so many Christians who are also supporting this administration's hard line stance, I wish I could talk to them with this quote and have them justify their beliefs.
  9. Yang has a couple, maybe 100+ or so. But he's not getting nearly the love, nor air time. https://www.yang2020.com/policies/
  10. sho

    MCU Phase 4

    really looking forward to how the do Moon Knight on TV. That should be an interesting.
  11. This is the news I’ve been dreading. Hopefully Sony and Disney get their heads out of their asses and make a new deal happen. The biggest losers will be the fans of Spider-Man and MCU. And Tom Holland is the perfect actor to grow with Spidey. Very sad to think they are close to ending this relationship.
  12. sho

    Healthcare Reform

    We all know, any money companies save it's going to go to executives, it's not going to go to the common worker
  13. sho

    The Trump Economy

    Recession looming?
  14. sho

    challenge for trump supporters

    Yang and the Freedom Dividend
  15. I don't know if that's official, but I have heard he is rumored to be part of BP2. I still think Namor would be better suited for FF. I have also heard rumors that Kraven the Hunter will be part of BP2, I can see Kraven hunting the most dangerous game, the Black Panther as a story line. I'm don't know what story line they can have for Wakanda, which from previous scenes, is in central Africa and not a coastal country, and Namor together. I'm sure there are several storylines for it, I can't think of any off the top of my head.