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  1. A little troll job by the Joker movie?
  2. sho


    I'm not sure I'm considered 'more moderate or independent' but I'll give my opinion. Why even charge interest on student loans? Why not just have federal student loans at 0% interest, while still reducing the cost of tuition to trade schools, community colleges, traditional colleges/universities? That will greatly help reduce after college expenses where 18 year olds don't realize they are getting into some predatory loans. For repayment, if payments are missed or behind, any federal tax refund is held and applied to past due loan payments. If no refund, hit their UBI after Yang becomes president.
  3. I like him as well. I think there are a handful of very capable and solid Dem choices for the nomination. Hopefully they all get good press coverage and primary voters will have some opinion on majority of the people on the ballot.
  4. This seems really odd, if true. Normally you don't announce your running mate until after you win the nomination. I don't know much about Stacy, outside of the one speech she gave. I thought she nailed it.
  5. Another reason (and I'm going to keep pushing him cause I really like him) that I support Yang. His policies are right there, easy to find on his site. You don't see that on Booker, Harris, Gabbard, Klobuchar, or Sanders. I did see it on Warren. If you believe in your policies and what and why you are running you put that in an easy to see place on your site.
  6. I am on a different message board, for a pro team I follow, and was looking at a their thread about politics. A person raved about him and posted the Joe Rogan pod, I watched, and started trying to find out more about his policies. The more I've listened, read, the more I can I feel he's the best option out there. The biggest for me was his talk about changing the GDP calculations and how that would help the working class. His views on the UBI and how that can be paid for and all the benefits it can provide to both the community and the family. I think given the chance to be in the debates, his message will resonate with working class, rural americans, urban americans and how these changes (if they can be implemented) would vastly improve the quality of life people have.
  7. I personally like his views on VAT, which would end corporations making billions in profits not paying any taxes (see Amazon) which would pay for UBI. I think he has the right idea about his 'Freedom Dividend' aka UBI, especially with more and more jobs being transitioned to automation, every adult over the age of 18 gets a monthly 'paycheck' of 1,000. A study by the Roosevelt Institute says this would grow the economy by over $2T and create over 4 million jobs annually. His 'mindset of scarcity' idea and changing it to 'mindset of abundance' that this would create entrepreneurs. His views on healthcare and the ways to change it. He believes in a single payer for all, but not by eliminating private healthcare companies but having a better and more inclusive public option (ie medicare). Also his view on changing GDP calculations to include more 'human-centric' calculations which would help build people as a resource instead of minimizing them. Listen/Watch to his Joe Rogan podcast, listen to him on a recent podcast episode of 'Top Hat' (episode 431 if you listen to that his interview is the last half of the show') https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/abe-lincolns-top-hat/e/59117526?autoplay=true
  8. I'm pretty fired up, Andrew Yang, just got enough unique donors to qualify to be in the debates. I'm really looking forward to getting his message and views out to a much larger audience. I love his ideas on Healthcare, UBI, his approach to building the middle class. I think he will be a dynamic candidate once more hear his policies.
  9. sho

    The Republican Utopia

    We all want to believe we live in the greatest country in the world, but metric after metric shows us sliding down the scale. I don't even know if I would put us in the top 10 of best countries to live right now.
  10. sho

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    I might have been there that day. I'm not sure how often Shaq visited the MoA, but I went up there to watch a Lakers game, we spent a day in the mall, and he was there. That same trip, we were in a Foot Locker downtown, and in walked Kevin Garnett. He talked to the guy working the register for a minute, got a pair of shoes. Looked around at the 6 of us staring at him in stunned awe. He came over shook everyone's hand and told the guy behind the register that he was buying shoes for everyone in the store. He hung out for another 5 minutes or so and then headed out.
  11. sho

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    If Barr does do that, Congress could call Mueller in to testify and he could then open up about what was found. There would be ways to get the information public if Barr suppress it.
  12. I'm a huge fan of Yang. Love his ideas. Listening to him talk, he actually has me believing UBI is worth it. I wish he would get more traction. Love to see him be able to get in the debates and have more people see him with any of the other Dems. I think people would love this guy. Here he is on Joe Rogan's podcast. Long but worth a listen/view.
  13. listen to these two (the first hour of each, the second hour is typically nonsense. But it shows how great of an economy Venezuela had and would still be fairly successful if it wasn't for US/WTO meddling that led to their current economic crisis, which many are blaming on 'socialism' which is not accurate at all. https://congressionaldish.com/cd176-target-venezuela-regime-change-in-progress/ https://congressionaldish.com/cd190-a-coup-for-capitalism/ This podcast is sourced really well, and is an easy listen.