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  1. Hey @Danny BatemanI like your reasoning with Bernie. How much would that change, when he announces his running mate (assuming he wins the nomination)? Personally, whomever gets the nod, I'd love to see Val Demings get the nod for VP. I think she would help with the Law & Order crowd, minority and female voters, and I think she would be critical for the state of FL. Also, I think FL will be lean blue for the next few elections, even with Bernie, based on the change on felony voting rights changing. I think most of those voters lean Dems, which IMO moves FL from purple to blue.
  2. Neon, the American distributor with a classic troll reply.
  3. Joe Rogan makes about 10 Million a year, with majority coming from podcasting. Very lucrative indeed if he goes that route. Personally, I hope, that if a Dem wins, Yang will find a cabinet spot or work closely with the Secretary of Commerce to help shape ideas where automation is coming more commonplace in today's world.
  4. Joe's interview with Andrew Yang is what got me on his bandwagon early. Loved his approach. Really impressed how far he went for being so unknown. I agree, wish candidates would do more long form interviews like this and be 'human' and not looking for sound bites the entire time. Makes them more relatable and gives a much better view of the candidate overall.
  5. Not entirely unprecedented, others have won both Iowa and NH. No candidate has won both Iowa and NH and NOT been the nomination. Either Sanders will win the nomination or we will see a historical fail.
  6. I may be the biggest Yang fan on the board. He's just not getting enough traction. It's time for him to come to grips with it and end his campaign.
  7. Isn't that true in all things? I mean if only 4 of the 12 jury members think a person is guilty, they don't find him guilty....if only 2 of 17 people in a grand jury think a defendant should be bound for trial, they don't get bound for trial. If majority don't believe, or rather refuse to acknowledge, the case goes away. Hence the phrase 'majority rules'
  8. https://www.ketv.com/article/bellevue-teacher-moved-to-tears-by-students-pooling-money-to-replace-his-stolen-shoes/30714218# She is one that helped raise money, not the one who thought the idea. Still very cool, and I'm amazed at how viral it went. ESPN 'TicToc'd it, it was on the Today show this morning. My daughter tells me Ellen has reached out to the school.
  9. Three things in my life that I love. My family, the Lakers, the Huskers, in that order. I've never really mourned a "celebrity". Never understood it. Always thought, how could you cry/mourn for someone you didn't personally know. I didn't realize how much of an impact that Kobe left on my life, not my sports fandom, but my life. I apologize to all those I judged in the past, because I get it now. Didn't think it was possible for me to feel so gutted over the death of someone I never actually met. I usually shrug off celebrity deaths with a courteous “That’s a shame.” and continue to go about my day, but losing Bean like this? Wooooh, I’m absolutely devastated. That’s because he wasn’t just a celebrity to me. He was the person responsible for so much unrelenting joy in my life. It’s impossible to quantify how much he’s improved my day-to-day life. Like all of us, I care waaaay too much about my teams. Kobe is one of the rare athletes that felt like he cared just as much about every second on that court repping the purple & gold like I did. With Kobe on my team, we always had a chance to win, and maybe even more incredibly, see something truly amazing that we might not ever see again. I was 16 years old when Magic abruptly retired, so I have few fond memories of watching him play at his highest level. Kobe joined the Lakers when I was 21. We grew up together. I lost a lifelong friend today and I’m absolutely grieving over it right now. Rest In Peace, Kob. You, beautiful Gigi, and the 7 other souls who perished with you didn’t deserve this. God bless you & your families.
  10. I'll second a couple that have been mentioned: Beastie Boys Metallica GnR Others I'd add: AC/DC Public Enemy Led Zepplin Black Sabbath/Ozzy
  11. I didn't pay too much attention 8 years ago, but how frequent does the incumbent president's party cancel primaries for current president's second term? I would think fairly often. Unless the president isn't going to run for a second term, there really isn't a need for them. And even as boorish as Trump is, he still gets over a 80% approval rating among Republican's polled, he's a lock to win the nomination, even if they went full primaries.
  12. If it's not Dawson, I'd like to see Frost kick the tires on Mike Siravo.
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