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  1. This is what happens when mostly lobbyists write the bill, well over 800 pages, and then Congress votes on it mere hours later. Majority not having read the bill or have any real concept of what it says. Our elected officials are intentionally letting the wolves in the hen house with no care and us hens continuously vote for them to do so.
  2. When are we supposed to be getting this check? Depending on when will dictate what we do with it. Also anyone know how this will work with kids and joint custody? I can already see a lot of domestic incidents where one parent isn't sharing it with the other parent.
  3. Is that in the plan? I haven't read it and haven't seen much details regarding that. Hopefully that also includes not cutting hours for non-exempt employees as well.
  4. Is there anything in anyone's plans about if a business gets federal assistance of any sort they cannot fire employee for X amount of months unless it's clearly documented performance based? I thought I saw that was anohter sticking point for Dems with the Rep's bill. They wanted the safety net of no mass terminations.
  5. I had to do a double take, for a minute I thought the Richmond Police were condoning shoplifting as long as you distribute it to the poor.
  6. Excellent question, and I would like to know why they are available and not being sold to hospitals and medical facilities exclusively right now? I wonder if it is an FDA approval delay?
  7. 99% of the time, I would agree with you about if you are willing to pay, you should have access to get it. That said, there is a time when community need overrides that. The fact that local hospitals are unable to get the test in that same market and KD and the Nets have access to it, is wrong. Community health is the priority and doctors and hospitals should have all the tests they need. If there is a surplus of tests after the need as been met for medical professionals, then John Q Public, can buy it out of pocket if so desired. That's my issue, there needs to be tests available for all those that need it before those that want it. With limited supply, in a pandemic, doctors should be able to get the tests they need for those they deem priority, the fact that the Nets were able to buy their way to the front of the line is my problem with this. Edit @Red Fiveusing your same scenario, imagine you or your family have a need for the test, but a local athlete who is showing no signs, buys the last test before your local doctor could get it and use it, would you be OK with that?
  8. Showing the great class divide. So many wealthy, who admittedly are showing no symptoms, are getting tested, and hospitals serving the working class have no tests.
  9. That'll be 95% of the people that do get this. The issue is the other 5% and how if we are more responsible, we can limit their exposure and make it better for them.
  10. I work in college athletics...it's very uncertain right now. A lot of working from home. Travel ban for all coaches, all meetings to skype or zoom. Recruiting no longer face to face. No guests on campus without approval.
  11. With everything closing, where should I spend that $1,000? Do what Italy did, just suspend all mortgage/utility payments and help those who will need help with food and necessities and pay medical bills for them. Our AD hinted that there's a better than 50% chance there won't be
  12. I feel bad for my niece. Senior soccer player, wasn't going to play in college. Her last season is cancelled, she won't have a senior prom, who knows about a graduation party.
  13. We just had a meeting with our AD and he told us not to be surprised at a 6-8 month impact before we can start to get back to normal.
  14. https://twitter.com/business/status/1238485663982419968?s=20
  15. Our campus just moved to on-line. Students can still live in the dorms and cafeterias will remain open with limited hours. I'm still working on campus...for now.
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