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  1. sho

    Trump's America

  2. Went to Chicago for the NW game the last two times. Chicago is always a fun trip. Planning a trip to Minnesota next year and probably NW again in 2 years.
  3. sho

    The murder of Jamal Khashoggi

    It's like there is one of these for every one of his faux pas. It's amazing.
  4. We are going to need a bigger boat
  5. The G-League is basically a minor league, for the NBA, correct? If one of these kids who skips college and goes this route, blows up, can he be called up in year 1? How do they determine which G-League team he will be signed to? Could this be a way for the 'rich to get richer'? Lets say I'm a top 10 HS basketball talent and I go to the G-League, what's to stop me from signing with the Warriors minor league team and then being called up by them? Could this bypass them being drafted? Or will some players in the G-League now be draft eligible and some already drafted?
  6. sho

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/10/15/woman-blocks-man-his-own-apartment-st-louis/1651102002/ Another case of being black in America. I really think they should start penalizing the idiots who are calling 911 for this type of stuff. She has been ID'd and fired.
  7. sho

    The Walking Dead

    He finds the group that took Heath, they take him, and then after a few episodes we forget he was ever a character.
  8. sho

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    https://politics.myajc.com/news/state--regional-govt--politics/black-senior-citizens-ordered-off-georgia-bus-taking-them-vote/42lZxIGOF1uFo637TEc9jP/ this coming from the state where they are also holding back 50,000 registrations, majority black voters. Tight battle for Governor, one of the candidates happens to be a black female and the other a white male. The white male also happens to be the Secretary of State and controls the voting registration. Weird how so many blacks are being suppressed for this election.
  9. sho

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    I guess that's one way to ensure you win an election, block the voters who are most likely going to vote for your competitor.
  10. sho

    Dark Web

    https://darkwebnews.com/help-advice/access-dark-web/ Fairly good tutorial, from what I understand. I have never accessed it. It basically hides all your information (IP location) to make you untraceable and to make the sites you visit untraceable. Hence being able to buy drugs, guns, counterfeit money. This is why bitcoin was created, to help keep you completely anonymous while buying illegal items.
  11. I'm sure he did help 'a little' as he claims. I'm sure his limo had some dust on it that he wiped off...he helped with the clean up.
  12. sho

    Dark Web

    I've listened to a few podcasts about Silk Road, crazy the stuff that is available if you know how to access it. My nephew, while in HS, said the HS dealer would use it to get meth and other items shipped to him via UPS. He would say the guy would order 4-5 ounces of meth, and a few days later a vacuum would show up and inside the bag of the vacuum was the meth. Something about doing it that way disguised the weight enough to make it easy to ship. Not sure how much I trust a 17 year old kid and that story, but considering what I've heard about the dark web, it doesn't seem out of the realm of possibilities.
  13. sho

    Good bye Greg Bell

    Someone explain this 4 game RS rule to me again. What's the point of playing 4 games, then deciding, to transfer? The player will still miss next season, right? So, why not play the season, transfer for spring ball and use the RS next year? I get playing 4 games and shutting it down if you are not transferring, but this way of playing 4 games and then deciding to transfer seems like you are losing 2 years then.
  14. I've never directly asked either one. Both have kids in HS, one is divorced. For the one that is single, speaking just of my thoughts, there's a very slim chance I would ever move away from my kids until they were on their own, A--I want to see and spend as much time as I can with my kids, and B--I don't want to put the entire stress of raising the kids mostly on my ex. We 50/50 custody, and while we cherish the time we have, and would both want more, we both need that time away to recharge. Plus moving while the kids are in HS is tough on them, and before too much longer, it'll be the aging parents that will be keeping them close. The other, his wife, luckily, has a great career and job that I can't imagine they'd want to relocate at this time either. I'm sure, both of them would have considered it 15 years ago, before kids and might consider it in about 5 years when kids are in college, but I can't envision them moving at this stage. @Ric Flair I can talk to them about it, not sure how they would feel about giving out resumes to randoms on a message board. I know it's not that much different to randoms at companies, but it just feels different. But I'll ask them if they are comfortable with that.