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  1. Amy is up there well above Harris in my opinion, but I don't think she helps Joe in any of his weaknesses, outside of being a good extemporaneous speaker.
  2. In alphabetic order: Stacey Abrams Tammy Baldwin Val Demings I think all will help get the progressive and female vote. Stacey and Val help with the AA vote, but Joe polls there strong. I'd actually have him pick Tammy first. She'll secure WI, and is a strong progressive that will balance Joe. If we aren't limiting it to females, I'd also want someone like Castro before Harris. Heck, at this stage I'd take Marriane Williamson as Veep over Harris.
  3. It's not that I think she should be 'soft' on crime.. I am against the death penalty. I think her stance on marijuana and possession came too late and was more self-serving than a true reversal. Her hard stance on truancy actually made things worse. And I agree, there will never be a perfect candidate. I wish there would have been a better candidate that strengthened Joe. I don't think (assuming it's Harris) she does that.
  4. For me, this says it better than I could: https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/04/can-progressives-forgive-kamala-harris-her-past-moderation.html Also, her flip-flopping on M4A, her hard stance on truancy, she is not a person who I truly believe is progressive and will push when the going gets tough for progressive ideology. I think she is more self-serving than people-serving.
  5. I understand that, I'm saying I am not a fan of either option and feel the Dems dropped the ball. For me, picked someone in my bottom 3 out of the 20+ that were running. And if Harris is the VP, she was in my bottom 3rd of choices. It's an awful ticket for me to have to vote for if I don't vote 3rd party. I won't vote 3rd or trump, but I'm not remotely happy about who is left to vote for after I eliminate those other options.
  6. Personally, I want a more progressive VP choice for a more centrist top of the ticket. Especially with M4A. I think right now we see the trouble with healthcare tied mostly to employment. Harris flip-flopping on that based on her donors and Biden not for it, to me both will be in the hands of health insurance companies and not be for the people. Neither of these really inspires me to believe that progressive agendas will be pushed for or a priority for these two. And I'm not sure she helps Biden's campaign with minorities and females. She never polled well with minoriti
  7. So true Stealing from an anonymous FB post
  8. Today my Dad goes in for double (potentially quadruple depending on other blockage) bypass surgery today.  He had a heart attack Friday.   This is hard for us, none of the family could see him over the weekend or before his surgery.   And his poor nurses had to deal with a crotchety old man who didn't have his phone, hearing aides or teeth.   Bless those care givers for having to deal with him when he can't communicate very well and is hangry.

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    2. swmohusker


      Prayers for You, your father,  and your family at this time.  

    3. huKSer


      @sho How did things go? I had heart catherization on Monday as well, 95 - 99% blockage on my LAD artery. Everything went well for me, as I hope things went well for your father. 


    4. sho


      @huKSer  Seems like we are past the worst of it.  He ended up getting a quadruple bypass Monday.   Still in ICU, waiting for a room to open up.   Probably stay at the hospital for a few more days and then to a rehab facility for at least a week.    Thanks for asking!

  9. So, if I normally get around $1800 in refunds, next year will only be $600 because of stimulus, but if I were only to get $600, the rest is a bonus?
  10. I know, I'm giving you the blow back you requested (expected) That said, my fear is real. working in college athletics, and not having sports until the fall is already alarming for my position. The loss of fall sports may mean the loss of employment.
  11. No sports for a year?? why do you want me to be out of a job?? lol
  12. I work at a university, we were told about 2 weeks ago to start planning on having no fall sports. That said, the reports coming from Uni. of Pittsburgh are promising. The one thing I take hope in, right now every research scientist around the world has dropped what they were doing and are focusing on COVID. I suspect before summer, with information sharing, we will have a cure/vaccine before fall school starts. Not sure it'll be in time to save fall sports, but winter sports for sure.
  13. How about comparing trump to Moon Jae-in, the leader of S. Korea. Both countries had a diagnosis at roughly the same time.
  14. http://www.healthdata.org/research-article/forecasting-covid-19-impact-hospital-bed-days-icu-days-ventilator-days-and-deaths Looks like Nebraska is in good shape! Wonder if they would consider using med-evac transportation from hot spots to areas where the need isn't as great to help flatten the curve.
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