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  1. If it makes you feel better, very soon there will be no limits on scholarship or coaches. And for the second point, it was to actually make things more competitive, limiting how many per team spreads the talent out and making more teams competitive
  2. An acquaintance of mine works for a P5 school and talked to their compliance people about Barta's suggestion. Basically Pandora's box is already open. There is no going back on 1 time free transfers. And he mentioned that soon we will see unlimited scholarships and unlimited coaches. Within the next year both will be approved.
  3. Man, Alabama will have 100+ kids on scholarship and 20+ coaches.
  4. There's been a lot of discussion about a Halloween special that's been/being filmed, but hasn't been publicly announced. Feeling is it'll introduce more of the monster side of MCU.
  5. I've seen multiple national pundits have them now in the top 10 in the way too early preseason picks. They are stacked and young. Their core, including Kalkbrenner, are all sophomores.
  6. Looking at mock drafts, he's not getting drafted in anyone's mock. Even having a great G League camp, maybe puts him in the second round w/non-guaranteed contract. I'm betting he ends up at Creighton and if he proves himself against Big East competition, he maybe sneaks into late first round next year. I guess it'll all depend on what his NLI deal is w/Creighton and if that's more than a G-League contract.
  7. He went w/Creighton. Creighton building quite a team for this season if they stay healthy.
  8. I'm guessing there won't be a season 2. This was created as a mini-series, much like Hawkeye or Falcon and WS. I do believe that Oscar will play Moon Knight again. I expect to see him in Midnight Sons, or Blade, or Werewolf by Night, or Black Knight that was teased. He will be around, we just won't get another stand alone series of him.
  9. I've been wondering that since the season ended. Serious case of bad luck, and stupid mental mistakes at the wrong time and once the downward spiral started, they couldn't shake it.
  10. The latter, politics and religion is littered with nepotism, probably more so than athletics.
  11. Correct, the Group D draw is only for the CONCACAF tournament and the 41 member countries
  12. To draw a bad comparison to college athletics, think of CONCACAF as a conference, like the SEC. The top three teams at the end of the regular season qualify for the playoffs (World Cup). This second drawing is more for the CONCACAF tournament, there is no seeding, but within CONCACAF there are 3 tiers (think Divisions based on how good you are) (12 teams in the top and 16 in the middle and 13 in the bottom tier) and based on how you do in this tournament, you can move up or down tiers and qualify you for other tournaments being held. This is done to make the competition a little bit more fair for this tournament.
  13. sho

    2022 World Cup

    Getting to the KO round is imperative for this draw. If they do not, this will be a major WC disappointment.
  14. sho


    Interesting, as the rumors around Bellevue was that academics weren't his strong suit either, at least while he was at BellWest.
  15. I think they will say yes now after the Watson news
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