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  1. I've mentioned his name a few times, if we don't go the HC experience route, he's the top of my list of coordinators to go after.
  2. I'd say it's even worse look for WI, Chryst doesn't have the national perception of being an a-hole and having cameras trained on him for outbursts like Bo did, there was some justification for firing Bo for his antics (not justifying it, just saying people were in favor of his firing because he was such an a-hole). By all accounts Chryst is a good guy, winning at 67% clip. IMO, this is a bad look for WI.
  3. Wiscy won't be that dumb. With everything coming to light, Frost might have to sit out a season or two to get his head straight before thinking of coaching again.
  4. Yes, and it didn't end well, basically forced the legend out before he wanted to go, FSU fans never really forgave him, which led to the end of his time at FSU. I am curious how much longer he will have at aTm, he isn't doing great there and considering the money they are spending in NIL, I can see a move made this season there too.
  5. New AD wanting to make his mark on the program and wanting a jump on doing that is my opinion on the Wiscy situation
  6. I think Wiscy didn't want to miss the window of reaching out to Liepold. He could all but locked up by another school by championship week if they they wait until the end of the season, so they may have wanted to make a move now so they could be in on trying to get him.
  7. And if I remember correctly, the general rule is work inside out. Take the inside guy first since he has shorter distance to get to the QB. Outside guy takes usually at least a half second more, giving the QB that much more time, plus the RB that much more time to pick up the block.
  8. Phil Parker is in my top 10, for this reason.
  9. Going to be a long 2 years. Saying I'm excited for this is a gross understatement.
  10. How long does Trev have? I think he will get at least 2 years + for whatever football coach he hires, and I think there's a strong likelihood he will be hiring a new MBB coach soon as well. He will need FB to hit and MBB to be better than what we have now. If at the end of 2025 MBB season and there is no improvement from either sport, he's gone.
  11. Why did he leave Southern Miss to be a coordinator again? Seems like a weird move.
  12. I agree, we should. He's not my number one, or even in my personal top 3, but he's on my list and if our top choices turn us down, I won't be upset we got him. I mean if we miss on the ribeye, I won't complain that we got a sirloin.
  13. TBH, I think any good coach should be at the Bo level as the floor here. I think Campbell is a good coach. Nebraska, even with our recent struggles, has consistently pulled in top 25/30 talent. We have absolutely dropped the ball on player development. I know you are not high on Campbell, and it'll really be on his staff, but I don't think we will drop with him in recruiting, I do think we will improve with player development and consistency. That alone should get us to 8-9 wins every year. I agree with your concern that I don't know if he puts us over the top with coaches like Ferentz or Fleck, but I think he puts us to that level at least. And that will be good enough for 8-9 wins yearly and will sprinkle in a loss in the championship game every now and then.
  14. I can see that concern with him, I personally don't have that fear, but I can see why it's there. I could see him maxing out at a Bo level, without being an a-hole. Not sure that's good enough. But I could also see him being 10+ wins a season guy here and the fans jumping on board. I waffle on where I see his ceiling, could he be a Bo, or could he be another TO? Bo where you have good success, but just can't get over the hump to great or TO where you consistently have good and sprinkle in great every few years. I could make the argument both ways, and why he's down to an A- hire for me. Also, i think any coach worth his salt will be able to have success here within the first two seasons and will excite the fan base. The talent, on paper is here, the development was not, and more importantly the attention to detail has been missing for some time. The coaches I have listed all have the skills to be successful in that timeframe.
  15. A+ hire for me, for football only Urban. I don't want Urban here because I think he's the a used car salesman in the worst imaginable ways. But he's the most proven coach that is available and I think he would win big here. I would feel like gross having him as the coach though. Best way I could describe it, as a basketball fan, I am not a fan of Lebron, don't like his style of play or his hype. Don't like him at all, I will begrudgingly cheer him on now that he's on my team and got us a ring, but as soon as he's gone, I'm going to start hating him again. That's how I feel about Urban. Don't like him, don't want him, and I'll hate him as soon as he leaves, but he's the best hire out there right now, and I'll want him to be successful here, but it won't feel right. A hires - Matt Rhule, multiple stops building a program. Mike Gundy, built OSU to where they are now and proven he can maintain success and develop talent. A- hires - Matt Campbell, great at maximizing talent, can build programs, think his ceiling is lower than those listed above. Chris Klieman--maintained the NDSU program, and is doing good things at KSU. Not sure on his ceiling, but he's a darn good coach. B+ hires - Aranda, Narduzzi, Chadwell All have a lot of positives, but as many question marks, IMO B hires - Phil Parker, is he ready? Potentially, do I want that risk? No. BoB - had moderate success at PSU, and was good at Houston until he tried to be GM too. Lance Liepold, doesn't move the needle, but with the right staff, he could do well. These guys just don't excite the fan base or potential recruits, but it'll be about the staff they could bring with them F hire - Chucky
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