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  1. sho

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    If Barr does do that, Congress could call Mueller in to testify and he could then open up about what was found. There would be ways to get the information public if Barr suppress it.
  2. I'm a huge fan of Yang. Love his ideas. Listening to him talk, he actually has me believing UBI is worth it. I wish he would get more traction. Love to see him be able to get in the debates and have more people see him with any of the other Dems. I think people would love this guy. Here he is on Joe Rogan's podcast. Long but worth a listen/view.
  3. listen to these two (the first hour of each, the second hour is typically nonsense. But it shows how great of an economy Venezuela had and would still be fairly successful if it wasn't for US/WTO meddling that led to their current economic crisis, which many are blaming on 'socialism' which is not accurate at all. https://congressionaldish.com/cd176-target-venezuela-regime-change-in-progress/ https://congressionaldish.com/cd190-a-coup-for-capitalism/ This podcast is sourced really well, and is an easy listen.
  4. sho

    The Walking Dead

    it will really depend on how successful her new show is. She has said in the past, if timing works out filming wise, she would be willing to come back for future episodes. I would assume if her new show flops, she'll be back to regular on Walking Dead.
  5. How long do you feel you should carry losses? 20 years, IMO, is too long. I would be fine with 5.
  6. If you make $250K for 5 years, then yes. You are now making money, you've exhausted the losses you can carry forward and you start paying taxes on your $250K. IMO, there's no reason a profitable company should be taking losses from 1998.
  7. I'm not saying they did something wrong, but there is the growing belief that losses should be realized sooner and not be allowed to carry over so far. Currently its 20 years. I would like to see that drop to 5 years before it's gone.
  8. Not @StPaulHuskerbut I can share this with you. The basics, they had losses years ago, and carried them forward so that when they had a profit, they could reduce it by past losses. Trump bragged about this very thing when saying he paid zero income taxes on the campaign trail, saying how very smart he was. https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/15/tech/amazon-federal-income-tax/index.html
  9. sho

    Omaha In The Major Leagues?

    I was joking about @Roundball Shaman's earlier somment where Omaha couldn't get a team because we were too close to KC, and the Twin Cities. Saying if Milwaukee could, Omaha easily could too.
  10. sho

    Omaha In The Major Leagues?

    it's also why Milwaukee will never be able to have any pro teams, it's too close to Chicago, Detroit, The Twin Cities.
  11. sho

    Omaha In The Major Leagues?

    There was talk a few years ago (or maybe even just last year) that Omaha was on the short list for the NBA if they expand and add a new Seattle franchise. If they did, i would look into getting season tickets.
  12. sho

    Breaking Bad

    Bumping a very old thread for this, but we will finally get to see what happens to Jesse after he escapes. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/breaking-bad-movie-is-a-sequel-starring-aaron-paul-1159128
  13. sho

    The Democrat Utopia

    no, no it wont. But it will make you hate the 'deep state' in a much different way.