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  1. I'm 2 episodes in and love it so far. Will finish it this week.
  2. My thoughts, he is saying instead of focusing on how to arrest trump, lets focus on how to beat trump. Don't have politicians focusing on arresting opponents, that's what developing world countries do. Politicians focus on winning and doing what's best for the citizens, let the law handle arresting/punishing politicians. That's how I took it.
  3. Night two will be fascinating for me. I'm really hoping Yang will have a strong voice and deliver against some top name candidates.
  4. sho

    The Walking Dead

    Anyone still reading the graphic novels and or watching Fear? The last couple of issues have been shocking and I've liked Fear better than the original for the last couple of seasons and the start of the new season of Fear has me intrigued to see how this will all play out.
  5. sho

    D Day

    I kinda get her point, but the problem is, the current person holding the office doesn't do enough good things to celebrate. And when he, or his administration, does do something that I believe to be good, the momentum they can gain from that is lost within hours due to another stupid thing he does.
  6. Took my two oldest daughters to the match last night. They had an absolute blast. It was a great night cheering on team USA. They were lucky enough to get pics with both Jordan and Mikaela last night. Thank you to @KnappIcwithout this thread, I would not have known this was coming and would not have had the experience last night.
  7. 5 episodes, so one left to air next Monday. Listening to the podcast of the show, they said the worst is behind us and we will have all the answers with episode 5. I don't think I could handle another episode like #4. That was just an hour of gut-punches.
  8. Chernobyl on HBO. Worth the watch. Excellent show/min-series
  9. In an interview he's done, either on Joe Rogan or on TopHat podcast, he explained more in depth about his human capital agenda. He basically wants to update GDP to include societal improvements, not just business related. Things like physical and mental health, education success with kids in all economic sectors, environmental improvements, lack of substance abuse. Also this article touches on it as well. https://thehill.com/hilltv/rising/435317-andrew-yang-as-president-i-will-update-gdp-for-the-21st-century And give tax breaks and incentives to those that improve GDP with the new human capital focus Also, he's not really for the same plan of M4A as Bernie. He wants to keep the private sector going but expand medicaid to allow cover majority, if not al;. He does admit this would eliminate majority of the private sector but his studies show a handful will continue to compete in the market.
  10. Really happy to see Yang able to make the debates. I think once a lot of people get to hear his message and his reasoning I think his popularity will rise within the party.
  11. Watching the trailer a few more times, I suspect the same thing. I also want to believe that Goblin and both Osborn's will be the main villain over a multiple movie story arc. Stark tower is now Oscorp and we can see Sinister Six in the climax of the arc and maybe the way to bring in FF4/Xmen with the theory that the world being exposed gamma radiation multiple times from the 3 snaps activates the X mutation gene and explains why the X-Men were not available during the past 10 years. Also, FF4 origin could be built around Reed and crew being sent on a space mission after the first snap to try and find Thanos and being exposed on that mission and also why they weren't around.
  12. I was just coming to say, I wonder if they are going to preview the Sinister 6*. And regardless of which dimension, Mysterio has always been an adversary. There has to be a 'shock twist' to the non-comic book guys because it makes no sense to have Mysterio be a hero. Also, I find it curious and exciting that they are implying that SpiderMan will be the face of Marvel (replacing IM) going forward. Wonder how that will work with Sony still owning his rights and the deal with Disney is almost up. *Also under rights with Sony, so they may not end up in MCU.
  13. Kang would be a fun story-line as well. And could give me what I hope happens, a good FF4 movie.
  14. No one is taking away their right to say things, they can still say these things. They are just taking away a platform. Taking that platform away isn't a violation.
  15. With Peter, he was ash for 5 years, as was presumably, half of his HS class and they didn't age during those 5 years. We just assume that Ned was ash as well. 5 years later, they are still HS kids and they are going back to school and getting their lives back to 'normal' My main question was how they are planning on doing the WandaVision show on Disney+. When Hulk reversed the snap, they all came back except Vision as he was dead before the snap. And now the stones will be destroyed once they go back into their original timeline. How do they do a WandaVision show? Is it just from Age of Ultron through Infinity War? Do they say that Wakanda was able to restore Vision and separate him from the stone like they were trying to do in IW? And now that I've seen the end of Black Widow's arc, not sure how much interest I would have in seeing her origin story now. As for future 'Avenger' movies, I can see the characters like Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel, Dr Strange, Spider Man*, Black Panther, Falcon/Captain America, Ant-Man and Wasp being the core. And since the Eternals are rumored to be next, maybe bring in Hercules, Moon Dragon and Silver Surfer. Which could lead in maybe a good FF4 franchise and a X-Men reboot and bring Dr Doom and Galactus and maybe a Secret Wars storyline *Spider Man and most of his villians are still Sony. I would hope they will continue the partnership as it's mutually beneficial for both. Though I'm worried with the success of Venom and the buzz for Morbius, they may not keep the partnership up.